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What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread


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The sun was out on Thursday, work went really well and I'm really happy with how the kitchen I've been doing has turned out. The clients are over the moon and have recommended me to their friends.

I felt like I got about 40 hours sleep in the 7 hours I slept last night.

Sun shone on me again today and I finished off a job for the company that's been causing problems for ages.


Followed a N plate Marina estate on my way home, sign written for a local cleaning company and complete with roof racks and towbar!

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Sold an engine today and helped the chap load it into the boot of his car. He declined my offer of an old tyre to wedge it in with. I told him to take it steady as it was quite close to the rear window.


Twenty minutes later I get a phone call off him.


"Hi, I've broken the window, can I buy the tailgate too please"

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Leaving the T2 car park at Heathrow late last night I was following a yellow Juke in the stop-start traffic up the ramp. I noticed straight away driving wasn't their forté as they stuttered and jerked their way along.


As we went to pull away again on a steeper part of the ramp they had 3 attempts to get going, rolling back ever closer to my front bumper each time. Eventually they got close enough that a little warning toot on the horn was in order.


At this point the driver, a woman about my age (early 50's), got out and swapped places with the elderly gent in back seat.


While they were making their driver change the front seat passenger (a gammon-faced guy also about my age) got out and shouted obscenities at me for 30 seconds.


Eventually everyone was back in the car with driver #2 which hopped forward a couple of feet, stalled and rolled back surprisingly hard onto my front bumper.


Why is this a grin rather than a grump?


There was no damage to the Skoda, and the opportunity to make Mr Gammon squirm was just too great to resist.




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I met Dave out of Chas & Dave the other day. He does sign writing and so on and has done work for my mate. Lovely chap, very down to earth, has tons of sardines in tomato sauce on the back seat of his car, his dog loves them.

Don't leave us hanging, what sort of car does he drive ? Full on celeb black Range Rover or 911?

Or something more Autoshite, maybe a skanky X300 Jag or Toyota Carina E estate, I bet Chas has got a Bentley and doesn't need to moonlight doing sign writing- had a better deal.

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Really enjoying driving the Sunny around since it's new MoT and brake/exhaust work last week. It's going better than ever and I've put a couple of hundred miles on it, trying to make up for last year's relatively low use.





Sadly the garage that sold it new appears to be closing down their original premises (although they still sell Subaru and Mitsubishi from a couple of other sites in the city). I wanted to get some shots of the car there before the (presumed) redevelopment occurs.


Started using the 1200 for work again - with just a 10-mile drive to the new office I'll use the old things in my fleet as much as possible. It's a bit rural where I'm now based, one of my neighbours seemed to approve.......




Funny thing is to get there I have to drive along a stretch of road that I used to commute along 22 years ago in my previous 1200 at exactly the same time (albeit in the opposite direction, due to intervening house/job changes). Although I know it's impossible on so many levels, I half expect to see me in my old car heading the other way.......

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booked a flight yesterday not realising id booked it friday back saturday


id had 3 on the go and got them mixed up


was shitting as it wasnt cheap - for some reason couldnt change on the website


rang them to change knowing at least the change fee if not the change in fare


the nice lady on the phone said the change fee was 100euro - website said 40


but because changing within 24 hours no change fee and there wasnt a price difference in the fare either


i owe them a crate of beer :D (and the friend who pointed out the mistake when i showed them the ticket)


swerved a bumming big time :D

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^^^ Link selling! Fantastic.


Seriously though, if that happened to me I'd have felt like such a div that I wouldn't dare go back to the seller.

I would have still felt an idiot but asked for a discount on the tailgate....£5 a time here to get rid of old tyres though so I can see why they didn't want it.

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side panels for honda


uk 61 quid each


usa they were 41 usd and 43 usd (last years prices - i tried but couldnt get them in my bag and didnt wanna be humping them round nz) each now down to 37 and 39


the difference paid for the postage from georgia to pennsylvania while im there :D


including postage the two together 61 quid :D


screw you honda uk :D

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Last night's banger/stock car racing at Mildenhall was very entertaining.




Back-to-basics unlimited bangers bought out a varied selection, lots of BMWs which they rarely use in 'proper' bangers as well as some oddities like this pair. Minimal prep required, it's quite odd seeing them race with dashboards, stereos etc in place and running on the key. A Seat Alhambra won the first race of the night and this Beetle (with an experienced and rather capable driver, admittedly) got 2nd in the final then won the DD.


2-litre national bangers were very lively, mostly Mondeos in that class and it's amazing to see the punishment they take and still keep going. I think there may have been a bit of a physical disagreement between some drivers after one race, which the commentator was none-too-impressed with.


It's been a long while since I've seen the 2-litre saloon stock cars. They rarely visit Foxhall (where I usually go) and they were fantastic to watch racing on the shale at Mildenhall. Lots of incidents and stoppages, and they're so solid that we could feel it through the ground when they hit the wall. Again mostly Mondeos in that class (well, bits of a Mondeo bodyshell at least) with a few Sierras and Sapphires hanging on. There was one BMW 3-series being used, which won the final. When I used to see them in the 1980s/90s it was mostly Talbot Sunbeams, with Horry Barnes trundling round in a Datsun Z/ZX.


Luckily they don't appear to have a limit on what time they can finish. Racing started at 6pm and we got away about 11pm, with a lot of stoppages and lengthy clear-up sessions between races. Excellent fish and chips and curry sauce too.

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Had a fabulous weekend doing car stuff.


Spent yesterday with my uncle at trackday. It was great - he isn't in the best of health having been exposed to quite toxic chemicals over the years as an engineer.


Glorious weather, pretty respectful drivers and learning a thing or two was great b


So to see him become a little boy and all excited again was amazing. He regaled me with stories of his firenza that he used to mod.


He also fell in love with the mx5 so is now on the look out for one for him. Plus is eager to do another trackday.

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Trump, could there ever be anything even remotely positive about him? Well sort of, that twat and his sabre rattling with Russia must have scared the tourists off. I have just booked two weeks in Russia next year for about the same per week as I spent last year in Cornwall. Would still rather have a non racist, non borderline insane, non complete and utter twat as a president of a nuclear country but as I am not a Yank it’s not my fault anyway. Now to get my list of possible purchases, always fancied a Wartburg..........

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