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Jim Bell

Zafira A. *fuk this car*

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My dad could fix anything.


Nobody could fix him.


He passed away late on my girlfriends birthday and left behind a great hole. And some cars, a few motorbikes and about 3 metric tons of junk.


The fleet, though meagre, had to be disposed of.


Two cars today, then other things later. We are taking it slow. Two things at a time.



So, early this morning I packed up the missus, chose an appropriate vehicle for the task and set off for Northumberland.


Hang on. Including the car we are driving, that will make three in total to return. We may need some assistance.



The sun is up, the air is crisp, I've already had a poo so we are ready to head off.


Time: 09:36

Direction: West.

Speed: Slow

Poo count: Singular.






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We headed west and skirted through Gateshead and over into Newcastle. Traffic was a bit shit so we trundled steadily and discussed current events and politics. This somehow caused a great cramping of the guts which quickly melted into a ferocious need to evacuate my bowels. I had to stop the car and run around like an angry goose looking desperately for a public shithouse.


I found one.






Follows is my Trip Advisor review:


I found the public conveniences located in the Grainger Town multi storey car park most convenient. The environment was light and airy, the door lock snapped shut with a reassuring CLACK and I did enjoy the smell of exhaust fumes and the sound of passing vehicles while I made mess at some length. The tap water was hot, the handsoap was effective and the hand dryer though loud, was effective. The whole experience was marred only by the quality of the tissue paper, which yielded to my digit far too readily for my liking. The smell, though atrocious, was to be expected and mostly of my own making.


3.5 stars. Would poop again.




All the unpleasantness concluded, we were back on the road.



Time: 10:16.

Direction: West.

Speed: Hammer down.

Starsign: Sagitarius

Poop count: Duo.

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An absolutely shit time. Disposing of things after a loved one has gone - I have found it hard to reconcile that items I have disposed of have actually belonged to someone I loved. However we could not get rid of my in laws granada.


Thinking of you.

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Within minutes we were literally gannin alang the Scotwood rurd (but not to see the Blaydon Races). We swung down into a posh Business Park with flags and that at the sides of the roads.


A new player has entered the game.  Please press L1 to continue:








Now we have enough people. Now we are a team.


The missus is knitting.



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Three Suzuki TCs. All requiring various levels of restoration.  Projects all. He became lightly obsessed with them.


Nice! Thankfully I haven't a licence.


However, by this point, I'm at PC: 2 - Pre-bath, and post-arrival-at-work

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I forgot to take any pics on the way up into the wilds, so you'll just ave to use imaginations for this bit.


When we arrived, we went straight to BEREAVEMENT VEHICLE NUMBER 1.


You may remember it from such previous threads as this one here:






Loserone had a quick look round it.







Examination revealed that the car was not without its faults, but may do a decent job for the time being for him. Duck tape was employed where appropriate.  Air was PUMPED RIGHT UP in tyres and the interior condensation was wiped away mostly effectively.


It barked into life on the first twist of the key and idled away happily.  It laughs in the face of lay ups (see previous thread).



After a quick test drive, hands were shaken and off they went.












See you in 40 mins when you come back because we forgot your bag and coat were still in the Mondeo!!!!!!


























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After the success of Car number one, we moved on to Car number 2.


Gaze upon it and say to yourself softly: all vauxhalls are shit.







Thats right.



Its a people carrier. Kind of.



Speed: stopped dead.

Direction: none.

Regrets: Ive had a few.

Fuel: Duel.

Poo count: steady as she goes.

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Here are some more pictures of a Vauxhall Zafira, interspersed with some scenery shots from the ride home.  Just to help level out everyones blood pressure.  I dont want everyone getting too excited.
















































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Impressions are that it drives alright,  I woudnt expect it to be great, but its definately alright.

The 1.8 16v blazzes it along with a lazy fizz and it feels a bit less that its 123 brake horses.  Probably because its a lard arse.

Its comfortable enough, highly practical and with the LPG it'll be economical to live with.


Id probably be reasonably happy if I hadnt found out that it overheats in traffic on the return run while I was stuck at the road works at Heworth roundabout.

I caught it in time and got the heater on full, which thankfully brought the temp straight down again but somethings obviously not right.


When I got home, the dog laid an egg.








Speed: Stopped

Direction: Home.

Tea: Pizza.

Poo Count: 3 including the dog.

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Those wipers look the same as on the B, which are a twat to setup if you have to take them off. 1 spline translates to a cm difference at the blades, and then they bind up when you test it.


And that's about all I can add to this, apart from being a closet Zafira A admirer... Had another poo yet?

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    • By Broadsword
      Hot on the heels of last week’s collectioneering of a Xantia, another collection starts here and now. Well it is probably a collection as long as the car is as described, but I am optimistic.

      Clues. It’s enormous yet quite cramped. Never had one before and it could be considered blessed, saintly even!
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      Welcome to my new thread which combines my 944, XJ-8 and Vel Satis threads in one.

