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Eddie Honda

AutoShite MUG roffle - £2 a go / max 2 no. / Hendry fund

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[split-off from the What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread]


A box arrived for me this afternoon...












































I need to think of a what to do with these...





[Five arrived, I'm keeping one. So four spare. Competition or something?]




....if so, I'll have number 26 and a random.

Roffle is a good idea - first three numbers drawn and the bonus ball or something?

Swap for a NZ mug with either a fan tail a tui or s pukeko on it?

Mug roffle would be good and better for domestic relations...

Mug Roffle? I'm in!

Deffo up for a mug roffle.


I knocked the handle off my Belle & Sebastian mug (owned since 1999) the other week, and only the outside chance of winning a gen-yew-ine AutoShite mug might dry my copious salty tears.


I'm down to only my Haynes Cortina III mug, or else ones with cats on.


34 and 18, please!!

Spreadsheet for mug roffle numbers, please!

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Ok, the back-story on these...


Having spend a load of dosh with Vistaprint on buying in 66 calendars on 22nd January, I was given a voucher:


You received £30 Vistaprint Cash with this order.

Come back to redeem 14/02/2018 - 25/02/2018. (We'll email you a reminder.)


As you can see, I couldn't redeem it immediatedly against anything and if I didn't use it I'd lose it. I was however able to use it in conjunction with some other offers, so at the 11th hour of the voucher validity I ordered 5 mugs gratis (came to about £27, so lost balance of £30) but had to pay the P&P (slowest option £5.24)


Before any roffle can take place, I need to resolve the following:


a) An economical way of shipping them from Ireland to wherever. [An Post will give me a right dry bumming]


B) Determine the mechanics of the roffle - e.g. restricting entrants in the number of tickets they can buy as I might as well just sell them if someone decides they want to corner the market in mugs and "brute-force" the roffle.


c) Determine how best to cover the cost of the roffle. Yes the mugs didn't cost me, but the postage costs may be a sticking point (see point (a) again) and if anything I need to make this break even. I particularly interest to hear of low-cost methods of collecting micropayments rather than PayPal getting rich with fat cuts.


d) There could always be another run of something similar at some point in the future if the economic distribution part of the conumdrum could be solved. Any thoughts on this would welcome. Perhaps a future Shitefest attendee gift/group buy or something.

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So there are 4 mugs available? How would a free roffle work, first 59 takers get a random number each, and with the proviso that if they win they cover the postage costs? Could be first 4 numbers drawn from the next draw, or bonus ball staggered over 4 draws?


Sounds logical to me. 

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If there's no massive rush to get them posted, would you happen to be up Newry way at some stage to drop them off at the Post Office over the border, as per the calendars? Or was that a special trip to avoid An Post?


Paying postage sounds fair enough to me - is it international exchange rate charges that cause bother with PayPal?

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and with the proviso that if they win they cover the postage costs?

Depends how much the postage runs to.


If there was some way of collecting say 50p-a-head then the postage could be covered and any surplus going to the hosting coffers.


would you happen to be up Newry way at some stage to drop them off at the Post Office over the border, as per the calendars? Or was that a special trip to avoid An Post?

That was a special trip both time due to time sensitive nature of calendars. Besides the way work runs have been scheduled for me at the moment, I have escaped local runs and got up to Belfast for quite some time.


is it international exchange rate charges that cause bother with PayPal?

Nope, I take in Sterling on my UK account, but if someone was gifting 50p, then PayPal may want (depending on source of funds) an additional 22p which isn't much in absolute total I know, but a massive 44% in percentage terms.

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PayPal have been touting some sorta 'Friend Pool' payment system to me for a while now - something to do with getting small payments from multiple people, which sounds like it might apply here.


Don't think I've ever been charged a fee when receiving a small Friends & Family payment - though have regularly been wiped out by listing and PayPal fees when selling 49p cassettes via Discogs, so I hears ya... if there's a way around that, then the 50p tickets idea may be a runner, to cover postage from ROI.

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If I don't win one in a raffle, can I go to my nearest Vistaprint and order one using some kind of reference number?


My desperate need for a very cool new work mug makes me interested in this as well!


A quick google suggests they don't actually get cheaper on the vista print website buying decent numbers of them so probably no real use doing a mass group buy?

