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Right, diff went in Holland, bearing fail resulting in damaged gears.


Bought new CWP. They cost £270, but tend to be cheaper than a second hand diff.

Fitted new bearings to the pinion shaft and Crown wheel to a centre I had spare.

Assembled it, didn't look or feel right. I should have fitted a washer before the pinion bearing!

Remove new bearing with angle grinder, fit washer, buy new bearing. It's Friday night by now, we leave Sat morning.

You have to run in new CWP for 100 miles, ah well! Run it in first race.

Mildenhall 4th May.

Heat 1,

Going well then slowed down, finished 9th, first 10 qualify so in final.

Ste comes off, "It's vibrating like hell, the whole cars shaking, had to slow down, feared of something breaking.

Only thing we have changed is the diff, I built the diff, I've built many diffs by feel, but my hands are 73 years old now, could be my fault?

So change the diff. Afterwards I go to watch the consolation.

Two minutes later hes there with a piece of fan blade in his hand. "Have we got a spare fan?" Yes in the van.

How did you find the broken blade?

Stuck through the bonnet when I checked the water"

Ah! that accounts for the vibration then, now't wrong with my diff.


The eagle eyed among you will notice that the top hole is elongated. The reason for this is the expert* conversion from 3 holes in a Zetec water pump to 4 holes in a pinto fan.

A longer bolt is fitted to the elongation, which passes through an expensive adaptor pulley and secures the whole assembly to the water pump.

When I elongated the hole in the new fan, the metal bush fell out. But not to worry!

Have to take the rad out to fit the new fan. Fan on, rad in, water in, fire it up. Engine goes, fan stays still!

Took a while to realise that the bolt through the elongated hole, with no bush had compressed the plastic enough to touch the water pump body and prevent it turning, must have been a fraction clear previously.

Rad out again, shorten bolt, rad in water in.

Final, Went well, gave us 3rd then changed it to 4th. We thought 4th so all good.

Grand National, finished 5th.

21 points, good meeting, £110 in Travelodge, so I sleep in back of van with all the spares.

Northampton 5th May.

Breakfast at Beefeater on the way, expensive at £9 odd, but not if you have 2 kids eating free.

Change gearbox and diff on arrival.

Shortage of cars so running 2/3, we are heat1 and 2.

Heat1, steady race, finish 5th

Heat two, can't remember why, but well down.

Final finished 6th

G/N finished 3, so won £5

19 points so all good.

Home and bed, start again in morning.

 7-30am, change gearbox and diff, bit of welding, swop tyres, wash.

BelleVue 6th May, Not had much luck here this season, nothings changed.

Heat 1, Tangled with white top, lost 1- 1/2 laps, finish 12th. Damage to suspension.

Consolation, tangled with same white top, but got going quickly, finished 5th

Final, going well but got spun by a rival who owed us one. Finished 12th

G/N, Finished 6th,   9 points in total, not too good that.

Kids wanted to watch Caravan race, so stayed for that.  Caravan races are great.

Week off next week which is good because I'm knackered.

Mildenhall next, May 18th



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Mildenhall 18th May.

Not many cars at this one, 26? maybe. Many shale drivers are northern based and its a fair trip down.

We are ht2 and 3. All in final.

Good job it's an all in final, despite being well up in both heats, got spun and finished well down.

Final went well though, running 4th and a couple of front runners had tangles late on so we finished in second place.

White top won it, first time he'd won, did very well under pressure.

Grand National finished 8th, was a good race that one, 

So won £40 and a few points on the day.

The engine has started chucking oil out and been down on power for a while, so engine is out now and hoping to pick a new* one up in time for Kings Lynn on Saturday.

End of grading period now, we will be high Red, but not high enough for Super Star status.

Meeting over before 9pm so drove straight home and removed engine on Sunday morning.

I'm aware that these reports are  becoming sparse in content. Didn't used to be that way, we often had massive amounts of damage and repair work.

