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1996 Jaguar XJ6 Sport - Roffle TONIGHT

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I would definitely buy a ticket for this, bar one very important point.

We already have an elderly Jaguar and I am almost certain that the fair wife would notice if I suddenly had two!

Are they the same colour? I'm pretty sure I could get away with multiple tat if they were similar shapes and colours.

Just don't leave them next to each other.

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Are they the same colour? I'm pretty sure I could get away with multiple tat if they were similar shapes and colours.

Just don't leave them next to each other.



Sadly I pointed out the difference in the shape of the indicators so that she could tell an X300 from an X308.


And mine is executive beige.

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Roffle is on then! I've included all who've expressed an interest, PM me if I've got it wrong.  £14 a go or 2 tickets for £25.  


1. Rave  (paid)


2. J-T (paid)


3. omegod (paid)


4. SherpaMog (paid)


5. fatharris  (paid)


6. Simonsays  (paid)


7. yes oui sir  (paid)


8. Sam Glover  (paid)


9. mjrose78  (paid)


10. flat4alfa (paid)


11. danryhn  (paid)


12. angle  (paid)


13. Tickman  (paid)


14. Alan_Green  (paid)


15. Timewaster (paid)


16. Minimad5


17. Sloth in a bowl (paid)


18. mercrocker  (paid)


19. Matts_Rusty_Bus  (paid)


20. The Moog  (paid)


21. scdan4  (paid)


22. Motorpunk  (paid)


23. sporty-shite (paid)


24. Cheezey  (paid)


25. WilsonWilson  (paid)


26. Coprolalia  (paid)


27. Keith777  (paid)


28. gadgetpricey  (paid)


29. doug  (paid)


30. SherpaMog (paid)


31. SRi05 (paid)


32. danryhn  (paid)


33. Tam  (paid)


34. Timewaster (paid)


35. yes oui sir  (paid)


36. SierraMikeHotel  (paid)


37. 95 quid Peugeot (paid)


38. sporty-shite (paid)


39. DSdriver  (paid)


40. fatharris  (paid)


41. Cheezey  (paid)


42. 83C  (paid)


43. 95 quid Peugeot (paid)


44. Rave  (paid)


45. fatharris  (paid)


46. Disco Fever  (paid)


47. gadgetgricey  (paid)


48. blakey79 (paid)


49. Sam Glover  (paid)


50. Pilninggas  (paid)


51. Broadsword  (paid)


52. Flat4 (paid)


53. Tam  (paid)


54. keith777  (paid)


55. The Moog  (paid)


56. J-T (paid)


57. WilsonWilson  (paid)


58. mjrose78  (paid)


59. 83C  (paid)

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    • By ruffgeezer
      Didn't really want to be selling this without seeing it through fully, but as I've now 3 cars on my own fleet out of 4 needing attention, I feel I must make room and time to get on with those.
      Bought originally as a non-runner, I had it towed home, pulled the wiring apart and buzzed the loom, and taped it back up. I have been using it without fault for around 200 miles, save for some water getting in the abs unit plug. (I have treated it with elec. Cleaner and Wd40, it occasionally misbehaves in wet weather still)
      It now has a comprehensive service history, it has had a refurbished rear axle, alternator and a new clutch within the last few years, and the cambelt done in 2014 at 73k. 
      Currently the mileage is 114k and the mot is due June 2020, in my opinion the sills may require attention as they are a bit tatty, for the time being I have flatted them back and covered them in stone chip paint. The body is generally good, save for giffer touch ups all over in the wrong shade of green.
      It has remote central locking, both keys and does generally drive really well, HOWEVER, the EGR valve seems to be stuck as when vacuum tested, it holds but does not sound to be moving. This manifests itself as a slight hunting between 1800-2000rpm.
      I will give it a minor service before collection, but the price is a firm £650, which reflects the work it has had in the past, but also the fact it needs a little more fettlement.

