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What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread


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Lovely drive to Denton and back to drop some hoovers I've refurbished off and have a chat with some people! 

Poor car, more miles today than I think all year! Temp creeped up at minute 30 of crawling on the m6 at 4pm, but held steady where it went so I ignored it. Dropped back down when we got moving so I'm taking that as a sign everything is all good. 

Wafted there very serenely on just over 1/4 tank of fuel but after hold up 2 on the m5 I used 1/2 coming home... 

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I'm listening to Radio 2 which is Claudia Winkleman's programme at this point in the week.  She has just been talking to Sarah Millican.  It's hysterical!  Two of my favourite women in showbiz, clearly having fun.  Couldn't be better.

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Also, more grin for me today, sorted insurance on my mercedes and multiple providers were offering me fully comp policies  with a 10k miles a year for under £160. Astonishing. I must have hit the magic combination of shit old worthless car and boring old middle aged twat right on the nose. 

what a world we live in, that half what I paid last year. It does now mean that VED is literally double what insurance costs. 

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mx5 is on ebay and almost immediately the offers started at the price i put it on for - one just before 9pm said can come tonight - err no you fucking wont if you dont expect a bat in your future

no knobheads thats the start not the finish

its gonna be a week of this now innit?? :D


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We went camping yesterday, with my dad and my brother and some family friends. It was lovely. There were some decidedly smart looking campers and caravans dotted around, this one had a satellite dish, a conservatory and its own fold out garden, complete with front gate. 


On the opposite pitch however was my bro, who rocked up in his 250 quid Swift. I've been ripping the piss out of this for years, especially as it has a towball lock which he insists on fitting. I hadn't actually ever seen it with the awning deployed though. It's like a Terry and June throwback. 


Needless to say my brother had the last laugh, as it fucking pissed it down, my tent storage area got sodden, because it seems my tent is a dry weather only model and I got a bad back due to our shit de inflatable mattress.

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This makes me grin,  Touareg V6 



Picket it up from Shandy Legs on Friday after he  very kindly collected me from Sheffield station 

What a car , looks like it cost 3x the money and drives like it too 

The downside is £600 tax but it's replaced a car and a van so no different, oh and it likes a drink 

Goes well though 

Very pleased , I thought I'd keep the E280 forever but practicalities meant it had to go , I can see me keeping this a long time 

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