Am thinking I may only update when something actually happens rather than giving a boring rundown of results, which is the norm at present.

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Picked our replacement engine up Thursday night, fitted it Friday, raced Saturday. Thanks to Tommy power for sorting us fast and cheap.

Find fitting engine a bit of a pain, Its the same make chassis we had before, but we converted the other chassis from Pinto to Zetec.

The new chassis is Zetec as from the builder, and to us, unnecessarily complicated.

Kings Lynn 25 May.

Heat 1.

Started last on the grid, straight up to 4th place early on, passed another couple. but the leader had well gone so finished 2nd. Good start!


Going well, got up to 6th, then 3 laps from home it all went wrong, up and over a front wheel, landed ok but full bore into a stranded car, hooked up again, other driver used the fence to wipe us off, plodded round to finish 13th with suspension damage.

G National.

Going well, finished in 3rd place, but there were developments that at the time I was unaware of.

When he came off after the race, the clutch would not release. There was a yellow flag 3 laps from home and the car wouldn't stop driving.

So he pulled it out of gear, got a push start on the rolling lap and still finished 3rd as you do. "Oh and theres somethings banging at the back".

Turns out a wheelguard bolt has sheared.

Then someone mentions they disqualified you for loose wheelguard, been announced a few times during the race.

We never heard it, I'm deaf anyway.

So Ste's wife goes to collect the winnings for Heat 1.

Conversation at pay out. "You were disqualified in the GN by the Steward for loose wheelguard,  Announcer gave it, but flag marshal omitted to give you the black flag.

Steward states that as you were unaware, and allowed to continue to race then the disqualification is null and void and he will mention this in his report".

So all good to us £5 and points for 3rd place.

4th place man did ask us for his fiver :)

Sunday morning, unload, wash car, check clutch operation.

Clutch fails to free when you press the pedal, tried over tightening the cable, but still no joy,

Everything works, full pedal travel, can feel the weight of the clutch, but can't push the car when it's in gear and the clutch is down.

You can get the gearbox off, but not the bell housing, most cars are built this way unless I've built them.

So, engine out again, we've only just put it in, used the same clutch, but Borg and Beck and looked all good so?

Removed clutch, something fell on the floor, small piece of drive plate, about 50mm long x 3mm square ish.

You could see where it had broken near the spring.

This piece attached itself through the pressure plate, through the driven plate and into the flywheel recess where the bolts are.

It somehow jammed the whole thing up, it's that small you would expect it to shear,

I'll stick a couple of photos in later, I'm not used to the new set up and I don't want to risk loosing what I've done.

Belle Vue 27th May.

Running 2/3rds, everyone does 2 heats, all in final.

Heat 2  Finished 4th

Heat 3 Finished 4th.

Spun on his own in one of them can't remember which, but came back well.

Final, half spun and was pushed sideways down the start straight for some distance, ended up 13 th.

G National, heavy rain before the start, finished in 5th, car full of mud but otherwise fine.

Good to see Junkman formally of this parish, and Squire Dawson, who came to spectate at the Vue.

Next meeting Northampton 1st June



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Clutch plate damage. Am assuming this broke when we hit the fence,

Spring compressed and shattered the plate. It may be difficult to see on the photos.

This bit is as it should be.


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Northampton 1 June, as witnessed by the Bucketeer Delivery Service himself. Thanks Alex.

Beautiful day, so they watered it, Clay and water do not suit us.

Spun in pretty much every race, but came back well.  You can tell he's at the back in the first photo.

5th in heat, 8th in final, 6th Grand National. Could have done better, could have been a lot worse.

Now 10 th in the points list, highest ever been so somethings going right.

Edit, 6th fastest on the day. Have been no better than 12th recently. New engine must be better.

Mildenhall  tomorrow 2 day meeting. Tend to have a good day and a bad day. Track may be bad at first with recent rain around, but you never know.

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