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KIA Magentis or sale... cheap! Seems it's now a ROFFLE!

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The time has come for me to start shedding some heaps. So the first to go is this 'wonderful' KIA. Magentis 2.7 V6 auto LS. It is  a top spec jobbie with one previous owner, history (alternated between KIA and Halfords!) 60.000 miles, air con (working) PAS, electric seats/windows/alarm/central locking/leather seats/parking sensors/alloy wheels.


It was in good order when I got it but I haven't loved it like I usually do so the interior in the back, while still good, is filthy with mud stains and dog hair, the front is fine. It has a scuff on the passenger side front bumper (not me) and a previous giffer repair, passenger side rear door is a slightly different shade (only visable in certain lights) and there a few chips on the rear bumper.


Most of the time it runs well, but, sometimes it will misfire and the EML flashes. Stop, turn it off and then back on and all is good once more, no idea what it is (injection I feel) as the only code that comes up is PO300 which is multiple misfires. Slight exhaust blow on one of the front flexies which makes it sound goooood! :)  It 'may' have had a cambelt at some tme, but maybe not, there's a reciept for the belt, but not one for fitting it, so no idea, cambelt roulette is great fun! It is worst if you let it tickover in traffic when it will start to miss, a decent code reader may actually tell you whats wrong with it!


Fuel consumption is.... dire! But I only do 2 miles at a time in it from cold so 14 - 16 mpg is not out of the way? It showed 35 on the motorway on the way home from buying it. It's MOT'd until October sometime and taxed oviously. Tyres are rubbish, back are good tread but the fronts are getting low and are old.


So, what do we reckon? £400 to a shiter?



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I honestly have no idea what it's worth. I paid either £800 or £1200 for it a couple of years ago and I ripped myself off a bit as I paid for it before I even saw it. I'm a prick of the first order. They only sold 60 over 3 years of this model although the smaller engine and the diesel sold rather better, but it has the slight running problem and it needs fumigating inside (rear) and I can't be arsed.

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Is there some sort of Devonian drug dealing going on in the background? The cricket playing Morris dancer marching past look like he's right off his face on the Gary Abletts he just scored off that woman in the tripper's hat on the bench.

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Looks belting. Any milege in having your local hand car wash give it a cut price valet then asking for a bit more money locally?

I guess the EML may put people off though on gumtree or the like.


Seems a lot of car for the asking price, GLWTS.

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£10.50 roffle nets you over £500 and represents STONKIN' value for a basically new car with a V6 engine m9!


Especially two for £20. I'd have two, for example. Even though it's in Torquay. And I'm definitely not.


I do have a death-knell effect on roffles though so would wait for several non-toxic people to also persuade. :-D

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Roffle, roffle, roffle, roffle, roffle, roffle, roffle, roffle, roffle, roffle, roffle, roffle, roffle, roffle, roffle, roffle, roffle, roffle, roffle, roffle, roffle, roffle, roffle, roffle, roffle, roffle, roffle, roffle, roffle, roffle, roffle, roffle, roffle, roffle, roffle, roffle, roffle.


Roffle it mister, go on.

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I would, but I can't be arsed! If someone else wants to organise it....


£7 a ticket sounds about right but surely, at £400 it's an effin bargain? It's even got about  a fivers worth of petrol in it, how much do you want for yur cash?




As an extra bonus, I'll even leave the mud and dog hair so you instantly become a property owner and can start your own weaving business!

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1. tommytwo (random)

2. Nyphur

3. scaryoldcortina

4. stanky

5. The Moog (random)

6. Spartacus

7. purplebargeken

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9.  pandamonium (random)

10. taxi paul (random)

11. barefoot (random)

12. dean36014 (random)

13. wuvvum (random)

14. magpie215 (random)

15. WilsonWilson (random)

16. Mr Livered (random)

17. purplebargeken

18. purplebargeken

19. taxi paul

20. rantingYoof (random)

21. djimbob (random)

22. panhard65 (random)

23. scaryoldcortina

24. fatharris (random)

25. scaryoldcortina

26. Spartacus

27. danrhyn (random)

28. gadgetpricey

29. brodders (random)

30. jollyfkr2 (random)

31. taxi paul (random)

32. magpie215

33. rantingYoof (random)

34. NorfolkNWeigh (random)

35. smellypoo

36. barefoot (random)

37. clayts450

38. yes oui si (random)

39. njgleeds

40. Fat_Pirate

41. Fat_Pirate

42. njgleeds

43. njgleeds

44. djimbob (random)

45. hairymel (random)

46. dome (random)

47. rantingYoof (random)

48. blakey79 (random)

49. Aldo 135

50. fatharris (random)

51. nyphur (random)

52. brodders

53. panhard65 (random)

54. stephen01 (random)

55. NorfolkkNWeigh (random)

56. djimbob (random)

57. yes oui si (random)

58. stephen01 (random)

59. jollyfkr2 (random)

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