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Citro-lickers: votre attention ici, s'il vous plaît...


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One for the cars I never knew existed thread.




In 1987, the Guangxi Liuzhou Mini Automobile Factory imported a Citroën Visa into China. 
In 1989 they introduced the Wuling LZW 7100 mini auto. 
Production started in 1991 with 50 units being built, in 1992 510 were built, in 1993 the number was 95 and in 1994, the last year for which production figures are available, the number was 246.
As far as appearance is concerned, the car is an exact replica of the Visa although it differs mechanically in using a Chinese built three cylinder Daihatsu engine.




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In a parallel universe communist China might have signed up Citroen to build CXs for the transport of the more equal, so green-blooded lunacy would have conveyed socialism's panjandrums around the glorious workers paradise.


Seems they were that close to being awarded the "big car" contract, but were pipped to the post by VW's Santana.


Probably the most well-known Commie CXs were the East German ones.

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