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  • 3 weeks later...

Buxton 5th September.

12th heat. 9th Consolation, tangled in final finished well down

Buxton 7th Sept. World Final.

In the consolation race for world final. Tangled early on finished well down.

Going well in the heat when someone attacked the back wheel and broke an half shaft,  Well down in consolation,

Left after the final, around 11pm. Last race was midnight. Long day for nothing really.

As Ste said though, my cars cost me nothing (old and borrowed) theirs cost 20K,

Northampton 15 Sept.

Shale car today, 3rd in heat, very fast.

Going well in final, brushed* past Jake Walker, who seemed to take offence and T boned our car pinning it to the fence, then had a couple of reverse/forward  moves. Both cars non finished.

Damage to ours, smashed battery, smashed rear wheel, bent 2 axle tie bars, broke half shaft. Over £200 worth of damage.

Fixed it best we could and went on in Grand National. Caught up with Jake Walker and spun him, both cars ended on centre causing much dust.

Set off again, race ended a few laps later. We were given 4th and Jake 5th.

It's possible* we were both a lap down, but you don't argue with mylaps.

Next meetings for us, National series, race for the Silver roof. Sept 28 Taunton, 29 Bristol.

Jakes in it as well, both in borrowed cars. We generally get on well, will try to negotiate a truce.

We have no chance of winning the silver roof, but Gordon Moodie has dropped out, so it's open to others now.


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4 hours ago, SiC said:

Ah, that's not Bristol! A lot closer to Weston-super-mare or even Cheddar than Bristol. 

Could see why that's difficult to find if you don't know the area and don't have sat nav. 

Tempting to go down and have a watch. 

Yes, down on the fixture list as Bristol, but out in the wilds a bit.

If you do come bring warm clothing and check the weather forecast first.

There is always a slight chance we have damage at Taunton the night before and fail to turn up. I'm not online when on the road,

If you pm me your number I'll confirm the day before.

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4 hours ago, BorniteIdentity said:

How are you getting on with that Morris Minor, @Mally

Behaving as a Minor does. Use it most days for local shopping. It's my Mon to Fri car, use the 75 at weekends.

Needs a little chassis welding still, I can't get in the garage for Stock cars, and haven't the time either at the moment.

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3 hours ago, big_al_granvia said:

gordon says he wants to spend a bit of time at home, to be fair he has nothing to prove, keep it lit mally

Very true.

He has a bad arm too I hear.

Have nothing but respect for him.

Nice to talk to, very knowledgeable, quick to congratulate others when he thinks they deserve it.

Done a lot for the sport, and been at the top for a very long period.


There is a possibility Ste may race Cowdie 2 Nov, depending how the points go on tar, we are not very hopeful though.

I'm not going either way, too far for me in a day with  Belle Vue the day after.

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  • 2 weeks later...

National Series, battle for the silver roof. First round Taunton Sat 28 Sept.

Concrete track, old airfield, quite short track, never been before.


Bit bumpy here and there. Practice laps went well, found out later he was 3rd fastest, which is pretty good.

Then it rained! and rained! all night.

Cars skidding here and there, especially us.

Got sided heavily into the fence, damage to car and hurt arm on bars. Will remember that one for later.

Managed 8th in Consolation, won £5 and 1 point  Could have done without the rain.

Also got a cup.


More of a Mug really. Think they are trying to tell us something.

Promoter did say, don't expect too much here, they have all done it for years, you may well do better tomorrow.

Spent the night at a Premier Inn, Well on the car park in the van, It was £110 a room. Breakfast in the Pub was good though.

I'm in the back off the van with all the gear, sleeping on a paste table.

There's a pram in with me, to make room I put a gallon of Oil on the pram. It leaked. Need a new* pram now.

Bristol, Sunday, bit late, had to change diff, bit of grinding and welding,

Going to practice with dry tyres, started raining so missed practice. Changed tyres to wets.

We are 5th race, by the 4th its drying slightly, chance the dry tyres, so change the all again.

There is a dry ish line for 3/4 of the track, and a wet greasy bit.

Went very well, finished 3rd, amazed!

Went downhill from there, Problems with wheelguard made from the stuff Circus strong men use (apologies if you are a strongman)

Got flagged off in final, wheelguard loose. Nowhere in G National.

To sum up, great people, good welcome, waved through the gates, with a thanks for coming.  Prize money for first 8.  Even told us we left some money behind last time at another of their tracks.

Pity it's not closer.

Up here van often gets searched at the gate for stowaways, trophies are crap,  pay first 3 only. It's a different world.

Well down in the series points, 3rd from bottom.

Hope for better results on Shale.

Next meetings Sat 5 Oct Stoke. Sunday 6 Oct Belle Vue.


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  • 3 weeks later...

Nothing worth reporting lately, but here goes.

Stoke 5 Oct. In the fence or amid a pile of cars every race. Didn't have a finish all night. First time that's ever happened in 12 years.

Ah well 5 pts for turning up!

Sun 6 Oct, which I had down as B Vue, was incorrect, Should have said Sheffield.

No matter, it was cancelled, waterlogged track.

Sat 15 Oct Birmingham, small but fast. Rubbish all night, managed 10th place in one race so 5 plus 1 equals 6 points.

Sunday 16 Oct, Hednesford. Very large banked oval. Very fast, no chance us.

Finished every race but never in a place.

Next to bottom in the points, had hoped to be a little higher, but not much. Find Tarmac boring, roundy roundy and expensive to be competitive.

Next meeting 26 Oct. Mildenhall, World of Shale final and National Series.

Usually do well there, but recent form says otherwise, and they all drive daft at a big do.

27th Oct Northampton, Grand National championship and Nationals. Just keep turning up and going round!

