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A to Z Immobilizer issues !


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Hello All,  can anyone throw some light on how to solve this problem please?


Parked said reliable Hyundai Atoz (same as Amica) and didn't use for a month,

now all it does is instantly fire up, and immediately die...


I know, you all say a dead Atoz is the best one,  but seriously now...


The ignition key does NOT have a battery inside, or any buttons to press,


I believe it is just an energised circuit from RF transmitted by a coil behind the

ignition switch, that sends back a code, to the hidden ECU.


The car is worth diddly squat, so having a new key cut at 120 pounds ( there was only one key with it when I bought it) in the hope that'll fix it, Jim,  is a no no...


any suggestions as how I can bypass this whole nonsense?

No one in their right mind would want to steal an AtoZ anyway, but it only has

60,000 miles on it, recent new cambelt,  "was" dead reliable, they are know to be.


Is it the recent cold temperatures that have buggered it, must I wait six months??


it would appear from googling this problem is not unique !!

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Disconnect the battery, make sure it has a good charge, connect the battery again with the ignition on, then try again. Does possibly sound like an immob issue, just rolling code may be out of sync. immob usually allows it to fire then won't give a run signal.

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Aha,  thanks for replies, it was pushed to a nearby small repair garage, who had a quick look, 

and it was they who quoted said price for a new key...


Barry, what's with a "rolling code"??  does the system alter the code each time the car is started,

so the key expects a different code to appear?


I wondered about the fuel filter too,  there's plenty of fuel in the tank,  the garage said they connected

an OBD 2 reader and it showed an immobiliser fault, but this is not a pukka Hyundai service garage,

just a small High St. friendly place, who has done work for me before....


I am curious to know if there's a way to totally bypass this system,  the Atosses in 3rd word countries,

( where I am now,  it's 24c)  don't have all this crap fitted, maybe the ECU is programmed to ignore

that info  -  less to go wrong = more reliable... :?


I don't think there is a ballast resistor in series with ignition coil, which is totally hidden below inlet 

manifold,  but there is very little service / tech info on both these Atoz  and Amica models.


In the main, they are known for being boringly reliable, which has been my / our experience of quite a few of them overseas .   

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