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Autoshite Merchandise

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What about Autoshite-themed items?


AS-branded hi-vis jackets, warning triangles, 'Police Aware' stickers, towing straps, AA card holders... :-D


bang on


AS branded tax disc holder - tax in post - yeah I know but my windscreen corner is lonely


I am up for hi Vis, Mug and Beenie


Can mugs be beige like the forum and oversized like those Sports Direct jobbies? 


what about the bottom of the mug, rather than royal doulton or wedgewood has "fancy a shag" instead 

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I was thinking a play on pipe tobacco but ATCNBE is bang on

Other options:




My other car is a horsey horseless


Have you bought it yet


Roffle Winner**


I'm a two bucket wrongun


I heart Whitworth


I always leave it in gear




SVM approved



** Only rofflewinners are allowed one

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Thanks guys looks like its a plan then :)


We don't currently have an embroidery machine so unfortunately fleeces and beanies are out for the time being but T shirts and hoodies are planned.


I've had the printer seaching round and he's found a source of beige hoodies.  I've got one on order to test it out,  I'll try and convince him to find some better T shirts to print onto as I wasn't certain about the last one he did for me but that was sourced in a rush.


We usually use white mugs,  we can get other colours but they are a lot more expensive so it adds about £2 per mug.


We can do high-vis vests if you really want one.


I don't mind doing clothing in different sizes so long as folk turn up for it.  I think the easiest way would be to take orders for Shitefest 18 mugs and T-shirts and Autoshite mugs and hoodies but not just yet.


First of all I need to check the hoodie is good enough and work out what colour we want for the T-shirt,  that will depend on the design and that depends on you chaps.  I got an F in GCSE art and you have seen the rubbish I turn out on Paint.  Don't worry if you have no skill though,  Autoshite is full of clever people who will do stuff for each other so there is a fair chance that somebody with the right software will be able to tweak things up to a high enough dpi.


You must be able to improve on



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How about something like this:  List the PNG files for the various artwork on Ebay for, say £2 each. Then we can order our own Mugs, Key Rings, Gym Bags, Polo Shirts, etc from Vistaprint or whoever.  And all the £2s go to site funds.  Then you don't have the hassle of ordering/keeping track of stock/chasing payment/packing & posting.  All you need to do is email out the files when a sale is made.

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Perfectly happy to do that, especially for overseas members. I wouldn't use Ebay though but would just PM the PNG then hope people donate to the site.   The reason that I'm doing it is I can get things printed cheaply so we can get mugs for less than Vistaprint charge, my friend gets some work and the forum benefits.  I will look into posting stuff after SF as I will almost certainly have a couple of items left over.  Clothes post well but mugs would be pricy so might be better passed on at meets or as Alan suggests printed locally.


You should get a pint glass for your "works" nights out  :mrgreen:



The printer also runs a pub and has a shed full of branded pint glasses that could probably gain an Autoshite logo on the other side.  I will have a word if anyone wants.


Helpfully I'm going to be out of the country for the 2 weeks before SF but I'm looking on that as an advantage as I can get the orders together beforehand then leave him 2 weeks of peace to get it done before I fetch it and drag it up to Scotland. 

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