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My son used to race Remote Control cars when he was age 10.  Had a Mardave, £25 but slow.

I asked how much for a RC car capable of winning? Around £250 Sir.

How much!  He can race a real Mini for that, so I bought a Mini Stox.

My mate at the time, ex Brisca F1 driver said to him,  Ah, but will you ever be a Red top, smashing them all in the fence?

Took 10 years to get there,  but for the last 20 years or so mostly YES. 

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Mildenhall 26th Cancelled/Postponed? waterlogged track.

World of Shale final transferred to Northampton 27th.

We are outside 2nd row. As it happens the inside man has a family bereavement and doesn't race.

This promotes us to inside 2nd row. Track was boggy first couple of races, but is now fine except for loose shale at the outer edge.

Good start, lean on Polley to put him in the loose, push Palmer wide and across the outside front car, and we're away.

A good quarter of the straight lead. Second lap big pile up bend 3 and 4. No way through! Stop before hitting them, yellow flags come out.

Chasing pack to close to stop, smash into us, Front wheel shattered, disc broke, upright bent, steering rack bent. End of race for us.

Not a good start to the day, and didn't get any better. Was won by a Dutchman, which is good, don't want any of our lot getting it when they put us out :), and the Dutch are great!

Heat 1, by now ruts and holes are developing in the clay, F1 and V8's are on and they tend to rip the track.

Going well, Flat rear tyre, so race over. Consolation race, going well, broke 1/2 shaft. Kept going for 7 laps, very slowly as only 8 cars left, so finished 8th. 3 points and in the final.

Going well in final, another flat rear tyre, race over.

Decide tyres are too soft so blow them up. Grand National, same story, another flat tyre.

So 5 races, 4 flats and 1 broken half shaft. Despondency all round.

Many others had flats, but not as often as us. Anyone know how to stick tyre beads to Aluminium?

Cowdenbeath/Belle Vue next weekend, not sure if to bother, but as the week goes on probably will.

Scrap pile.



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Cowdenbeath, 2 Nov. Didn't go myself, too old to get home at 3-30am and go racing that day as well.

Watched the live screening though, very good first attempt from a young lady.  Pieman has competition there!

3rd fastest in practice, track wet and greasy. 6th in heat 2. 6th in heat 3. 

Decided to let the tyres down a little, had 55 psi in for the wet.

11th in final, best blow the tyres up again! Got spun at the start of G/ National, so well down.

It's good at Cowdie, prize money down to eighth and a thank you for coming!

Drives home abandons van and trailer outside my house. 3-30am

3 Nov. I get up 7am, unload van of tar car gear, load up with shale gear.

Tow car up drive, unload tar car, load shale car. drive down drive, Can't get tranny van up my drive. it's a lot of faffing about involving a rover 75.

Ste turns up 9am, 5 hours sleep. Swop aerofoil, swop transponder, odds and sods, bacon butties, off to Belle Vue.

Bit of a mudbath, we like mud.

Fastest lap all day! Won Heat 1.

Was 5th in heat2 after getting wiped out twice by white tops pulling off, and with a flat tyre.

Led the final for over half the race, slowed by backmarkers and pushed wide near the end, it's muddy out there. 

 Three  went past at once, got one back and finished 3rd, so trophy and cash.

Won Grand National!

Should have been at Skegness really for National series. They will understand now why we went to the Vue instead.

Good weekends racing, no damage.

Finished with the tarmac car now, will return it with many thanks to Ollie Skeels, whose generosity knows no bounds.

Would you lend a car worth several grand for someone to smash in walls all over the country?

Next and final meeting of the season 10 November Belle Vue again.

It's been said we are doing less meetings next year, but I've heard it all before.





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On 11/3/2019 at 10:26 PM, Mally said:

They had a camera on our car, Be a short film if they show that, about 1-1/2 laps :)

We did indeed put it in the programme :)

And I listened in to young Rosie's commentary from Cowdenbeath, she was spot on for a first attempt!

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Belle  Vue 10th November. Advertised as the last ever, but seems it will still be running next year. Massive crowd

Track similar condition to last week, not bad considering the amount of rain.

Won heat one. Leading from lap 3 with Dave Polley 2nd. I thought he would have caught us on the back markers, but always had a safe lead.

Quite muddy, many drivers can't handle the mud. It's not always your fault either.

Final, going well but got hooked up and lost a lap, Finished 11th, but had fastest lap.

Grand National can only be described as carnage. Only 6 finished, we were 2nd, so all good.

Race was won by Ollie Skeels, a fitting ending as he's the one who lent us the tarmac car.

Plenty of duels, controversy over drivers actions and interpretation of the rules.

All brought about by it being the end of the National series for the silver roof.

We ended up 9th, a massive improvement in position, but only cash down to 8th place.

Met Pieman of this parish, who reminded me of this.


There are many awards in different categories.

Dave Goddard won the announcers last year, Pieman would be happy if he won again no doubt.

Many people I've never heard of but a few Stock car drivers are nominated.

There's a meeting at Kings Lynn 29 December, unless there,s a major rethink we are not going.

I have work to do on the Minor, 75, Stock Car, and Van.  Mot for Van on Wednesday.

Looks fine* to me.



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8 hours ago, Zie said:

Was a good night of racing, really enjoyed it. First time my mate had been, we normally go to warton. 

I'd had a read of this thread the other day, so watched out for your lad. Congrats on the results. 


You must have been stood practically next to me when you took that pic! :o

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We spent most of the night there, tall breaded lad (me) and a Ginger beaded lad.

The family next to us were entertaining, Dad and his young Son are huge 515 fans and let everyone know, the Mam kept telling them to shush. ? 

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