    • By TheDoctor
      Important numbers.
      £250 straight sale. 
      £4.25 per ticket. 5 for 20 quid. 
      11 months MOT. 
      Located at @loserone's gaff, so North East. 
      Buyer who was going to have it can't insure it on current policy. 
      More pics / info to follow, but get your names down! 

    • By loserone
      1.  @Mr_Bo11ox paid
      2.  @yes oui si PAID
      3.  @jmsguzzi paid
      4. @robthedonkey PAID
      5.  @Floatylight paid
      6.  @Tickman paid
      7.  @paulplom paid
      8. @jmsguzzi paid
      9.  @Aston Martin paid
      10. @Tickman paid
      11.  @2MB paid
      12.  @Jim Bell PAID
      13.  @flat4alfa
      14.  @paulplom paid
      15.  @Matts_Rusty_Bus paid
      16. @Ohdearme
      17.  @Eddie Honda paid
      18.  @blakey79 paid
      19.  @yes oui si PAID
      20.  @Braddon81 paid
      21.  @flat4alfa
      22.  @Matts_Rusty_Bus paid
      23. PICNIC PAID
      24.  @Timewaster paid
      25.  @Jazoli paid
      26.  @sims00 ticket exchange
      27. @Matts_Rusty_Bus paid
      28.  @Eddie Honda paid
      29. @alcyonecorporation paid
      30.  @gm paid
      31.  @robthedonkey PAID
      32. @sims00 ticket exchange
      33. @prepace paid
      34.  @jmsguzzi paid
      35.  @paulplom paid
      36.  Mother @gm paid
      37.  @Mally paid
      38.  @Tickman paid
      39. @davehedgehog31 freebie because he's such a winner
      40.  @sims00 ticket exchange
      41.  @Aston Martin paid
      42. @paulplom paid
      43.  @eddyramrod paid
      44. @Matts_Rusty_Bus paid
      45.  @Jim Bell PAID
      46. @Eddie Honda paid
      47.  @Tickman paid
      48. @robthedonkey PAID
      49. @Aston Martin paid
      50.  @eddyramrod paid
      51.  @TheDoctor paid
      52.  @eddyramrod paid
      53.  @Disco Fever paid
      54. @davehedgehog31 ticket exchange
      55. @Jim Bell PAID
      56.  @Eddie Honda paid
      57.  @Disco Fever paid
      58.  @Lacquer Peel paid
      59.  @robthedonkey PAID

      Don't think I need any more than those smiles to sell it.
    • By cms206
      Hallo chaps. Too much tat lying and I have a funeral to pay for...
      Mk2 Mondeo 2.0i Zetec, 44k miles, on ST170 alloys plus comes with a set of original spec 5-spoke alloys on duff tyres. MOT til 27/5/2020, some history and a recent battery.
      There are a few marks (pictured), the rear arches aren't too far gone and it has had welding done on the sills.
      The front windows open fine but need a little help closing, they come out the runners on the way up. C/L and heated screen work fine, as does the electric drivers seat adjustment. The clutch bites cleanly and the car pulls well through all the gears.
      It has been sitting a month or so due to the diesel Proton's arrival and I could really do with the cash (unless someone has a carb-fed Proton saloon kicking about in which case I'll sell my arse instead).
      Advertised elsewhere for £525, £400 on here with shiters discocunt applied.
      Car is in Paisley, Scotland, four minutes walk from Paisley Canal station.

    • By bangernomics
      Roffle is go.  
      1 for £16 or 2 for £30.
      4 SamR380
      7 Jollyfkr2
      12 AstonMartin
      15 Primeradoner
      18 Doug
      22 Loserone
      25 Mitsisigma01
      26 BlackBoilerSuit
      28 Barefoot
      30 DozeyDustman
      33 Doug (Aston Martin)
      37 DaveQ
      38 Norbert
      42 Doug (AstonMartin)
      43 Jollyfkr2
      46 Aston Martin
      47 Loserone
      48 Primeradoner
      51 BlackBoilerSuit
      55 StrangeAngel




      Choice of top boxes either the white old one or the massive modern one for Uber eats work.
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