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      I can haz Jaguar!

      Many thanks to Chris for driving it down, I've only driven it three feet forward so far & when I switched it off the bloody thing locked me in, wouldn't start and absolutely nothing would work - in the blazing sun - the fair wife is impressed*
      Will have a new battery tomorrow - I can't stand that again - and it will be MOT'd either this week or next whenever my man with the big spanner can fit me in.
      I'll keep you all informed...
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      It's the green one.
      If you're proper horny for it then PM me, but anyone with cash can buy a car any time. Meh.
      Would roffle, but CBA with the admin.
      Therefore, funtime!
      Another KruJoe-spec 99p start AUCTION...
      (GBP (Pounds Sterling) bids only, no licked Twixes (John_F, I'm talking to you), bid increments 50 pence or more, that's up to you. Auction ends 24 hours after the last bid. Other T&C's may apply if I haven't thought of them yet.)
      It's a risk, but I'll take it.
      I've thought of a number as a reserve, roughly bridge price plus today's £50 MOT fee, so above that, I'm happy. If it doesn't work, we'll re-think, but his is will be a cheap car for one of you lot.
      Central, so close to everyone on mainland UK.
      Collection: most days/times are possible, evenings are good. Relaxed timescale, storage is not a problem here. I can bring you to it from Skipton bus or rail station.
      The Car.
      My dependable daily for two FTP-free years. Ex-JohnK and Bramz. 
      1.4 Rti run-out model, lots of toys. 
      Cheap tax and cla$$ic policy friendly (£140pa, Carole Nash. A.Flux quoted similar).
      Tested until 31 May 2020, advised on two back tyres.
      Not yet 62,000 on the dial. Likely to be SORN'd before June. V5 here, with loads of history.
      New oil and filter last week.
      Good batt, exhaust, brakes etc. There are a few minor niggles, I've just lived with it. Character, innit.
      Squishy-comfort velour in fine fettle. (Almost) everything works.
      The bodywork scrubs up well but there's some bits of rust if you really go looking. It doesn't stop it being a respectable motor… until… last week one of my favourite brothers rubbed a tractor down the side, damaging two doors and the mirror.

      All still work fine, and I still have the (undamaged) plastic strip from the door. I don't have the arsedness to try improving it cosmetically and I'm ready for a change of daily anyway. The worst would likely push out from inside. As would the small bit on the arch – it's single skinned there. Until that happened, nobody has ever turned their nose up at it, and it has attracted a lot of positive conversation. 

      99p anyone?
    • By dollywobbler
      I have acquired a vehicle. This is when I was trying to fix it so I could drive home.

      The car was offered FOC to the Rover 800 Owners' Club. They weren't really in a position to take it on directly, so it ended up being pointed my way. It's an 820 base model - SU carburettor-fed 2-litre O-Series! BAe was the first owner, for eight weeks, then it was sold to the father of the chap I bought it off, who sadly passed away last year.
      It has covered 105k, has a fair bit of rust in a few places, but is pretty tidy and looks bloody fantastic. It has a few weeks of MOT, delicious dealer plates, unexpected lumbar adjustment and electric front windows. One piece of wood on the dash, none on the doors, manual tilt/slide sunroof, spoiler!
      It had barely moved since July last year, but sadly, I got a whiff of hot brakes on the M55. I pulled onto the hard shoulder and the nearside rear wheel was smoking. I limped at 30mph down the hard shoulder to the next junction, which was not fun. I then limped gently back to the vendor, where I stripped the brake, used entirely the wrong grease (as it was all he had) to try and improve things, considered this a success and drove 180 miles home.
      I seem to have mostly taken photos of the rear.

      There is a petrol station shot, but you'll have to wait. I developed a horrible migraine on the way back and had to stop for a while. Most unlike me. 
      Eventually made it back.

      It's all a bit complicated, but the idea is I have it for a bit and at some point, it'll end up back with the club. I think the plan is to sell it to raise some funds for charity longer term, but sadly, it could also do with a set of calipers and tyres, so finances need to be reconsidered I think. The brakes are SHITE. It could be air from boiling brake fluid, so I'll see if a bleed helps, but I reckon all the calipers are buggered.
    • By chaseracer
      OK, let's try this again; the sensible hybrid is on the way.
      Late-1995 'Inca' 3-door
      1.8 n/a
      90000 miles
      MOT 19.6.2019, but will have new ticket before moving on
      'Patinated' yet very solid; character dent in front wing; never welded, boot floor perfect
      Sunroof sealed, replacement provided
      Great fun on the twisties but good on big roads too; would drive this anywhere
      Tarty but comfy pleather CTi front seats (originals here too)
      Grips well in mud with a large SCTSH on the bonnet (SF16!)
      Previously polished by Outlaw Bob
      Colour-coded HubNut sticker for ultimate shite cred
      Car in WS12; taxed to get you home
      Shiters' price: £590
      Roffle at £10 a go.

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