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What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread


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Grandfather STUNO took a little trip to UK in 1951, he bought 2 new cars to ship back to NZ as Tourist baggage . they were a Jowett Javelin and a Vauxhall Velox.

Today I found his diary......Friday June 8th 1951 :  Waited in for car (Jav) in pm . It arrived about 5pm and papers signed. Just left it locked up outside flat (Eaton Gardens London) and went by bus to Charing cross rd. Took it to Brighton on the Sunday. Next trip was to Guildford on the 20th to visit grandmothers family who still live there . Then on Sun 1st July it broke down and was taken to Clarkes Garage in Purbright, it was delivered to Guildford on Monday morning. Went for 1000 mile checkup on Friday 20th of July . They later took it to Spain and back. His impression of the Javelin was all positive.

Monday 23rd July 1951: Went to Vauxhalls and squared up for the Velox. AA driver brought it home for us. Went for drive in Velox to Esthers (his sister) after tea , very lively car.  It seems the Vauxhall agent in Guildford then put it in storage for later shipping.

I don't remember either car in NZ as they were to be sold (at  a good profit probably), but I do remember many enjoyable trips in Grandfather's  1951 Humber Super Snipe around NZ.

Made me grin, who amongst you know exacty what hour of what day 70 years ago vour Grandfather got his new car !

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Went out into Leeds last night for the first time since the pandemic began. Went to our favourite pizza place. 

No grump about that. Was very nice and they still stock our favourite vino collapso. 

Grump is that I had the Fucone pizza and it feels like I'm shitting lava now. Why do I never learn? 

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