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Postage update, this is provisional as I think the mug boxes should really be packaged in a secondary box which may tip it over 500g:


Anpost standard / national / packet / up to 500g = €5.25 (£4.68)

Anpost standard / GB, EUR, RoW / packet / up to 500g = €6.25 (£5.57)


Royal Mail 1st class / UK / packet / small parcel / up to 1000g = £3.40 / £3.35 (online)

Royal Mail 2nd class / UK / packet / small parcel /  up to 1000g = £2.90 / £2.82 (online)
So across 59 tickets between 20 to 38p in postage alone.
To try and answer some points made since last post:
  1. Yes, I'm in the RoI, but I do make it across occasionally, so if there is no rush, I can bring these with me sometime and use RM. Next trip is pencilled in for the 23rd-25th March (Perth via Glasgow). After that I'm not 100%, but possibly sometime in April.
  2. Surplus to Hendry fund is a good suggestion.
  3. £3 each is no problem, but £2.50 or £2.00 might be a better "value balance" (between mug v donation)
  4. 2 ticket per person limit.
  5. There are no bulk quantity price breakpoints with Vistaprint on these wraparound mugs. The full price is £8.87 per mug. Like ECP there are always offers as this "£44.33" was part 40% discount, and paid with vouchers £30. I reckon an individual UK order on a discount offer would cost around £8.50 delivered, but full price around £12. We can worry about about this after the roffle.
I'm not going to push the roffle start button YET. I'll leave this open to suggestions/refinements a bit longer.

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I think roffle tickets will sell like hot Greggs sossidge rolls here. How about two roffles a week for the next fortnight?


Mr Honda is going above and beyond in his planning for this, I think organising multiple Roffles would have him on Pissheads with a pcp diesel BMW in no time.

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I'm more than happy with the details as outlined above. Don't mind waiting as long as necessary for Royal Mail postage, and feel the Hendry memorial fund is a worthy recipient of any surplus - good thinking.


Count me IN, gentlemen.


34 and 18 please, as and when!

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      I don't like it. I want a small car. Suzuki Wagon or similar. 
      £350 or roffle at 6 quid each.
      159,000 miles. Just under a year's MOT
      Leather Interior (Actually that's a 'bad' to some people)
      Complicated starting method - 2 keys and an immobilizer
      Likes a drink - TADTS (Plus it is Scottish)
      Smells oily sometimes - TADTS
      Tappy noise occasionally. Have been told Vanos - but hasn't affected anything. Might actually just be a loose engine cover.
      Gearbox hangs in a low gear for first 30 seconds or so of driving after cold start. Fine after that. 
      Bodywork has scratches and rust (rear arches)
      I don't actually have many pictures...

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      Proper funny-face Multipla
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      ELX spec, so has the twin sunroofs
      8v turbo diesel that plods on and on.  And on and on.  Did the 20 mile commute today, outside lane of M1 for a lot of it.
      Dependable to go anywhere. More reliable that was ever in the blueprint !
      Clutch 2016
      Cambelt 2017
      180k and everything still works including the folding mirrors, air con, both sunroofs, all windows, etc
      Some war wounds well what do you expect, some interior sticky plastics but nothing broken

      Some noisy front clonking to deal with -  was told it's the inner ARB bushings despite MOT man being happy.  Just been turning up the stereo
      Now has a Cat-C marker because of this.  Grrr.  The upshot is the insurer valued it at £1k.  Stitched together with cable ties for now.   

      MOT all the way to October
      Thinking roffling at Tenner a ticket - it really is that reliable and I don't want it gone but wife is in ear about it.  Taxed and insured until end of the month, see
      We moved white goods with it last week and a whole fixed panels front end from a classic Mini (Riley Elf ectually) the week before.  So VAN status is achievable as the seats just lift out

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    • By gm
      this has been stagnating over in the for sale section for a couple of weeks and I really need to get it shifted (fatha gm is not happy about it being parked out front of his house)
      so tickets are now only FOUR EARTH POUNDS EACH or THREE FOR A TENNER !
      the original roffle post is here 
      but please reply below with how many tickets you are wanting

