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What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread


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I have had an old fluid extractor thing for years and its never held a vacuum so to drain anything you had to pump away like a demented person.

So the other day i fitted a check valve in to the suction pipe so i could build up and hold vacuum in its reservoir and now it's working like a champ as ably demonstrated by removing half a litre of oily muck from of a mobile tyre vans little piston compressor.

Happy days...


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6 hours ago, hairnet said:

So this was not quite how it shoulda happened




speaking to the lady who sold me the ticket she said there trains till after 5pm

i filed that info away but then regurgitated it to mean the steam train - (i have manflu and a gammy leg) so v7 instead of v8 :D

of course by the time i got back into douglas for the steam the last one (1550) had gone (i got there at 1610)

so bus wanker (3 quid and wifi ftw) back to erin

some of the TT tomorrow and jurby transport as the manx museum shut for the winter beginning of october sadly

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Round the back of Halfords in Hereford there used to be a rail overbridge with a 6' height restriction and a 6'6" width restriction.  I used to work at Shark Motorcycles just by it and had to duck to walk under it.  They removed the bridge deck about 10 years ago but the supporting walls are still there.  I wouldn't try driving a van bigger than a Berlingo through.
A nice shortcut to avoid the queues at the roundabout next to the football pitch on a Saturday!

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Looking through my late Aunt and uncle's old slides I found a photo of their first VW Camper. 

They went all over in this,even took it to Scandinavia at one point.

Think the ferry was a day and a half to get there if I recall correctly. 


Be worth an absolute fortune today.

Check out the VW number plate,it came with it,when this got sold on in the mid 70's it was being used as a work van,the interior had been stripped. 

I think he got £50 for it,mainly because of the number plate, the van was considered worthless. 

How times have changed. 

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