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Jim Bell

Zafira A. *fuk this car*

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I'd say as my earlier post, you need all the Pauxhall codes to get it to have a chance of working, and that'll probably cost you more than it's worth. Goodbye Zafir...


PS, did I mention I went to look at one a couple of years ago ? Smoked like it was on 60 Capstan full strength a day. Asked seller how he got it through mot, "drained most of the oil out of it, mot station isn't far away". Bought a Focus......

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If it's stressing you out, I agree, just get rid, you have the tantastic 5 series.



As I had suggested the above in addition to other people I won't be so arrogant as to think that is a dig at me. I was only trying to help, having a car with exactly the same engine.

Yeah mate, sorry.... Just wanted to hear about an earthquake in the north east on the news later :-)


It was a valid suggestion when made, please don't stop giving advice because of flippant dicks like me.

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If the ECU isn't earthed then it wouldn't work. Did you check that multiway plug?

It earths via a ring terminal branching out of the engine loom. and all was well with that side of things.

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I still wanna try this thing with the correct ECU, as removal and refitting of all the gubbins is a half an hour job - when you have done it previously - but as Double W and I agree, it will be on borrowed time even if it works, owing to the SHIT location.


ECU’s belong indoors!

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Well the owners facebook group reckon the one that came OFF the car is definately from a 1.6 (the car is a 1. 8 ) and obviously it doesnt run because the ecu wouod need coded (though it doesnt communicate) and that it could be an aftermarket ecu because it should have a GM one.


The internet.

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When it comes to Vauxhalls, T'internet is loaded with stuff like 'what lowering spring u used m8' and 'is dat Zorst a de-cat' and other go faaarst mods.


Ask a technical question such as 'when I take a Corsa Black Edition 1.4T in for a vacuum pump recall modification, what do they have to disturb to change the part........also known as "whatight get forked up as a result of the messings' and you get a blank, nil response.


I'd be wanting to change the ECU for an indetical part numbered unit and poss change the engine loom as well. But as you say, the faffings are time consuming and of course we don't like being beaten by a shitter.

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Stop all the clocks, switch off the mobile phone,

Watch it there on the flatbed busted and alone

Silence the Pianos, mark off the date

Remember it was totally fucking fucked M8


Safely on the HIAB tucked

Let the message go out - the Zafira is fucked

Take a deep breath, surrender, and be bolder

And on the internet write “nite nite litl Solja”


(“All Vauxhall’s are shit”, W H Auden 1967)

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      99p anyone?
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