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Project: Dolomite 1850HL automatic now £1500.

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Apparently not too bad as long as you don't 




.....Use it? 1500's were/are grim. Crank problems are legion. No Dolomite was ever robustly or sensibly engineered but the 1850 does at least get a move on. The 1500 is just slow.


Sprints are still sensible money (10 grand) compared to 20 grand for a Tiger or £70'000 for an RS1600. They're the only Dolomites that don't look like an under wheeled old maid's special. 

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Sprints are still sensible money (10 grand) compared to 20 grand for a Tiger or £70'000 for an RS1600. They're the only Dolomites that don't look like an under wheeled old maid's special.

They're not even properly that yet. Those that are, are white room seller type ones and chancers. The real market at the moment is around the £5k to £6k mark. Breadvan had his up for £7k, then reduced to £6k. I saw the other day that he eventually did sell it (after quite a few months) and took an offer on it.


However it won't stay like this forever, as they're on the rise (albeit slowly still) and starting to become more desirable. Hence if I'm going to get one, I need to get one now really.

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I do like yellow actually. What yellow do you have? Just out of interest in a purely technical sense.


Pug 205 auto, Jeez, not seen one of them in a lifetime. Piccies 'cos nice?

39k, one previous owner passed mot last Friday no advisoriese52a9223ac865318e2856298093c61af.jpg91d1b8214f3b504a42a8be85e9bd65bd.jpg


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At the MOT last week, it was on after a 5 year old mini. The tester who I have known and used for years said, and I saw it myself, the mini failed on two wheelbearings, and a bottom balljoint, mileage 38000. All brake components and suspension components on it were rusty. The 205, no rust to be seen, the undersea looking like it had come out of the factory that day. The 25 year old 205, French shite according to a lot of folk, far better than the 5 year old mini, German quality lol


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Everyone needs to own a Dolomite at least once in their life time. It’s a bit like like losing your virginity, takes ages to get anywhere, is ultimately not as good as in the adverts and can be quite messy while the lead upto it empties your wallet. But if you do it well the smell of burning rubber will impress the neighbours.

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My 1500TC auto was most quick, especially on a Sunday morning, on choke with me half in the car and trying to not hit any other cars in the road as we took off.


Ghosty, you have not missed this boat.


I also had a 1500TC auto back in the mid 1980s


that thing was fooking rapid* and very smooth


Compared to my 105e Anglia and 2200SC P6. I got into Stags because of the positive experience with that 1500TC



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After the recent events I wish you the very best with this sale. I love love love dollys and will definitely have one again - but I must admit I prefer a manual version. Timing also sucks at the mo' - as I just paid up on the transporter, am off to collect a rapid total shed and ta man has raped me for a lump sum yet again.......


This thing should fly off the proverbial shelf.

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Would anyone on here feel able and willing to list the Dolomite on eBay for me please.


No longer able to sell due to eBay taking offence at Mrs PBK's refusal to lower her postage costs to £meagre/unworkable.


Obv I will write the wording and so on. Fees covered, etc.







Is this not Car and Classic fodder?  Ebay will obviously take the car to the widest possible audience, but I'm convinced you can ask more on C&C with a well worded, well photographed advert than you will ever get from ebay.  It's also free, rather than the £20 or so you'll be relieved of on Ebay.



^^ That is a very good point!



Been suspended because someone sent me their email address. 



^^ Crazy isn't it.



Stick it to the man and list on Ebid! :D



Whilst I completely agree this seems like Car and classic, gumtree or anywhere other than the cesspool of wankers that ebay has become, if you really do want to list it there, I will happily do so. I have a high bullshit-from-the-internet tolerance level so ebay still sortof works for me.



Someone said the Ebay classifieds work better or restricted prior approval buy it now? Dunno...I gave up selling cars ages ago - now I just put them in my field etc.

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      So we finally arrived in Barrow at 1.00am, having listened to Ken Bruce covering the Eurovision most of the way up.  Yes, the Cadillac has its original factory AM/FM radio, and it works!
      This morning I thought I'd better do something about the lack of door-locking, that the seller pointed out to me.  The car has 4 keys, all slightly different!  One for trunk, one for ignition... er...
      A little consultation with Dan brought forth the suggestion that the power-lock actuators might be at fault, and upon dismantling the driver's door, this was indeed the case.

      I disconnected the actuator from the lock and all was well.  One of the "other" keys was found to fit the doors, so now I can lock and unlock them manually.  Good enough.  When I took my dog out, I couldn't resist grabbing this shot...

      And then I decided it needed a clean, so I swept it out, found a carpet offcut for the trunk, and washed the thing.  It does look better.

      Several of my neighbours have come to have a look, and gone away impressed.
      What happens now?  Well the immediate plan is just that I should (and will!) drive it, as much as possible given that I don't have anywhere off-road to keep it.  This is at least partly why we went for a mechanically-sound car (which it certainly seems to be) with cosmetic issues.  One worries less about a fresh ding, you know.... To this end I'll be going to work in it tomorrow, and stopping at the Post Office on the way home to get the tax in my name.  This car is the right side of 40 years old, so I get free tax.  Lovely!
      What happens in the further-distance remains to be seen.
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