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What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread


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Shit drivers should think twice before buying SUVs say RAC

SUV drivers

Shit drivers and people who have no idea what they are doing behind the wheel of a car should think twice before buying big SUV vehicles, says the head of the RAC.



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The latest car change has gone amazingly smoothly, needing something that can tow properly I bought a Landcruiser from a trader who was a pleasure to deal with.

Not only do I have a lovely new toy I also now have the thing I always missed with older cars a cupholder with 5 cars and no cupholder I now have 8 cupholders in one car, there are even 3 in the boot!

The dealer showed an interest in my  940 and after a week of driving the new car to make sure it was reliable he bought it from me for 1 ½ times what I paid for it 4 years ago. Yes Ive finally sold a car without making a huge loss this is a first for me after 35 years of driving.

So now I have 4 V8’s (only 2 run) and a straight six to feed, I dont see the electric revolution coming to me anytime soon. Ive also just applied for historic tax on the Princess so my annual tax is just £270 for the Landcruiser with 4 cars now over 40 years old and tax exempt.

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On 4/6/2021 at 10:54 PM, 808 Estate said:

Any tractor fans here?


Phwoar! I'd love a go on a Fendt Favorit. This is quite a common trope on Youtube now, young attractive women does job of work, musical recital etc (especially in strappy top) and gets 2m likes. There is also a Brazilian lorry driver in much the same vein.

Those 'reaction' videos are especially embarrassing where a girl sits in the passenger seat of a powerful car so she can be impressed by the manly driving skills on show, must be the wet dream of a thousand boy racers. 

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11 hours ago, 808 Estate said:

Indeed. She does seem a particulalry good driver and as there are several vids of her, I suspect she might actually be a tractor driver/farm worker.

As opposed to some of the other videos, where the girl is merely eye candy, but otherwise talenless.

I'm sure she has been driving tractors since she was old enough to reach the pedals. Most videos apart from fails (sic) tend to showcase ability, it's just the initial click rate is much improved if its a young attractive woman rather than a portly middle aged man, unless its gymnastics or parkour or something.

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2 hours ago, Floatylight said:

Found ut some old plans from 78-80, love that the architect went to the trouble of drawing cars all over the place, must have been a bit of a car nut..






Those cars are from the Letraset Architecture series, they used some great chod for some of the sheets:





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