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Split_Pin's Rover 75 CDT Connoisseur: 20/7/18 So long :(

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So I do have a plan for this car.


I bought it fully informed and aware that the clutch release bearing emits a whine, although it isnt very loud just now. I am going to use it over the next few months to see how it performs otherwise, certainly on the drive home it performed faultlessley and has done so for the previous owner since December.


All other things being well and due to the good spec and condition of the car I may go ahead and have the clutch changed towards the end of the summer. I have looked around and it is certainly no more expensive than it was on my mums Corsa C.


There is a lot of information elsewhere about matching certain brands of slave, master and plates so its going to be an interesting journey and one I'm looking forward to.


I have wanted a 75 for many years and I took some time to decide whether to splash out on a dearer one (which could develop a problem tomorrow), or get a cheaper one and fix the issues and make it into a known good car. I chose the latter route, starting with a good spec car which is certainly worth saving.

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Yes I will certainly be hitting this place up for advice.


First job tomorrow is to give it the Split_Pin Gold valet when I get home from work. After that I will replace the osf wheelarch liner. Rml has kindly supplied a replacement which is in the boot.


I now also have 2 Rover scissor jacks which are great for getting under low cars like the Coupe.

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Definitely agree on the bearing thing as at least the rest of the drivetrain will be unaffected as opposed to timing belt roulette or something!


Im going to have a play tomorrow afternoon with all the buttons and make broom broom noises.


The rear sunblind works which is definitely my favourite feature!

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