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Track is at Brafield, NN7 2BA. Sat 26 th September 5pm.

Unfortunately due to Covid it's pre booked tickets only, and crowd is kept separate from the drivers.

In normal times you just roll up and roam anywhere.

Basically a field in the middle of nowhere, was great in the sun shine, but can be very wet and cold at times. Viewing is good though.

Anyone on f/b, which I'm not a great fan of, but it's useful at times.

You can join ' #lovef2s'.  They often feature videos of the races, sometimes live with commentary when permitted.

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Sept 26, cancelled rained off.

Meeting report Northampton 24 October. Last shale meeting of the season.

Called at Lyndale engines on the way for a rolling road session. They build engines and rolling road test them. Our engine is much cheaper build,but not tested.

He said max you can get within the rules is 170 bhp. Ours was 164 first go. Swopped a couple of carb jets, 167 bhp.

Said that's it. You will get the other 3 bhp by removing the fan and fitting an electric one, but it will then run hot, so best leave it alone.

Charged us £80, cheapest we have ever had, spent around an hour and a half in total.

Very wet track, went worse as the night went on, should have cancelled this one really.

Heat 1, 3rd.   Heat 2, 2nd.   Final, put in the mud by Dave Polley early on. Two laps behind when he got going again. Finished in 4th place, which gives you an idea of the problems the others were having.

Grand National  cancelled because no cars would turn out.

Absolute  mud bath  all night. Won £20. spent £120 on fuel £80 rolling road £50 pub lunch.

There may be a meeting around  Xmas, but with any luck I'm in Benidorm.

Start again next March. Not doing many meetings next year he says. Definitely last season. Third year he's said that, but likely to happen now,

Little to do except wash it. Will spend next 4 months tidying the garage, it needs it.

Even I've had enough. 54 years involved with racing is enough for anyone.

But if I'm still around in 3 years time the Granddaughters having a go.

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