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What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread


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On 2/26/2023 at 8:58 PM, cobblers said:

I don't know if this is a grin or a grump really. I live in a fairly rural place, our neighbours are pensioners etc. Last night I got up for a piss at about 3am, and I could hear a very faint, very fast bassline. talking 180bpm fast. You never hear music here other than maybe the pub has a karaoke night on, but they're shut by 11. 

I was so confused, it sounded familiar - Definitely happy hardcore at that BPM with the naff key changes. It's a guilty pleasure of mine, it's got a bad image but I just absolutely love it, I listened to it as a kid on begged/borrowed tapes, just takes me back to better times.

I opened the window to see if I could hear where it was coming from - it sounded so familiar, I was worried that the stereo had turned on in my van on the drive or something, I was doing my head in! 

But nope, it was very distant, and just an occasional hint at a vocal on the wind. Not sure if I'm ashamed or proud, but I even recognised the mix being played as it's one of my favourites.

So yeah, there was someone playing Force & Styles at Helter Skelter 1997 at 3:30am in the middle of nowhere, I can only presume in a car parked up somewhere. It was about -2 so probably a bit cold for any impromptu raves in some field or something. 



I hear you barking dog. I was at that gig, can still remember the terror of driving all the way to Milton Keynes in my brothers Astra (pre sat nav). I think we'd done Hardcore Heaven the previous year.

By coincidence I was sorting out my shed at the weekend, and found an old bookcase to house all my vinyl, which I started collecting when I started DJing in the mid 90s. I have loads of mid-late 90s hardcore and techno tunez (sic), as well as house and later breakbeat. I still have my much prized Technics 1200s (purchased new from the factory) and a shit mixer I've had for donkey's years. Might let my kids have a go at mixing. 

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7 hours ago, dome said:

I didn't know these guys were involved in the development of the Kangoo!


They lost their creditability when they sold the Austin Van. 😁

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Not a laughing matter ,I know , but this did make me laugh.

Tescos has launched an action against Period Poverty where any woman needing the necessary items, just has to ask for “the white envelope” at the information desk. (I thought we were supposed to encourage openness on such things but this is terribly coy).
Only trouble , they announced it nationwide despite just being a pilot in a few stores , and didn’t inform staff very well.

Cue, women asking for “the white envelope” , being told to try the Post Office!

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16 minutes ago, MikeR said:

Too true !


Where's that picture taken? Which motorway J4. 

Edit M61 heading towards Manchester

Edited by New POD
I actually went onto Google maps to find the street view image
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20 hours ago, MikeR said:

when you picked up a free  roaming trolly at the shops with a closed lock  .....

bet you always try and  see if a pound will pop out ....

Yes, and i found 20p in Ikea today !!

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Middle lane hoggers .....

They don't like you using the middle  lane .....  😃😃😃

If I want to pass 6 lorries , I will stay out and pass 6 lorries , not dive in the inter lorry gap and get trapped there !! 

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On 2/27/2023 at 6:39 PM, Wack said:

London life 

This is the daily parking charge at Wembley stadium should you be stupid enough to go by car Screenshot_20230227_183604_Facebook.thumb.jpg.6466fa7ef26dfd2c1676cc803a1e4749.jpg


pro rata that's about what we paid for an hour in a Brighton multi-storey  😟

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2 hours ago, Wack said:


So that also means another 29% didn't know the answer either. Or were they just trying to make him get it wrong? I must admit llamathrust has a nice ring to it. 

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text from doctor - you need to make appt after we got letter from urgent care doc

you also need a blood test

rang them as it wasnt the gp - they said no itll only be a blood test (im expecting an x ray also)

they asked when would you like appt? they picked the furthest away in the area - but then changed their mind in the same sentence :D - ALL other blood tests have been a letter thru the post with whatever notice


i said would friday be ok - afternoon? :D (i go away friday evening if weather ok)

no problem

have to tell work monday - theyre gonna love me :D


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17 hours ago, RoverFolkUs said:

Ha, Citroen Picasso FB group again!


"Not a very helpful comment" 

What's anyone supposed to say!? Who would know why your fuckin engine light is on 😂

There was I thinking that real names had to be used in Farcebook.

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hate working saturday when the shit shift is on at work (headless chickens they also try and treat it as a weekday)

came in and through door behind their desk (you cant not hear me coming as with limp and steelies i make a clonk noise)

to other desk to get keys and then out the back pick up deliveries marked today and go

came back and met one as i walked in 'oh we didnt see you we thought you didnt turn up' (theres cctv in the warehouse that they can see the tv of in the office)

i walked past you twice made lots of noise when getting keys wtf? i dont have to inform them im there either

happy cos was done for 1030 and usually they pull all kindsa shite which makes a simple day difficult

about time i stitched them up :D


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