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57 minutes ago, egg said:

Deserves more than 150 views, sporty Samara, Solara et al.

My Dad had that Renault 25. Same hubcaps, colour, style. I broke the aerial on it by swinging off it through the roof when I was 5.

That's a car I need to get hold of before I stop bothering with cars.

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I think there’s a scale on YouTube of presenters that vary from one err shaky err camera and a monotone err voice to the wild and screaming. Camisa’s stuff is very well researched and, in my opinion, not even half way on that scale.

I’d happily go and find way worse but I know I’d just end up getting the terrible stuff served to me for ever more.

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7 minutes ago, MiniMinorMk3 said:

I did subscribe to that channel, but the more I watched Johnnie What's His Face, the more annoying he became. I've now desubscribed and spend more time watching other stuff.

yeah, I only watch about 4-5 a year of his!

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