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What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread


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not the flying bit its the bullshit further down


However, that was before New Zealand was named as the host of the women's tournament and the RFU said it had chosen to use "an alternative carrier" because British Airways "does not currently fly directly" to the country.'

you cannot get to kiwi non stop from europe or usa ffs

you wanna save money fine you spout bolox to try and justify (when theres no need) they must be related to gubbermint :D


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35 minutes ago, hairnet said:

LOL at fantomworks

theyre working on a 3500gt maserati

they sent you the injection gubbins to be rebuilt (12k)

and as they remount it the mount plate has lucas written on it

steve and dan 'the devils work'



Haven’t watched it for a while but I seem to remember they used to charge what seemed like an absolute fortune for the work they did, I know restoration is an expensive game but they seemed to be off the scale.

Used to laugh at the owner charging around the workshop like a busy fool in his 30 year old New Balance trainers

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