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Shirley Knott

Shirley Knott's Evil Web Of Shite- £350 Volvo- Budget Restoration Continues.

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16 minutes ago, bezzabsa said:

I'm sorry but there's way to much servicing, and Name brand parts 😮 !!!! being used on here....Very Un AS like...

You're right, bad form on my part.

I'm essentially the equivalent of one of those psychotic women that are attracted to wrongun's because they  think  they can 'change' them, only for me its with cars.  This lot get MANN and they probably deserve Crossland TBH.

24 minutes ago, bezzabsa said:

nice Volvo though 

Thanks, it's a definite ten footer though!

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On 11/16/2019 at 9:15 PM, Shirley Knott said:

It's been more than a month since I posted here, mostly because there's not been a huge amount going on car wise and also on the basis that I've been deeply busy if not almost entirely consumed by renovating our house, that's not to say that nothing at all has happened though.... A few weeks back a V70 of exactly the same ilk turned up in a local breakers yard...




It's a perfect match. Same year (Y reg), and the same engine (2.5 140PS). Identical even down to the fact that it's manual. This is relevant because I wanted to liberate the often troublesome ETM from it as a spare get out of jail free card should mine ever go wrong, and whilst they're supposed to need coding to the car, anecdotal evidence suggests that if you pick the exact same model/year it often isn't necessary.

One cleaned ETM ready to be wrapped up and go into dry storage in the loft...




Meanwhile, I'd managed to narrow down the engine warning message I'd been getting to a faulty clutch position sensor, it lives here under the clutch pedal (Obviously)...




Needless to say the sensor from the breaker V70 was taken, and having tested the resistances with a multimeter was proven to be a gudun...




Success! No codes, dire engine failure messages gone and as an added bonus now the cruise control now works too.




This means the Volvo is pretty much running as it should, good news as it's very much been earning it's keep during our aforementioned house renovations. To be honest it's been a godsend, I'm about 2000 miles deep now with no major dramas and it's actually really liberating to have a car that's already a bit battered around the edges! There's no way I'd have subjected my old 940 to this kind of carry on...




I see you've thrown you hat in

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6 minutes ago, Isaac Hunt said:

I see you've thrown you hat in

Both literally in that instance and also metaphorically in the sense that there will be no more home improvements until at least 2025,.

Renovation work on  a 1950's house makes maintaining old cars seem like a walk in the park.

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The V70 showed a dash warning last week RE low beam being inop. Surprise surprise as Cilla used to say, the H7 connector was basically non-existent, what little there was left of it turned into wensleydale the moment it was touched leaving just the spades. Nice to see this trend RE fragile plastic was carried on from the old RWD redblock stuff, at least I know it's a 'proper' Volvo...




Wires stripped...




£2.99 Ebay ceramic H7 holder ready to be spliced in, this should be much tougher...




And success...






As a reward for complying with a cheap repair I rewarded it with a new £16 "Delux" velour carpet (Ebay again!) for the boot area on the basis the existing carpet/panels are badly worn and let it down. The breakers want circa £50 for hatch floor panels, on a £350 car- fuck that for a game of soldiers.

For £16 it doesn't look bad...





I'm about 3000 miles deep into the car now, it's just clocked over 92K and I'm still waiting to find out what I'd missed/why it was so cheap. I'm sure there's something lurking that I haven't spotted yet...





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7 minutes ago, Broadsword said:

This Volvo really has been a triumph in good, sound bangernomics!

Thanks chap,

I'd love to say I'd chosen it carefully (I do with most of my cars) but it would be a lie. Literally everything about it screamed walk away.

It turned up on Gumtree for £395, I had the money from the 940 I'd just sold burning a hole in my pocket and called within 20 minutes of the advert going up, The seller when asked how long he'd owned the car came up with a long story describing how he'd owned it before and bought it back from a friend (Thus not answering the question at all). When I got there it was on a dive estate in Sunderland, he was wearing a high-vis jacket with 'Noddy's Recovery' printed on the back.  He had literally five kids under 10 running round his front garden all of whom called him dad. There was no V5, He let me drive the car around the block, I bid him £350 which was accepted and the rest is history.

Interestingly the chap I bought it from swore blind he'd do the transfer of the V5 online and after a month without receiving it (Shock) I called the DVLA in Swansea who confirmed the online transfer had been done online as the seller suggested but there system had been upset by the fact the 'gentleman' had bought it and changed ownership to his name online 2 hours before selling it to me and swapping ownership into my name, ergo they thought it was an error and didn't post it.

It's HPI clear, drives well and doesn't overheat or really misbehave in any way. I can't really believe my luck but I was probably a bit daft buying it given the circumstances.

