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On 11/21/2022 at 9:35 PM, Spottedlaurel said:

That cage looks very purposeful, your own handiwork or bought-in?

Sounds rather challenging that you've got to meet rules that haven't been released yet....

I bent it and tacked it in. My son welded it complete.

When you scrutineer they ask who fitted the cage. There are well known, recognised builders.

We are known in Stock Car circles, Someday we may make the Autograss list.

Autograss rules changes are a bugbear every year. Understandable in a way, as they apply from 1st Jan next year. But you start building too soon in their eyes.

There are also different interpretations, takes us a while to understand what the written words  mean to a Scrutineer.

First car we built failed on tube thickness. Rule says 2.5mm with a tolerance of  0.2mm. Our tube was rejected at 2.35mm.

"But it's over minimum"

Tolerance only applies on bends, rest of structure must be 2.5 min.

We cut it all out and  did it all again in 2.7.  

In Brisca most work to minimum dimensions. ....Add lightness.

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I spotted a book on ebay, start price £0.99  had 1 bid.

I contacted the seller, explained my reasons and offered him £20 BIN.

He accepted that I had prior claim in the circumstances and sold it me for a fiver.


That's me, no 46. I won that race and it's verified inside. I lost my copy in an house move somehow.


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7 hours ago, Matty said:

Life well lived. Though looking at the cover of that book, I have my doubts 😄

We are all daft in my family. They are all racing next year. Eldest son, his wife and twins.

Youngest son, his wife and eldest daughter age 10.

I also got a licence for Xmas, but it remains to be seen if I'll use it or not.

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Not updated this for a while although I have mentioned a little elsewhere.

Amelia had her first race, failed to change gear and struggled round slowly in first gear.

Since then we have taken her for another practise, Sat in the car with her whilst she set off, changed gear, and put her foot to the floor.

We also had a trip to Belle Vue Speedway to show her how to really gate properly.

All this could come good next Sat and Sun, or prove to be to no avail.

As long as she enjoys it, no matter.

She got 4th gear a few times instead of 2nd. Have discovered the spring across the gate is very strong, so may cure* it with a cable tie.

We have bought another trailer for a grand, sold the tyre rack on it for  £150, and spent the cash on tyres and marker lights.

Rover 75 will start earning it's keep at weekend when we take 2 cars.

Hannah's car has had a makeover. was difficult sticking vinyl over  the lumpy bodywork, but it's fine from 6 feet.



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An eventful weekends racing at Blyton raceway 

Amelia was slow in her first race Sat, so I fixed*the gear change with a cable tie.

Seemed to do the trick, she improved as the weekend went on. We gave her a target.

There are 8 cars per race and she was in with the new starters.

Try not to come last! 

Sunday,  drawn 8 no hope there. Set off like a rocket, was in second place.

Decided she was going too fast and slowed down.

As the others passed there was an altercation resulting in an innocent Amelia being attacked by another car. Damage to Wing, bumper and bottom arm.

Much crying involved but unhurt. Shall we leave it for today? No I'm going again, so we fixed* it, and off she went.

Finished next to last, which was all we asked.  Everyone's happy with that,

Car looks a bit sad, I'll try and put a photo up later.


Hannah also raced. Won the first heat, Third in the second heat. By this time I'd left to take Amelia's car home, it's difficult unloading 2 at once.

I get a phone call. Hannah qualified for the final which was last race of the day.

Drawn 7, hard from there. Ste  told her to leather it round the outside and try to cut inside around  the apex of the first bend.

This went well until the car from lane 2? attacked her resulting in a very spectacular roll.

Her kIds were watching from the same bend and began screaming. She could hear them from the car. 

All OK, Car is a mess.There's video footage which I don't think is allowed even if I knew how to do it.

It's on her f/b, Hannah Mallinson if you fancy a watch.

She quite enjoyed it seemingly.

Edit, because it was the last race and they were over time, they cancelled the race and awarded positions from previous points.

This gave Hannah 3rd place and a rather nice trophy.


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She must have been near the front, there's only 8 cars in the race and she went over sideways before end over end

Two new bottom arms, new rack, new strut. radiator. Bonnet, door skin and  and wing knackered , but going back on again. 

Left it for now, need to fix other car for weekend, which may well be cancelled with the rain.

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Small update.

Amelia continues to make slow progress. Is going Etihad Stadium Car Park this weekend for under age driving tuition in a driving school car.

We figure it may give her more confidence.

Hannah won the final last Sunday.

Ian's wife Julie had her first go last weekend and did really well.

We are starting to build a new car. Photos will appears as it goes along. .The black Yaris has seen better days, but still goes well.

There is now an empty Yaris space in my garden

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