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What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread


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Bit bored at work so I scanned the manual: Daihatsu Compagno 1000 F40 / F402 Owner's Manual


Some fine googletranslaterish nonsense like 'In case the trouble is left alone without necessary repairs the engine may be seized' and 'don't neglect oiling in good time'.


I don't own and probably never will own a Daihatsu Compagno, but I do own an owner's manual as of this week. Never expected to find one in Holland, previous owner didn't know how or where he found it though.

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I don't want to be counting any chickens here, but I think I've resolved the biggest oil leak on the Princess.  There is no oil thrown up around the oil filter, which I think was the cause of the leak, and what oil is on the bottom of the block appears to be running off and not being replaced with new oil.  Time will tell, obviously.

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Had me summer wheels painted by my favourite little bodyshop, decided to get some new wheel centres as they were scabby.


Really awkward size so nothing from the usual sites, even difficult on the bay, no complete centres in my size but one particular seller offered stickers in the correct size so i bought a set to fit the now cleaned up centres, they've just turned up and i'm like a puppy with two tails, far better than in the description and cheap, much thicker than you would expect from the description 'stickers'  and very nicely finished, can't wait to refit me summer set.




I recommend this seller if anyones in a similar boat, seemingly based in Bulgaria but the items arrived in about 4/5 days, no complaints.

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Catching up with an old friend tonight, who produced some long forgotten photos including the one below of my old Saab 900 shortly after experiencing a head-on altercation with a double decker bus.

The main 'grin' is realising how lucky teenage me was to emerge completely unharmed.

Everyone on the bus was fine too.


Airbags shmairbags. I'll take BFO Swedish metal over an inflatable pillow any day of the week.



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Today, down my good friends garage

a customers Ford KA was ready to take away (she drove it into a lampost)

front end all rebuilt and painted n polished

she paid the bill, (she didnt want to go through the insurance)  annnnnnnd as she backed out the space she hit - side on at a fair whack an Audi RS4 which was just waiting for a wash N polish from the neighbouring unit :shock::roll::neutral::huh::unsure:

I stared at Malc (owner of said garage) and thusly threw a kidney laughing


Apparently after the incident,

she (the cant reverse woman) came back down to said garage and offered TEN quid ''TEN'

keep the 'TEN' in mind to say the guy who owned the Audi 'hit her'

After trying to explain that even a finely engineered bit of German excellence couldnt just get on two wheels and crab itself with the owner of said finery 30 foot away sitting having tea and a biscuit into her two bit no mark shite arse of a lump of budget crap. She then proffered 'another TEN  quid' to to gurner the deal....

after Malc, (the owner of the place) pointed to cctv... She went all Jeremy kyle

and accused him of being a 'ba stard mo ther f ucker'

before rolling around on the forcourt in a kinda 3 year old hissyfit.

Her dad finally came to pick her up, and apolgised

The poor Audi driver who just came to get his car cleaned I feel for ....

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Probably should be in the grumpy thread, but meh.

I bottled out of bidding again on that 4WD Mk1 Mondeo on eBay yesterday. The tax and long MOT helped it, as did the mere 12 or so mile distance away, but I copped out at the thought of a knackered head gasket and wheel bearing. I only bid £200 anyhow and it ended up around £330, but I pretty much had to prise my fingers from the keyboard!

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Saw a showroom fresh pale metallic green Mk1 Polo saloon being piloted by a young lad with an older guy in the passenger seat.  L plates on the boot and unexpected stall in rush hour traffic made me wonder if they were on a driving lesson.  Can't think of a much more suitable car to learn to drive in, absolutely ideal as a first car.

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I visited a mate today to pick a bike tank up, he has a vw camper in for resto and the doorsteps were made of expanding foam and fibreglass, whoever did it had carved the expanding foam to shape and glassed over to give it a hard shell. I'll pop a picture up of it cut off


here it is


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I do realise that this really shouldn't be funny.




It is funny. Its just teenage hi-jinks.


What a waste of police time. What are they going to prosecute them for? Nowt, it will be a caution (modern equivalent of a talking to really isn't it) and a let off yet we have the police using CCTV to release photos of someone who slapped someone with a dead fish. People complain about the police cuts, but with this and investigating people for calling each other rude names on Twitter and Facebook, they obviously have too much time on thier hands and not enough real crime to investigate.

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Shouldn't really laugh but have just passed the end of the M56 where the VOSA gaffe is and there's a REALLY fed up looking bloke in a disgustingly shit looking LDV recovery truck with a car on the back, towing a trailer with a car on it too. I hope he's got a tacho and all that, as by this time next month he'll have a new arsehole to keep one in.

There is also what looked suspiciously like a gyppo's Transit pick-up there with the front wheel removed.

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This got posted on my Farcebook by cms206...


Co-incidentally I had to change a bulb in the Volvo yesterday, and it took me longer to get the new bulb out the f***ing plastic packaging than it did to actually swap them over.

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