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What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread


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53 minutes ago, Tadhg Tiogar said:

After seeing these signs near Aldwych, I was left wondering where I could claim my free Assange and whether this offer was only whilst stocks last.

Do you have any other examples of misunderstood signs or banners?


Giving away my age here but - "...with every 4 gallons"

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On 8/31/2021 at 7:38 PM, Datsuncog said:

Indeed, apparently not:


Maybe if his Eleventh Five Year Plan hadn't stalled at 4% economic growth, rather than the projected 5%, then the Politburo might have at least permitted the sculptor to finish his statue to below his nipples.

More to the point why has the sculptor done Lord Melvyn Barg instead of the baggy-eyed fatso Brezhnev?


1 hour ago, Tadhg Tiogar said:

Belmarsh on Thames

Best place for him; at least he's not being harassed by the likes of Jemima Goldsmith-Khan and Pamela Anderson in there. 

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I have been working on the isle of Wight (shite?) today and got back to Southampton at 18.30 feeling too tired/lazy to drive back home to Kent so have bedded down for the night in a cheap Mercure hotel right next door to a Wetherspoons in the high street.

Wetherspoons generally get the piss ripped out of them but Cod an chips with a pint of brew dog IPA for £6.35 all ordered from the comfort of my table via their app really is quite impressive.


And its official beer tastes better when you pay for it with your company credit card.

And for even more added win i am off to the New Forest in the morning to visit a couple of fast fits and it just so happens a chap in Lymington has a set of leather KA seats for sale for not much money that would fit in Boris the Morris nicely so it would be rude not to kill two birds with one stone an all that.

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While I was doing some bodging, a wild Xantia V6 appeared and parked up to say hello.

Very nice chap who owns it. He recommissioned it, changed a strut top, sorted a plethora of leaks and so on.

He even gifted me one of these!

He had two in the boot! This'll be rather handy. Very, very kind of him.

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New Zealand railways have lost a train, actually a bit of one. At the Picton rail yards they have (or used to have) a remote controlled engine. It was supposed to push a wagon onto the ferry to Wellington, So off it trundled over the ramp to the ferry. There was no ferry there and the result is ..... how do we lift a Locomotive out of the sea ? It weighs about 20 tonnes, the tank wagon can be seen floating happily.

Oil spill response operation underway after shunt train falls into Picton Harbour (msn.com)

Update.....Locomotive that fell into harbour back on dry land 'where it belongs' (msn.com)

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Seen personally by me. Granny ran out of electricity on her mobility scooter, so she needed to get home. What's better than having someone tow her home. why look! here comes little Johnny on his Harley. And someone had some rope. As I went past Granny and Harley/Johnny were setting off down the highway.  Granny was looking a wee bit apprehensive, but Johnny was behaving.

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10 hours ago, hairnet said:

ive just seen live pictures of a kiwi going shopping :D

@Parky how many brownie points is thit?

sweet bro

Live tweeting Pak N Save runs is the new Nora the piano playing cat

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Corporate head office, or someone else has sent us a new car to replace our Hyundai Sonata which was liked by everyone.

They have done well................................





It is a 1997 model Km's unknown but I will guess several hundred thousand.

EDIT.....A check on car jam shows it had done 270.000km in 2019

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