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Junkyard Jewels NI Easter Monday 2018

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This was my stand-out from the sales yard... local registration, 40k on the clock, cosmetically awful but the only serious rot I could see was the o/s rear wheelarch...




















Cannot be many of these left. What a colour, too! Quite possibly the Junkman "Do Not Paint" dictum applies here.


I'd say you might be able to find reasonable panels or panel sections in Serbia, or make use of a donor Fiat 128...... :idea:

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Right, only nearly a year late but I reckon I've recovered sufficiently from my exploding-Renner-trauma to make a go of this...


Some snaps from a very cold and wet jaunt to Junkyard Jewels near Stewartstown in Co.Tyrone, on 2 April 2018.


I basically went nuts snapping stuff, going round and round and round the yard taking multiple pics of the same cars repeatedly until I ran out of energy/heat/phone memory card space, so I'll try and group the pics together in separate posts for each car (or type of car) as I rattle through them.


Having originally attempted to group the various cars together by make/model (and failed, as once I'd moved all the 'obvious' pics into relevant folders, I was left with hundreds of random close-ups and interior shots which I couldn't place or identify), so the following is going to be presented as a 'virtual tour' if you like - a car by car, sequential series of snapshots.


Just to give you an idea of what we're looking at, here's what Junkyard Jewels looks like from the road:




It's a typical large Ulster double-fronted farmhouse, probably late Victorian, with rear yard and outbuildings. Public access to the yard is to the rear of the dwelling. And, if we switch to aerial view...




Aha, now we can see some cars!


It's not a massive yard, but just to make it all less confusing I've divvied the yard up into 6 'zones', and will present the cars in each zone, one after the other. 


(There's probably better ways to do this, but this is the one least likely to give me a nervous breakdown, I've decided.)


Like so.




So here we go, then... unfortunately I can't offer you a full immersive virtual reality experience, but this may be the next best thing...


START: ZONE 1 - Just inside the gates




First up, a slightly moth-eaten Triumph 1300 guarding the way in: still wearing its original Co.Down registration plate of 9017SZ.










No DVLA details showing for this one.


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Having a staring contest with the Hornet, there was this fibreglass oddity:




Some kind of Clubman-esque racer effort, though with the grille as possibly the only complete genuine BL part on it. Who needs a floor, anyway?








Hospital bed acting as a surrogate dolly possibly quite appropriate.


No ID, funnily enough.

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Squaring up to the Minx, a sad-looking Morris 1000 - 2466TZ. An old Belfast-issued plate, with no details showing on the DVLA site.






Looks like the old tinworm's had a bit of a party around the rear wing, anyway. Gaffer tape along the bottom of the driver's door rarely a good sign, either.

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In front of the CF then - some Roverliciousness for y'all. Big 2-litre P6 - ZV5747. 




This is on an ROI 'historic' plate, most commonly put on formerly UK-registered cars brought over to Ireland.




But hey, what's that in the back window...




AMR437L, you say?



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Nestling round the side, it's everyone's favourite little Italian rotbox - a Fiat (well, Bertone) X/19






Well done, whoever put an aftermarket sunroof into this one. I bet that helped preserve it immensely.




No visible numberplate (bust off the front, and I wasn't minded to go clambering around the hedgerow behind just in case one was still attached).



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And in front, a rather tragic Triumph TR3A, which despite looking like a total nail is probably still inexplicably worth more than my house.






Cla$$ic thoroughbred m8, innit? No registration visible (though free cable ties holding on the front end).

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Now we're into primo chod territory. A very brown, very rusty Princess 1700.








Interior not too bad, surprisingly.




And in the back... it appears that the original identity of this one is MGF845V




Last MOT ran out in 2012, and it may be SORNed but I'd say its chances of returning to the road are sketchy...




I did send Vulgalour the details of this one, for his Wedgister.

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And, as previewed, not only was there a Princess but also a Vanden Plas Allegro next to it...






IIL5528 - or maybe IIL5526? Either way, a Fermanagh-issued registration. Nothing showing on DVLA, so chances are it's been a long while since this one's seen the road.





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Next door to the PLAH, then...




An Austin A40 Cambridge:




and bonus ADO16 - MG 1300? Or Riley Kestrel with a single-colour respray? 




I should have checked properly, but I was too busy bouncing off the metaphorical walls like a toddler mainlining SunnyD and Sherbert Dib-Dab.


Tax and MOT exempt, so DRIVE HOME 2DAY M9.

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...and having a cheeky peek round the side, a mildly crispy Triumph Stag with what may be a terminal case of droopy door syndrome.




On such a soggy day, I doubt matters were improved significantly by that sort of gap.


Identity uncertain on this one, sorry.

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There was also some sort of pre/post war large black saloon with a split rear window and no doors or front end visible in a few of the above pics: sadly, my knowledge of these is pretty scanty so I'll not hazard a guess as to what it is. Any thoughts, based on these blurry crops?







Also in this part of the yard was a jolly red Porker 924 (UOB640Y - which I didn't quite manage to snap) made up the entirety of the 'For Sale' cars sitting complete at the front of the yard.









So come with me, then, toward the dank and gloomy breaker section... and into ZONE 2






(Yes, it does look somewhat Craggy Island; I know.)


I should mention that there was an autojumble of sorts in progress, although the weather didn't really help matters.


One outside stall:




With bonus CF support vehicle...




And then a few inside stalls:








I'm prepared to bet that the chances of someone wandering in looking for a Renault 6 o/s rear quarter are probably equivalent to finding life on Mars, but it was nice to see people taking these panels on an optimistic tour of Ireland rather than just binning them.

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Heading up one end of the Rotten Row behind the jumble stall, then - a Reliant Scimitar GTE SE5A (?), which (despite wearing some very clean looking Rostyles) seemed to be having rather a bad time of it.






No registration plate visible on this one, though that's probably the least of its problems.







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Alongside, a Wolseley 1500 Mk2 - AFE687A






Bonus Spridget and Corsair there for you.


Last taxed in 2008, the newish looking pressed plate suggests this was attending classic rallies until not so very long ago... but the collapsed driver's door visible in the Scim' pics suggests that all was not well structurally with this one.



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Further along the line - a somewhat patina'd Vauxhall Viva HB, still wearing a fairly local (Armagh office) registration: 1021XZ








Given their massive appetite for rust, this one actually looked surprisingly sound (comparatively), given how little paint is left on it.




Alongside, a Standard 8. No separate pic for it, but seems pretty far gone...


I also missed getting a proper snap of the Bedford HA van (in what looks a bit like British Airways livery?) to the right of the Standard - in my defence, there was the autojumbler's Bedford CF in the way.

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Another comparatively modern jobber - Toyota MR2, with less terminal tinworm than might be expected (and I like those rims).




Didn't get the plate, possibly because it wasn't there.


An excuse to go back again this year, hey?

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The mortal remains of a late-model Spitfire came next. I didn't get any better pics than these, annoyingly.






It was pretty far gone, mind - probably someone's CatPissTarp garden ornament for who-knows-how-long.


The quantity of wall truss bar on view here shows that perhaps this was a restoration best not completed, eh?


(Though I'd be lying if I said I hadn't used it myself on one or two cars, though never structurally...)


Some good grilles on the fence, though.


VDP Allegro, XJ6, Victor FE?


EDIT: Nope, not an XJ6 grille...

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Sad sad Minor Traveller next.




I have to admit a grudging admiration for BLMC, keeping a mass-market car where structural support was provided by means of bits of timber, in their line-up until the early 1970s.


Looks like this one was fitted with the optional timber suspension, too.


Better than the old lever arms?

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