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Sportrak-now roffling! £12.50 a ticket

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Yeah I've known about this car for about 3 years. It belonged to a bloke at work who had loads of welding done to the underside with the intention of off roading it which he never did. It's been sat in a garage for the last 12 months having done about 50 miles since passing the last one. It's got some tat bolted to it which I've started taking off, in also undecided on the paint but I reckon I could strip it back to original if I fancy as there wasn't much prep to the paint job. Having said that I quite fancy just painting it grey. Drives great for a little agricultural thing, everything seems to work. I have an absolute horde of spares included (body panels and doors, gearbox, all the shafts etc) so it was a bit of a steal really. I have located one in a scrapyard local to me too. Popped down this afternoon to see about the bumpers as I'm concerned about the box section efforts the previous owner has made for it. If anyone knows of one being broken please let me know.


Bonus scrap lancia shot too.post-20161-0-02579500-1517504107_thumb.jpg

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Had a bit of a play with this yesterday after work, went to my friends' unit, he does vehicle wrapping, sign writing and tints so is pretty good with paint and the removable thereof. Got through to the original pretty quickly with an orbital polisher and a mildly abrasive compound so hope to get it sorted without too much pain.


Then we had a brainwave as the spare panels I have for this car are in the same colour! So condition dependant we may just swap everything leaving me with Just the rear quarters to deal with. The only thing I'm unsure on tackling are the resin portions of the roof, I've used biostrip on plastic models before so may try that.


Still having no luck with a set of bumpers, if anyone knows of any please let me know!

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    • By TheDoctor
      I don't like it. I want a small car. Suzuki Wagon or similar. 
      £350 or roffle at 6 quid each.
      159,000 miles. Just under a year's MOT
      Leather Interior (Actually that's a 'bad' to some people)
      Complicated starting method - 2 keys and an immobilizer
      Likes a drink - TADTS (Plus it is Scottish)
      Smells oily sometimes - TADTS
      Tappy noise occasionally. Have been told Vanos - but hasn't affected anything. Might actually just be a loose engine cover.
      Gearbox hangs in a low gear for first 30 seconds or so of driving after cold start. Fine after that. 
      Bodywork has scratches and rust (rear arches)
      I don't actually have many pictures...

      1   2 . Disco Fever 3   4   5   6 . Aston Martin 7   8   9   10   11 . Ohdearme 12   13   14   15   16   17   18   19   20   21   22   23 . sporty-shite 24  .Amishtat 25   26   27   28   29 . Disco Fever 30   31   32   33   34   35   36   37   38   39   40   41   42   43   44 . Split_Pin 45   46   47   48   49   50   51   52 . Disco Fever 53   54   55   56   57   58 . sporty-shite 59    
    • By flat4alfa
      Proper funny-face Multipla
      My wife's car for last 8 years
      ELX spec, so has the twin sunroofs
      8v turbo diesel that plods on and on.  And on and on.  Did the 20 mile commute today, outside lane of M1 for a lot of it.
      Dependable to go anywhere. More reliable that was ever in the blueprint !
      Clutch 2016
      Cambelt 2017
      180k and everything still works including the folding mirrors, air con, both sunroofs, all windows, etc
      Some war wounds well what do you expect, some interior sticky plastics but nothing broken

      Some noisy front clonking to deal with -  was told it's the inner ARB bushings despite MOT man being happy.  Just been turning up the stereo
      Now has a Cat-C marker because of this.  Grrr.  The upshot is the insurer valued it at £1k.  Stitched together with cable ties for now.   

      MOT all the way to October
      Thinking roffling at Tenner a ticket - it really is that reliable and I don't want it gone but wife is in ear about it.  Taxed and insured until end of the month, see
      We moved white goods with it last week and a whole fixed panels front end from a classic Mini (Riley Elf ectually) the week before.  So VAN status is achievable as the seats just lift out

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    • By gm
      this has been stagnating over in the for sale section for a couple of weeks and I really need to get it shifted (fatha gm is not happy about it being parked out front of his house)
      so tickets are now only FOUR EARTH POUNDS EACH or THREE FOR A TENNER !
      the original roffle post is here 
      but please reply below with how many tickets you are wanting

