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Daewoo Lanos. SELT

Jim Bell

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Huh, that actually looks well alright, and the seats look generously padded too. 


ZXs also had the manual drivers mirror, electric passenger mirror, I suspect due to it being harder to reach so add a fancy button and woooosh, convenience.

As do Berlingos. Makes sense to me, why have an electrical adjuster where you don't need it?

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Like for this, car and effort to save it. :happydance::dog:


I recall when my wife bought her first new car at Daewoo they were still loads of these about. I didn't like them then (were they not based on a decade old Astra?) but they have grown on me.... like mould. No, seriously, I do like that and would happily run around in it :)

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http://autoshite.com/uploads/monthly_05_2018/post-5435-0-57875500-1525535344.jpg Feckmee, I used to drive passed that dealer every day......the car dealer that doesn't take a cut"..............men with circular saws have seen most of them gone.


I though they were shit back then and are still shit now BUT this looks like a mighty fine piece of our motoring heritage.........well, someone's motoring heritage. As they said, that'll be the Daewoo, well until it's a Chevy it will

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I once worked for a used car lot that had a line on post-GM Daewoo parts. (In 2005.) It was to Daewoos what that guy in Pennsylvania is to Sterlings. Anyroad, top tip: when you change the timing belts, replace the water pump too. The next Daewoo lump you preserve may be your own. Nubira better car, if-n only y'could...

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Well in the tradition of cars that I try to save, then standing on my balls, all of this:




Has started shooting out of this:





Thats about a third of what Ive blasted/yanked out so far. And yes my hands are now pierced a thousand times with fibreglass.


Baffles in the back box have unbaffled. Got loads of toots and gesticulations of concern as I booted it round the streets in 1st with 25 yards of horsehair looking shit hanging out the back. I was trying to blow it all through.


Seems that Ive blown/yanked most of it through now as its stopped appearing and Ive given it several limiter dances just to make sure.


Performance is greatly improved and so is the exhaust note now that its a much more free flowing system.


I wish I could end on a positive but the passenger side caliper is also playing the cunt. Banging and knocking that corner like a festival of hammers until youve used the brakes 40 or 50 times, then the banging stops but the brake still drags. Wheel is understandably heating up too. Lord Sterling reported similar and I had hoped it would ease up with use. 300 miles later its no better so needs addressed.


I cant really be arsed to refurb this caliper or buy a new caliper and Im contemplating just sending the fucker off to CARTAKEBACK. Which is a shame because other than the issue with the brakes (abs light also on), its a class little car. Definitely the least rusty Lanos Ive seen.





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Hang on. Did I just threaten to scrap a car for want of a calliper?




Thanks Ebay!





Bigg Red have served me well in the past for brake bits - but I can appreciate that there has been much busy going on outside the W2 HQ in the past seven days.


Delighted that jets have been cooled.


"Bale a Daewoo in haste, repent at leisure" , as my old grandmother never, ever said.

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My uncle had one of these, later inherited by my brother. Don't think I have seen a manual one! All the ones around here were in green as well.  It was quite a good car and served him for about 4 years before my brother got it. He then drove it harder than a Daewoo should be driven resulting in rather scary warped brakes! 


 I would imagine that one has long since gone, but yours bought back some happy memories. Good to see it saved.

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