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Not got the latest rule book, but 2018 was Min 650kg, Max 715kg.

They keep adding bits on for safety, and in a (failed) attempt to slow the cars down. There's a lot more 2mm steel sheet to go in ours yet, at both sides and rear of the cab.

Tarmac cars are built to the minimum for speed.

Our Shale cars tend to be heavy, We prefer safe to fast.

Our tube is bigger diameter, sides and rear of car are higher than stipulated.

Some build exactly to minimum requirement. We find heavy can be good on shale.

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Steel sides welded in. It's 2mm thick, bit difficult to bend without a bender, but 2 RSJ's and a big hide hammer sufficed.

It's quite a decent job we think. Many just leave it uncovered, but we are over panelling with ally as normal .

More work, but better presentation.

Also tacked one side of the nerf on ready for welding up.

Edit, sorry last photo is a repeat. I've tried to delete it but failed.








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Not much to show, but a lot of thinking and a bit of progress.  As long as you never go backwards it's fine.

We have had the seat in and out a few times though.

Nerfs and bumpers almost complete, seats in, but we are playing with seat and steering angles and position.

Got to feel right, be able to see both front wheels, clearance at prop, clearance at head. Almost happy now.

Accelerator linkage sorted. Everyone but us uses cable, 

One or two have asked how I worked the linkage out (cork pin board and cardboard levers) so maybe a few copies by now?

Getting towards the end, Another 2 or 3 weeks maybe if all goes well.







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Last update for a while this.

Aerofoil brks on, all panels cut and roughly trimmed, can't get them perfect because need to fasten with cleco's and don't want to drill holes before powder coating.

Exhaust on . Hopefully done all we need for now, apart from window mesh. Almost ready to strip it down for powder coating.

Filled our time in very well, took 9 weeks, 280 man hours. Lots more work when it comes back from powder coating, but weeks, maybe months away that.

Took 6 weeks from start to finish last time we made one, but probably over 10 years ago. Last one for me this.

Couple of final photos for now.




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Now in glorious colour.  

Idea is to get wheels under it, fit all the panels loosely, then totally complete the build. But many of the parts are elsewhere and require cash input.

Then take it to have panels painted and signwritten.

Projected finish, October maybe. Would like a couple of outings before next year if possible.






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Just a matter of making sure the big bits would fit really.

Those who do it for a living make a jig off their first build and just turn out chassis afterwards.

We have no jig, just a tape measure, square, spirit level and a drop line :)

You have to use official ecu/manifold/flywheel. That's around a grand. We haven't bought that yet.

It seems however that the old* car is sold.

As soon as the cash arrives we can buy the bits we need.

* Old in this case is 1 season 2019. 


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Another weeks progress. Front suspension on, column still to fit, panels made and fitted.

Can't tell from the photos, but the bonnet is folded round a steel tubed frame.

Am quite impressed with the results, I usually have a major cock up doing body panels

Preston tomorrow dropping a gearbox for rebuild, then carry on to a Blackpool hotel for a night.







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Need to go twice as good as it looks for that.

Be interesting to know where they run the WF. Should have been Skeggy this year so I suppose they get it.

We have won on tar at Skeggy an odd time, but it needs to be shale for us.

Anyway he's only doing a few*,  Euro, definitely. Then retiring , again :)


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Se5 scimitar. About ten year back our tony had one in yellow with black/silver revolution  alloys and a tan interior. £1500 and absolutely mint. Scimitars must be the last classic to realise value. Ive been buying one ever since and never have.  Horse has bolted now mind ?


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Next step , 2022? is back to Autograss, Class 1 Micra maybe. 

Grandaughter will be 10 in a while and can drive Autograss if she wishes. So share a car/2 cars, who knows? Cheaper and safer.

Whole family have Autograss connections in the past. My late wife raced for years.

Never too late for a Scimitar Matty, Around 5k for a decent one now.

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7 hours ago, Mally said:

Next step , 2022? is back to Autograss, Class 1 Micra maybe. 

If you build one of these I can do the wiring loom for you. Get rid of the immobiliser and reduce the loom to about 3 lives and an earth. Dizzy engines or Coil pack engine. Its the one and only thing I am good at


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On 12/20/2018 at 6:00 PM, Mally said:

Saw him live a couple of times, I looked a little like him in my 20's.

