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RichardK's 95 Mazda 323 coupé


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As documented in the news thread, bought today in the car park of B&Q, transported and now in my rented parking space...

This could be Mrs Egg's new ride.....once it is roadworthy....new exhaust (middle and back) is a definite, drivers seat is a bit wobbly (held on by twine), it's a little clunky changing gear, cambelt history unknown (but I believe the 1489cc is non-interference??), 72,000 miles.

First saw on tat thread in October 2016,* when it came-up for sale again this week, had to be done.

*original gumtree ad: https://www.gumtree.com/p/mazda/mazda-low-mileage-/1192427967



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In October 1993 Mazda introduced this bodystyle for the 323, discontinuing it in January of 1994, bringing it back for four days in February of the same year and again, inexplicably, for 3 and half weeks and one half Wednesday in 1999 for the South African market.  Probably.

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When you said 323 Coupe, for some reason I was expecting that all time forum fave, the e46 BMW. Thankfully you didn't get one and got something faaaaar more interesting.


I can't help thinking, have got up close and personal with a Daewoo Lanos how similar your 323 might be.

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Been up just to have another look at it, and I tentatively feel this one might be ok. Famous last words. Have a couple of engine shots, all the levels are ok.  Free Fast car CD too, 2 salt sachets and a dishevelled conker.


The difference in quality between this and the last smoll car I bought (Skoda Favorit) is quite marked!












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That’s alright that, best get cracking so we can all have a looksie next weekend (if that’s still on?)


Yup, still on, I hope to get it in for an MOT this week, but no sure how quickly that will get done as everyone is trying to get in before the MOT changes. Might need to wait a while for the new exhaust bits anyway....


Otherwise it will just be the base Mondy (as per!)

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Re: Is it a non-interference engine question.


From the photo, I'd say it looks like a transversly mounted version (1.5 did you say?) of the 1598cc one in my 1991 MX5 1.6 (NA). The engine code for it is IIRC, B6-ZE so if it is of the same family - and it sure looks the same, then it probably is non-interference as the B6/1600 is. (Note, the 1.8 is not). 

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Yup, 1489cc (lower band tax).  I think it might have 90bhp, which is the same as in my Mondeo 1.6!


I think it is a Z series engine, probably a Z5-DE, but happy to be corrected.


Which, wikipedia says is based on the B series engine but with a new head design.

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Well, I've learnt there's no specific HBOL for this iteration of 323, suppose they had got fed up with a new one every 2 years by the this point, and as noted in TEH NEWS, I have the MOT booked for Thursday.


So, we turn to service history.  I have the dealer service book, but not a single stamp in it, always re-assuring.


Originally sold by Tamplins in Twickenham, which no longer seems to exist, at least as a Mazda dealer.


So, all I know is that it was last serviced in November 2016, when it did have a proper once over. It has got through one more MOT since then, at which the CV gaiter was dealt with.


The other issues there at the time (6,000 miles ago) will still be present, i.e. the exhaust, the low brake pads and rear wheel cylinders (although the later two didn't get a mention at MOT).


We will see in time. But good to be prepared.



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I love a car with full service history. I have every single invoice for the Avensis from new, and about 27 stamps in the book. My 190 has the same, plus correspondence letters between Germany and England when it was being ordered - along with the original order form, options sheet and PDI.


It makes no difference.


Who cares if a car had new 5w30 at Tuddenham Lane Garage in late October 1997? The car had all the maintenance it needed to reach this far - now it’s down to you. Yes, there may will be some ‘postponed investment’ that’s now overdue, but I’d be very surprised if you’re about to get bumrushed with this!


Anyway, good luck! They’re very attractive old things, and it’s in the right hands now.

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Service history is a bonus, the Focus I bought last week has main dealer from new, like hell I'll be keeping that up.


Short on no history, the worst is DIY in my opinion. Its good that people have a go and look after their own car but in my experience, they've got no fucking clue. Everything is done up to FBT. The annoying thing is that 5 minutes spent researching it or in this day and age asking someone would have seen the job done proper.

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