      the list so far (copied over from previous post)
      1 primeradoner (somewhere local)
      2 Northern Monkey (oop north, presumably)
      3 95 quid peugeot (suffolk)
      4 JimBell (sooth sheels)
      5 Snagglepuss (accrington)
      6 BL bloke (oldbury)
      7 Brown Nova (north wales)
      8 DaveHedgeHog31 (scotland)
      9 ohdearme (dunno, down south ?)
      10 Eddyramrod (north west-ish ?)
      11 clayts450 (Nottingham)
      12 sealtainn (fucking shetland!)
      13 JoeyEunos (chesterlestreet)
      14 primeradoner (local lad)
      15 JimBell (sooth sheels)
      16 Flat4 (scotland)
      17 davehedgehog31 c/o loserone (scootland)
      18 cavcraft c/o the doctor (chester(not -le-street))
      19 95 quid peugeot (suffolk)
      20 Northern Monkey (oop north, presumably)
      21 Brown Nova (north wales)
      22 Flat4 (near knock hill, I hear)
      23 BL bloke (oldbury)
      24 primeradoner (local lad)
      25 sealtainn (really ? fucking shetland ?)
      26 DaveHedgeHog31 (scotchland)
      27 clayts450 (Nottingham)
      28 gadgetgricey (west midlands)
      29 Snagglepuss (accrington)
      30 Eddyramrod (north west-ish ?)
      31 JimBell (sooth sheels)
      32 primeradoner (local car for local people)
      33 cavcraft (chester(not -le-street))
      34 95 quid peugeot (suffolk)
      35 Toby (Ipswich)
      36 gadgetgricey (west midlands)
      37 Brown Nova (north wales)
      38 Flat4 (jocks wahay)
      39 Toby (Ipswich)
      40 Toby (Ipswich)
      41 cavcraft (three trains away)
      42 sealtainn (floating by boat)
      43 BL bloke (oldbury)
      44 JoeyEunos (chesterlestreet)
      45 Eddyramrod (north west-ish ?)
      46 clayts450 (Nottingham)
      47 gadgetgricey (brum, brum)
      48 JimBell (sooth sheels)
      49 Snagglepuss (could it be autotested?)
      50 sealtainn c/o loserone
      51 primeradoner (local lad)
      52 Northern Monkey (oop north, presumably)
      53 davehedgehog31 c/o loserone (swap you for a haggis supper?)
      54 cavcraft (packed lunch included)
      55 primeradoner (howay the lads)
      56 JimBell (sooth sheels)
      57 The Doctor (time and space)
      58 cavcraft c/o the doctor (I'll pick you up in the roffle 107)
      59 JoeyEunos (chesterlestreet)
    • By purplebargeken
      Things are a changing folks, the Rover of Smoothness has to go and I think a Rover Roffle is the way for this to happen.
      You can see piccies of the car elsewhere on the forum but will try and post some as soon as I can over the weekend.
      This is really a lovely car that has had some serious money spent on her over the last few years.
      I have had a new rear section of exhaust fitted, a new brake caliper fitted to the N/S rear and it has had the CVT fluid drained and changed by the Rover specialist in St. Albans just a few months ago.  I had a new battery fitted when I bought her as well. She is a lovely smooth driving car, utterly comfortable too and she motors along beautifully. Quibbles? The heated seats don't work but seeing as the seats are velour fabric, that really isn't an issue.  A few giffer scuffs on the bumpers are present and there is a slight ding in the drivers front wing but I have a good wing that will come with the car.  The boot lid will sometimes come down unannounced but I was going to add a spring to the mechanism and see if it helped.  That's it really.  Mileage is around 58,000 or so. MOT till November I think. The old reg will come with the car and the current reg will be retained by me.  No OMG HGF/coolant loss/overheating issues whatsoever.
      She is insured under a classic insurance banner by PBIS. This is a lovely, lovely car.
      Roffle interest at £8 per number? Taxed to get you home. 
      If anyone wants to cross my palm with pound notes then £425 will see the car bought for cash tonite mate, no X boxes, sorry. 
      2. Sealtain (R)
      4. minimad5 (R)
      5. brown nova (R)
      7. ohdearme (R)
      9. ranting Yoof (R)
      12. TheDoctor (R)
      14. sealtain (R)
      16. flat4
      18. ohdearme (R)
      22. ranting Yoof (R)
      27. brown nova (R)
      28. gadgetpricey
      32. minimad5 (R)
      39. iamgroot
      46. barefoot (R)
    • By smellypoo
      For the first time ever, I'm the (temporary) custodian of some true french chod - although some might argue it's a bit modern for this parish...
      Behold, France's answer to the MK5 Ford Escrote 1.6 Ghia - the MK1 Renault Megane 1.6 RXE! (someone is going to tell me I'm wrong, but I don't really mind!)

      I have had a snoop around and can't see any bodywork rust, not had a look underneath but it seems solid enough. Overall, it's in pretty good nick - well, it should be...

      It's incredibly low. Mostly because in recent years, it has lived pretty much stationary but ready-for-action on a street in Wimbledon, being used for the odd trip to Bristol and other car-worthy journeys. 
      So my mate Phil has owned this since new (I'll need to confirm again whether he bought it new or nearly new, as it has 3 registered keepers on the v5, one of those was his mum when it went to live in Bristol for a year, and another was himself before his mum - leaving one other...) but anyway, he's had it over 20 years, which is a long time with just one car. It's been his only car, that mileage is genuine!

