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On 9/20/2019 at 11:15 AM, Floatylight said:

This Urbex of Crane's Garages in Marsham just came up on my YouTube, so many cars, spares and bits and bobs still laying about the abandoned garages. Shame it'll probably all go in a skip..




That's crazy, almost looks like they locked up and walked away leaving everything behind. Some rare cars at the back as well - did I spy a Skoda panel van as well as that Ant? The VW bus still has that reg allocated to it - untaxed since 1990

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On 9/8/2019 at 11:58 AM, meggersdog said:

dunno if this has been posted before


Bloody hell. No idea how recent this was but there's some real treasure there. Not just the Favorits and Felicias which are treasure to me but very few other people but there's really old stuff there, old Felicia/Octavias, 1950/60s ones. And that's just the Skoda stuff. 

A quick look on Google earth shows they were still operating the last time a Google car drove past and were full of Felicias and Favorits without a modern Skoda in sight. 




Also at least two AXs and various elderly Peugeots. Does someone know these things are here? If they still are of course. 

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Couple of short motorsport vids (3.30mins and 5mins) featuring Irish rally driver Frank Kelly, enthusiastic co-drivers, and the blue Mk2.  The in-car footage is immense.  Driving this Escort must be absolutely fantastic.


Bit of an understatement at 0.45.


(See also the late Simon McKinley in the white Mk2 on youtube. Late as in dead, not just dawdling. Killed in a single-seater accident in 2015).

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