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Right, today was MOT day for the C1, imagine my joy yesterday when this light showed up again...




A quick scan showed there's nothing actually wrong with the airbag system. My suspicions were that there's either a loose connection somewhere or perhaps a dying battery was to blame (The car's been struggling to start of late) . Yesterday afternoon a replacement battery was procured locally and I was out with the larks this morning ready to fit the battery and clear the code in time for test....




Old battery looks old...




Pretty much all of the nuts and bolts on this C1 shear as soon as you look at them, I've never know another car like it. It's worse than MX5's for rusty fasteners, that's quite an achievement. The bolt that holds the battery clamp down avoided this fate with the use of copious amounts of Plusgas and working in a turn and then out a turn until it came free.

It got a generous dose of copperslip before it went back in, as Luther Vandross used to say, never too much, never to much etc etc...




After that the new battery went in and received the vaseline 'treatment' on the terminals to inhibit corrosion. Mmmm, soothing...




Never too much, never too much, never too much, wait... That might actually be too much....




After this the code was cleared and the car was taken for test achieving a clean sheet (Better than the V70 or the Golf managed) so all was well. The light hasn't returned but I'll be keeping an eye on it and at least I have the technology to read/clear it should it rear it's ugly head again.

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This morning out of sheer boredom I changed the timing belt on the V70.

Old belt looks old...




No turning back now...




Old belt vs new...




New serpentine belt ready too...




And all done...




Unbelievably it all works!

I was pretty daunted by this job as it's only the second timing belt I've done and the first on an interference engine with twin cams. Either way, the car runs well with no warning messages. The knowledge that it now boasts a new Gates timing belt kit and serp belt brings me a great deal of comfort and as a result I'll now have the confidence to take it out on longer journeys if/when this whole mess is over.



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A week on since the timing belt change on the Volvo, only 30 miles covered because lockdown but nothing has blown up yet! Buoyed by this success I got stuck in this afternoon and serviced the little C1 and the Golf.

C1 up first...




Air filter was examined but having only covered about 4000 miles was found to be like new and was put back in, the replacement can go in the parts bin until next year...




Oil filter access is nice and easy on these...




After this brakes/bushes/boots etc were all inspected with no issues found, hinges greased etc then it was time to move on to the Golf....




This one now has over 150k on the clocks but wears it pretty well. It genuinely feels like it would do the same again without much drama. Oil filter access is even better than the C1, it also allows access for the Pela to drain the oil cooler, actually getting more out than a traditional sump plug drain...




Again, Mann oil filters and massively over spec PD oil despite the cars lowly SDI status, because I care...




Again, after this brakes/bushes/boots etc were checked, there's a CV boot that wants changing but other than that all good. Air filter and fuel filter were changed last April and have only covered around 5000 miles since then so will be fine until next year. The cars won't be moving much in the coming days/weeks/months but all in all it feels good to know they've had a once over.




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As the covid lockdown continues and boredom/insanity creeps in I've been keeping myself busy by tearing into the ropey V70. The car is now where I'd like it to be mechanically having had the brakes overhauled, clutch position sensor replaced, a thorough clean out, a full service and a new timing belt kit fitted. It's now time to turn attention to the car's cosmetic woes.

One of the things that really pulls the car down is the wheels, they're shocking. See below for evidence...








Yup, pretty bad eh? The whole premise behind the Volvo is to make a decent car out of it on a small budget. Given the car cost £350 to buy, spending £200 on having the wheels blasted and powder coated would be counter intuitive. A rough and ready DIY approach is the way forward here and today I decided to take action!

Wire wheels on a drill and some manual sanding got me here...




Then the wheels were wiped over, masked up and given a blow over with some etch primer I had knocking about in the shed...




Followed by several coats of 'Auto Extreme' silver wheel paint- 6 cans of this stuff cost me £12.99 from Ebay. I bought it mostly because it's cheap, but also because it claims not to require lacquer on the basis of having a natural satin finish. It actually went on quite well...




And an example of one finished with masking removed...




Not perfect but not a bad result either (I really could have done with spending more time sanding) This car's never going to be a show pony, getting things to a standard that's presentable/not an eyesore is the end game really. Wheels back on and looking smarter considering the total cost of this exercise was £13...




Next steps are probably working the neglected paint with compound to remove as many scratches/swirls as possible and then potentially getting in touch with a paintless dent removal chap to work some magic on the bruised and battered panels.

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      As for some cosmetic things, the left brake light cover is cracked and has been since again, around 2000. The center console cover is falling apart and probably could use replacement. The car could also use a few touch-ups on the paint as well. Given these are just cosmetic issues, they're not really major issues that I need to address to get it drivable once again.
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