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What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread


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4 hours ago, spike60 said:

Is that just the bottom arm ball joints? I had a high mile 530d touring that looked like that until I changed them. 

Mini Countrymans ( men?) look like that too, but they all seem like it , so it maybe is supposed to be. It doesn’t give any xs tyre wear.

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Just rung my dentist for a check-up, as they cancelled my last one in April 2020 and haven't contacted me since. 1st available is mid July FFS.  Plus the dentist I've had for 20+ years is retiring at the end of this month which is a tragedy, he is brilliant.

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7 hours ago, inconsistant said:

Just found ‘Zen Motoring’ on iplayer.  Best thing i’ve seen on tv for ages. 


Yes it is v v good. There are also 3 episodes on YouTube called "Ogmios School of Zen Motoring" which the chap did prior to the TV series. I did have to internet search for the meaning of ASMR tho but glad I did.

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having a week off some of it got plan but then i was thinking can go somewhere else?

was thinking inverness and then farting about in the cairngorms

flight was 200 quid out was direct back was via belfast (ill have been in ni a few days before ffs)

aberdoom at this time of year arent direct either

train to inverness off peak return is 154??!!!!!!!!!!

car woulda been 100 for a coupla days too

thought fuck that so looked at exeter

i want to visit portland bill and was gonna do it end of march cos id be going bournenouth and portsmouth also

train to exeter 120-150 depending on the time - plane is the same

im gonna wait till march :D

west coast of scotland will bolted onto the end of trip next week :D

and they wonder why public transport is fucked :D



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