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What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread

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Shared by @Jimwhit69 on Twitter:




As Richard Dawkins said earlier, Facebook is a daily reminder that 50% of people are below average intelligence.


Silly man. Everyone knows you go to the bike shop and ask for a bigger power band. Slip it over the pulleys and you'll go loads faster.

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Talking to a friend in Australia about old cars and he mentioned he had a '96 Holden Barina that'd done 250,000-300,000kms and I'd dismissed that thinking it was a bigger old Holden saloon because my brain always associates big old saloons with Holden.  Googled out of curiosity and found out it's a freaking CORSA B.


EDIT:  Not only that, it's a 5 door Swing model, just like Nugget!  When I figure out how to get the picture out of Skype I'll get a snapshot up of it.

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I mentioned on the cycle thread that I was after a mudguard for my mountain bike and was wondering which was the best one to get. 'Dome' on here very kindly sent me a pair out free of charge which was a very nice touch and I'm very grateful.

Thanks, Brian, that was very good of you.

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I think this is enough arseing about







Big handle at the heavy end for shifting it about, small handle at the light end for manoeuvring.


Wheels cost about 2.50 each, I had to buy a bit more steel too, so total cost was about 20 quid (although I have lots of steel left as I can only buy it in 3 meter lengths): I could've bought pneumatic wheels/tyres for a tenner each but I thought maybe they'd look like wheelbarrow wheels on this thing. Nobody sells cotter pins here, I was going to use split pins but then I thought sod it and made something up using a length of steel heating pipe and a screw.  The chain holding the bottle on was once a dog lead but somebody managed to tie it in knots. It's not fixed to the trolley because I know I'll eventually do something stupid like try to lift the whole lot with one hand and sod my back up again, however it was fine on the trundle back to the boiler house and up the step.


Happy Christmas me :D

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