If only I had a photo!

Above quote relates to my wife's funeral, and her love for Billy Fury. 18 months on now and things are much easier for me.

Anyway, during  my recent house move I found this. Anyone remember what Billy Fury looked like? Well that's not him.



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Been busy, garage, Spanish holiday plus 14 day quarantine.,garage.

It's all back together now. Engine rebuilt, gearbox rebuilt with new Tranx gearkit. Everything seems to work.

Paint/signwriting booked first week in September, first race Kings Lynn 12 September, subject to getting a booking.

This is not a certainty, Its a Startrax meeting organised by Trackstar. They and most tracks favour regular drivers/practise participants.

Having no car for several months we do not fit either category.

The ace up our sleeve is 2x European Champion.

We shall see if it carries any weight.

First photo may be of interest to @jakebullet

My son bought it, yellow to match the car he said.   May have been able to get a discount on the pool ball, said I.

I think it might be too heavy, can cause jumping out of gear in a bump, we will see.





Scimitar has finally made it's way into Speedy's garage, will report any developments.

There is also something else in the pipeline maybe.



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All being well we are racing this weekend, Sat Kings Lynn, Sun Northampton.

Cars just back from paint and sign writing, another fantastic job by Dom Davis.

There's bits everwhere at the moment, many jobs not finished, then heeds setting up and weighing

Anything can and possibly will happen.

Here's a photo I did take, grand kids, inside the car to keep it cleaner, more to come when it's complete.



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Got car back from painting 4-30 pm   Thursday, worked on it till 9pm, changed diff and put new wheels on, odds and sods.

I started at 9am making spare bits, so a 12 hour day. I usually only do 3 or 4 now.

As reported on grumpy thread, went home turned on the hot water tap and left it running for 10 hours!

This morning, (friday) started 7-30 am. One of the new tyres was flat, put another tube in. Fit dash and gauges, wire it all up, fit engine stop cable and mirror.

Exhaust pipe and silencer, a few body panels, Afternoon run it outside, tyre pressures, set up chassis height castor, camber, axle stagger. Weigh it.

At this point water started dripping from back of engine, temp sender. It's all brand new parts!

Not the easiest thing to mess with, was all tight but wouldn't seal, eventually manage to stop it for now.

Brakes spongy, bleed and test. Stopped fine, wouldn't set off again rear brakes stuck on.

There a brake bias valve, decrease and increase rear brakes with a lever. Undid the brake pipe, gush of fluid, brakes free.

Valve is correct way round according to arrow.

It's 10 to 5. Ring Rob Mitchell, TMR, supplier of valve, he finishes at 5. It's an hour away.

I'll set off now and meet you half way. Good man.

Fitted replacement lever, all good. Finished 6-30 pm. Only 11 hours today.

Long weekend Sat/Sun. They are in the Van, first time in this van, kids are excited. I've got a Travelodge for £25.

Always hard work  2 meetings I'll be knackered by Monday. Let you know how it goes, or doesn't.






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First meeting Kings Lynn, quite a large crowd considering Covid reduction.

First heat, many collisions, car over our bonnet which made a mess of steel work but fortunately missed the bonnet completely.  In 3rd place but a lap behind.

Yellow flag, race stopped for an incident.

They have a new rule, that on a yellow, any car in first 6 places that is a lap behind goes round to the back.

We don't agree with this, its designed to protect lower grade drivers, but in many cases helps the higher grades.

Anyway, at the back now 18th on the restart. Finished 10th so qualified.

Final, hectic again, finished around 13?  Grand National, bent a wheel and broke rose joint, non finish.

Northampton Sunday, 8 th heat, 15 th final, 7th G/N.

Feel the car is a little slow/and or driver rusty not fully at one with the car yet.

Will make a few minor adjustments and repair the steel.

The expensive painting of my grand children which we put inside the car for safety has been scratched somewhat by his elbow pads.  We are hoping its just the laquer.

Needs repositioning  somewhere safer.

Richard in our old car was 11 th, 10 th  -. and 3 rd , -, 8 th So similar/ slightly better.

Northampton again next meeting , 27 th September.

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