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Scruffy Bodger

Do you think you could weld this for me please?

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Still haven't got round to the Justy but had a go at fettling a 205 for new member Broken French tat who I met last year on a trip with a few others to the Black Mountains in Wales. It's got some interesting patina and paint repairs that's for sure and is surprisingly solid for a 30 year old car.

It did however have a few very localised problems, the hole in the bulkhead I found especially odd. The main issue for me was the utterly kippered seat mounting point on the tunnel. It was cracked in numerous places as well as holed and flexing like fuck! It would have literally pulled through the floor in anything more than a bump in a car park  :shock:

I started out late and it turned into quite a long day in the end as it's just under a 100 mile round trip for me, I got home at about 10.30 pm iirc. I must admit the roads around the north of Shropshire are great and in much better condition than the south of the same county, they are generally much wider too allowing for a bit of hoonage if in the mood.  :mrgreen:

Pretty apt for this project as it's getting a 306 Gti 6 conversion so it's going to be a full on, flat out sleeper!








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6 minutes ago, busmansholiday said:

It is a dog, jesus wept that's well fucked, makes my MGBs look pristine.

Guess that's not going to be cheap, or easy.

I wouldn't even attempt it tbh, it'd cost the poor sod a fortune to even attempt it even at mates rates. The shock absorber has snapped off completely and the chassis has actually collapsed so all the suspension mounting points on the back end have moved. I had to ring him and give him the bad news as his mate didn't want to, it went along the lines of yeah, your truck, it's totally fucking fucked mate.

15 minutes ago, stonedagain said:

If that was a dog, I'd shoot it!

It is a dog but rather than shot I think it'll end up being butchered and bits sold off it.

I hadn't even stabbed it with a big screwdriver to see if I could find any more!

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1 hour ago, Mr_Bo11ox said:

Jesus thats shocking. If I bought one of these thats what I'd find underneath. Tell him to price up getting a landy specialist to fit a new chassis!

That's simply the only option as far as I'm concerned. How much is a new chassis?


1 hour ago, stuboy said:

less holes in my tea strainer

Do you like your tea full of leaves?


I didn't get the reg but it'd be interesting to look at the MOT history and see when the last one was and see if it advised about potential rot. I had a Series III as my first motor and that was a rot box, this TD5 beats that hands down.

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