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The for sale/wanted thread is for car parts I think -although most people nowadays just start a new thread if they have something to sell as it is easier and more visible for each bit. 

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Why isn't this site set up to force HTTPS ?


If I make HTTPS Everywhere do it, it works fine, but if I turn that off it'll go back to HTTP for everything by default

Can you message Slartibartfast? He is the tech guru here. 

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Huh? Looks ok from here Squire....


Posted 30 November 2018 - 04:55 PM

Where did everyone's signature go??

Never knowingly under-ambitious


'99 Land Rover Discovery ES V8

'94 Vauxhall Calibra V6
'91 Maserati 222 SE

'88 Yamaha XJ900F

'86 Honda CBX 750F
'82 Suzuki GSX1100SZ Katana

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Wheres the for sale thread gone please chaps? Got a big bundle of 2k paint (toxic as fook i know flogging on the condition its used with the right safety kit)  ,clear laquer and loads of other shit to sell, wheels tyres etc. must clearout ffs! plus im skinto


Cheers modz.


ETA Read the moogs post might just start a ''for sale clearout thread''

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Before you start a new thread, please have a think about whether your post would better fit into one of the below rolling threads.


Also, if you are using Tapatalk, we would all really appreciate it if you could take a minute or so to disable your signature. It's not compulsory by any means, but no one really cares what device you're posting from. Why tapatalk even decided it was a good idea is a mystery. Instructions can be found here


Autoshite Help, for when you have a problem using the site


Autoshite Lexicon (What do the words mean, find out here)


Car Related 


Ebay Tat (for all non-owned cars for sale, other selling sites are available)


Ebay Bargains* (for mocking those wanting too much for junk)


Ebay links to Shite related accessories and trinkets


News 24 - what's going on with you/your cars?


Shitely Thread for moving items - http://autoshite.com...shitely-thread/


Ask a Shiter (Any general car question)


Wanted/For Sale (For anything that you are selling, or wanting to buy)


What to buy (Suggestions on what to get that are car related)


Valeting/Detailing thread



Non Car 


Grumpy Old Man Thread (a place to whinge and give advice/sympathy)


What makes you Grin Thread (What has made you smile)


New Member Introductions (Introduce yourself and put the kettle on)


Quote of the year


Youtube Moments (Car related videos that may be interesting) - other streaming sites are available



If you think any threads are missing then please message a mod to get them added.


The link for wanted seems to be dead AF

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Aha! That's why I couldn't find it, the name has totally changed!

It hasn't; the what are you listening to thread was merged into that one! When I joined they were both running side-by-side you see.

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Best way is to download the photos to your computer, and then use the uploader on this forum rather than linking directly to them.


Google Photos definitely make it difficult to link directly to the photo, not sure about Amazon but might be the same.

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