      I missed a trick, I should have asked him to do a 'Woollard' shot!
      The engine sounds pretty sweet, the car drives pretty well. It's also pretty well specced, being an RXE - it has alloy wheels, velour (with probably one of the nicest patterns I've seen on 90's car upholstery) a radio cassette with a 6 disc changer in the boot (proper '90's!), air conditioning (which blows cool, a regas may make it blow cold), electric windows (drivers side doesn't work and the glass is propped up by some wood strategically installed in the door) and an electric sunroof (which I was told doesn't work, but when I tested it the tilt and slide works and it seems to open and close just fine!). All the main electrics for lights and wipers work fine (had to check, because French!).
      It's a bit whiffy, it's had some moisture trapped in there so I'm going to give it a bit of a clean up on the outside (it's covered in tree sap, the lacquer appears to be good) and an airing of the interior at the weekend, if it turns out dry and sunny.
      Have some more pics...

      The last 2 pics probably give the game away a bit - and explain why I'm the temporary custodian! Phil doesn't want a car anymore - he lives in Wimbledon, so has to pay for a parking permit. He also can't drive it into Central London anymore without paying a ULEZ charge. He pays RFL and Insurance on a car he barely uses, so while he's a bit emotionally attached to it, it has to go. So I've offered to roffle it for him on here, as it deserves to be given a new lease of life - it's mechanically sound, the only problems I'm aware of are with the drivers window (wedged shut) and the sunroof (which does actually appear to work!). Remote central locking works. You can see a slight difference in shade on the drivers front wing, because it had a minor bump many years ago and this was replaced. The colour march is pretty good though. 
      MOT exipires on the 18th May 2019. It's done 108 miles since the last MOT, so I think it'll pass! It'll be taxed to get you home. Obviously I can't guarantee it will pass, but I truly believe that it shouldn't have a reason to fail having only done 108 miles since the last one! 
      ++UPDATE 10/05/2019++ MOT PASSED! Advisories on the front 2 tyres, wearing on the inner edge. That's it! MOT Expires 18/05/2020
      If you want more pics, like engine bay, interior, boot etc - just ask!
      Car is currently staying with me in Epsom, Surrey.
      ++UPDATE 08/05/2019++ PRICE DROP! Now £4 a ticket! Or £250 outright. Ideally it needs to be gone by end of day Wednesday 15th May as I need to travel for work.
      I'll add people in the order I get their requests, if two or more people ask for the same number before I update the list, I'll keep a random aside for you (if available) until you confirm if you want it or not. Roffle is on...!
      1 stephen01 --- Paid 2 louiepj --- Paid 3 davehedgehog31 --- Paid 4 Split_Pin --- Paid 5 Cavcraft --- Paid 6 bramz7 --- Paid 7 brownnova --- Paid 8 RobT --- Paid 9 TheDoctor --- Paid 10 mitsisigma01 --- Paid 11 loserone --- Paid 12 brownnova --- Paid 13 Aston Martin --- Paid 14 davehedgehog31 --- Paid 15 mitsisigma01 --- Paid 16 Prepace --- Paid 17 SRi05 --- Paid 18 Cavcraft --- Paid 19 ruffgeezer --- Paid 20 clayts450 --- Paid 21 Maurice Marina --- Paid 22 clayts450 --- Paid 23 davehedgehog31 --- Paid 24 louiepj --- Paid 25 bramz7 --- Paid 26 davehedgehog31 --- Paid 27 mitsisigma01 --- Paid 28 gadgetgricey --- Paid 29 RobT --- Paid 30 jumpingjehovahs --- Paid 31 Danterzza --- Paid 32 Cavcraft --- Paid 33 davehedgehog31 --- Paid 34 brownnova --- Paid 35 RobT --- Paid 36 SRi05 --- Paid 37 davehedgehog31 --- Paid 38 brownnova --- Paid 39 louiepj --- Paid 40 Split_Pin --- Paid 41 Iamgroot --- Paid 42 Aston Martin --- Paid 43 Cavcraft --- Paid 44 RobT --- Paid 45 TheDoctor --- Paid 46 Prepace --- Paid 47 gadgetgricey --- Paid 48 clayts450 --- Paid 49 stephen01 --- Paid 50 Aston Martin --- Paid 51 davehedgehog31 --- Paid 52 Danterzza --- Paid 53 clayts450 --- Paid 54 Iamgroot --- Paid 55 Maurice Marina --- Paid 56 TheDoctor --- Paid 57 jumpingjehovahs --- Paid 58 Ohdearme --- Paid 59 barrett --- Paying on Tuesday  
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