      the list so far (copied over from previous post)
      1 primeradoner (somewhere local)
      2 Northern Monkey (oop north, presumably)
      3 95 quid peugeot (suffolk)
      4 JimBell (sooth sheels)
      5 Snagglepuss (accrington)
      6 BL bloke (oldbury)
      7 Brown Nova (north wales)
      8 DaveHedgeHog31 (scotland)
      9 ohdearme (dunno, down south ?)
      10 Eddyramrod (north west-ish ?)
      11 clayts450 (Nottingham)
      12 sealtainn (fucking shetland!)
      13 JoeyEunos (chesterlestreet)
      14 primeradoner (local lad)
      15 JimBell (sooth sheels)
      16 Flat4 (scotland)
      17 davehedgehog31 c/o loserone (scootland)
      18 cavcraft c/o the doctor (chester(not -le-street))
      19 95 quid peugeot (suffolk)
      20 Northern Monkey (oop north, presumably)
      21 Brown Nova (north wales)
      22 Flat4 (near knock hill, I hear)
      23 BL bloke (oldbury)
      24 primeradoner (local lad)
      25 sealtainn (really ? fucking shetland ?)
      26 DaveHedgeHog31 (scotchland)
      27 clayts450 (Nottingham)
      28 gadgetgricey (west midlands)
      29 Snagglepuss (accrington)
      30 Eddyramrod (north west-ish ?)
      31 JimBell (sooth sheels)
      32 primeradoner (local car for local people)
      33 cavcraft (chester(not -le-street))
      34 95 quid peugeot (suffolk)
      35 Toby (Ipswich)
      36 gadgetgricey (west midlands)
      37 Brown Nova (north wales)
      38 Flat4 (jocks wahay)
      39 Toby (Ipswich)
      40 Toby (Ipswich)
      41 cavcraft (three trains away)
      42 sealtainn (floating by boat)
      43 BL bloke (oldbury)
      44 JoeyEunos (chesterlestreet)
      45 Eddyramrod (north west-ish ?)
      46 clayts450 (Nottingham)
      47 gadgetgricey (brum, brum)
      48 JimBell (sooth sheels)
      49 Snagglepuss (could it be autotested?)
      50 sealtainn c/o loserone
      51 primeradoner (local lad)
      52 Northern Monkey (oop north, presumably)
      53 davehedgehog31 c/o loserone (swap you for a haggis supper?)
      54 cavcraft (packed lunch included)
      55 primeradoner (howay the lads)
      56 JimBell (sooth sheels)
      57 The Doctor (time and space)
      58 cavcraft c/o the doctor (I'll pick you up in the roffle 107)
      59 JoeyEunos (chesterlestreet)
    • By purplebargeken
      Things are a changing folks, the Rover of Smoothness has to go and I think a Rover Roffle is the way for this to happen.
      You can see piccies of the car elsewhere on the forum but will try and post some as soon as I can over the weekend.
      This is really a lovely car that has had some serious money spent on her over the last few years.
      I have had a new rear section of exhaust fitted, a new brake caliper fitted to the N/S rear and it has had the CVT fluid drained and changed by the Rover specialist in St. Albans just a few months ago.  I had a new battery fitted when I bought her as well. She is a lovely smooth driving car, utterly comfortable too and she motors along beautifully. Quibbles? The heated seats don't work but seeing as the seats are velour fabric, that really isn't an issue.  A few giffer scuffs on the bumpers are present and there is a slight ding in the drivers front wing but I have a good wing that will come with the car.  The boot lid will sometimes come down unannounced but I was going to add a spring to the mechanism and see if it helped.  That's it really.  Mileage is around 58,000 or so. MOT till November I think. The old reg will come with the car and the current reg will be retained by me.  No OMG HGF/coolant loss/overheating issues whatsoever.
      She is insured under a classic insurance banner by PBIS. This is a lovely, lovely car.
      Roffle interest at £8 per number? Taxed to get you home. 
      If anyone wants to cross my palm with pound notes then £425 will see the car bought for cash tonite mate, no X boxes, sorry. 
      2. Sealtain (R)
      4. minimad5 (R)
      5. brown nova (R)
      7. ohdearme (R)
      9. ranting Yoof (R)
      12. TheDoctor (R)
      14. sealtain (R)
      16. flat4
      18. ohdearme (R)
      22. ranting Yoof (R)
      27. brown nova (R)
      28. gadgetpricey
      32. minimad5 (R)
      39. iamgroot
      46. barefoot (R)
    • By chaseracer
      OK, let's try this again; the sensible hybrid is on the way.
      Late-1995 'Inca' 3-door
      1.8 n/a
      90000 miles
      MOT 19.6.2019, but will have new ticket before moving on
      'Patinated' yet very solid; character dent in front wing; never welded, boot floor perfect
      Sunroof sealed, replacement provided
      Great fun on the twisties but good on big roads too; would drive this anywhere
      Tarty but comfy pleather CTi front seats (originals here too)
      Grips well in mud with a large SCTSH on the bonnet (SF16!)
      Previously polished by Outlaw Bob
      Colour-coded HubNut sticker for ultimate shite cred
      Car in WS12; taxed to get you home
      Shiters' price: £590
      Roffle at £10 a go.

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