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On 9/8/2020 at 1:47 PM, egg said:


My home town.

911, Sud Ti, Simca 1301/1501 estate, 604, X1/9, TR7, Dolly Sprint and a 3500 with the spare on the boot. 

I seem to recall that old MG YA opposite the Gore Court Arms and there used to be a Valencia blue Vitesse 2 litre on the opposite side a little further down.. 

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17 hours ago, sheffcortinacentre said:

I love modders/restorers like I'm gonna this,that & the over then states all the companies that are gunna actually do all the work ,just like his TV programs are.

Yeah. I think it annoys me when he was all the whole "I'm doing X or We're doing Y". Well you're not, you're financing it. Which is fine because I wish I had the money to get a professional to do my Lada.

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