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Mondeo petrol auto: no longer available

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Lots of scratches but I think no dents
2.0 auto
122000 miles
MOT October
Owner says it misses and has a loose steering rack, but I drove it a few months ago and it seemed fine to me.
£300 edit: now £150
More detailed inspection and photos to follow.
Owner is selling it because it's not Euro 4.

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Sounds like a good deal for someone - the mk3 Mondeo drives really well and in many ways I prefer my scruffy example to my (much smarter looking) mk4. 


Anyway, mine started missing recently and put the EML on.  When I read the code it turned out to be a coil pack, which was £30 on ebay and about 15 minutes to fit.  

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I am going to see the car tomorrow.


The owner says that by "missing" he means that it splutters on startup, but not after that, and that the idle speed is too high.

He says that he went to get the tracking down and the tyre fitter told him that he couldn't track it properly due to a "loose rack".


Anyway, I have a forscan diagnostic tool so I'll take that.  Maybe it will tell me why the idle speed is elevated.

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I had a look at the car and the owner has decided to drop the price to £150.


If you switch off the engine and rock the steering wheel hard there is a slight knock / clonk in the steering. The noise is coming somewhere from the rack area but I didn't have time to be more more specific.  You cannot feel it though.  Personally I don't think that it's an issue but I can't tell you what an MOT tester will say.


The car does have a very slight pull to the left.  The owner says that after doing the tracking the pull got better and then returned. it really is slight though.


It has four reasonable tires (all different budget brands though) and drives quite well apart from the idle speed, more on that later.


All the electrical stuff works, and he says that the A/C does but it was too cold yesterday to be able to tell.


The boot struts have failed.


I attached my code reader and got no error codes at all from anything.  All the warning lights come on when they should and then go off again, as they should.


It doesn't overheat and coolant and oil are clean.


It goes between annual services without needing an oil toppup.


The idle speed is weird.  On starting it revs right up to 3000rpm for a few seconds and then drops to 1500rpm.  The cold idle is very slighty lumpy but I wouldn't say that it's missing.  Once warm it smooths out but the idle is still high.  For example going from D to N sees it go up and then come down again, but it never drops to the 800rpm that it should be at.


My friendly Ford expert tell me that if it had a air leak that that this would cause error codes.  He said more likely a sticking electronic throttle or idle speed controller but he couldn't remember the specifics of the Mk3 Mondeo.


The passenger side door mirror glass is cracked.


The wheel trims are all missing.


I think that this could make a useful car if someone needs something that just goes and is legal for peanuts.


I have known the owner for many years (and the car) and can vouch that he is honest and has always serviced it and looked after it.  However next year he can't use it in central London as it's not Euro 4 and so it just isn't worth his while putting money into it.

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Googling the idle issue I came across swirl flap rattle.



It isn't clear in my mind whether this can cause idle speed issues, but the engine did seem very slightly rattly to me, but I really wasn't sure.  I'm used to diesels in general and it was no noisier than the 604 engine.


If I'm right then the good news is that you can "deflap" them which costs nothing in parts, the bad news is that it takes a little time.


I'm really not sure though.

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I'd keep it and spend the money on getting the tube about, you'd have to have your head looking at driving into central London.


The tube ride from central London to Ruislip is quicker that driving during the day, but certainly isn't in the evenings when he mostly goes.  It's quite a long journey on the Central line.  Also if you do shift work or occasional out of hours or you're on call then it doesn't work so well either.


Personally I don't find London driving too much different from any other city, there's just more of it.  When you live here and do the same journey all the time on familiar routes it's no big deal.

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Comfortable, cheap and easy to run, enough safety kit to feel confident it'll look after you in a bump.


£150. Get it bought, someone!


For reference, I sold Dad's one on here last year and cosmetically it was much, much rougher, it was a manual diesel Ghia on an 02. This looks like it'd be quite respectable with some hubcaps and a clean up.

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My ST ended up with this exact same dent when a boot strut was removed and the boot dropped causing the strut to get wedged between the glass and the C pillar. Shattered the glass too. Wasnt me, a mate did it.

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My ST ended up with this exact same dent when a boot strut was removed and the boot dropped causing the strut to get wedged between the glass and the C pillar. Shattered the glass too. Wasnt me, a mate did it.

That's exactly what he did, and it also had a new rear screen....

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