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Shambolic V70, £400

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Due to an imminent W124, my Volvo has to go (my attempt at cleansing old cars from my life really isn't going too well).


Just over 173000 on the clock, MOT until June 22 and it's taxed to get you home. 2.5 10v, so non-turbo.


It had a major service a few weeks ago, and was treated to two new CV boots (which were the only advisories on the last MOT) and HT leads. In my breif tenure of ownership it has also had two new Marshall Mtrac tyres and new rear pads. I was going to keep it, until a certain W124 winked at me.


It drives very well, going through all four of its gears nice and smoothly and the engine is responsive and healthy.

The interior is in decent nick for the miles, and this one benefits from working front heated seats, cruise and a tilt and slide sunroof.

Cosmetically, again, for the miles not bad. There's the odd battle scar and ding but nothing too nasty. Most obvious is the cosmetic damage to the front offside of the bumper, and it's also missing a headlamp wiper.

"Antila" alloys are fitted to this one, which seem more desirable than some of other options.


The only other negatives are it sometimes splutters when you try and start it. My mechanic thinks it's the pin dropping out in the starter motor. It's always done it, and it's never not started.

There is no V5 in my (the DVLA cocked up the first one by putting the right address on it, but the wrong name, I sent it back and never got round to sorting a new one) but I'll go and get the relevant form for you, and it's no more hassle to apply for a new V5 than it is to send off an existing one these days.

There's no history, only what I've done with it. The seller told me the person he bought it from had lost the history - it was bereavement sale at one stage.


It really is a very comfy long distance barge, and a great work horse. I'll be sad to see the back of this one.


Northants/Cambs border. £400 is my special shiters discount - that's what it owes me for the service. post-5737-0-86774400-1515737919_thumb.jpg


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All cars owned by me become cromulent after time. Meeting me is always good. I force feed all visitors filter coffee, and if you're lucky I'll let you sit in my 405. Cock can be drawn by separate negotiation.

Here's some more pictures.


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What a lot of car for the money! I really rate the phase 1 V70 :)

It's priced to sell. No sense in shelling out for tax on something that's not needed. I rate them, too. A lot of people don't but I think they're a very good compromise between comfort and handling. I love it, but I couldn't turn down the chance to own a W124.

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Selling this has been interesting so far.


So far I've had two sellers who offered to come round the next day and take it away for the asking price, then vanished without a trace after I gave them my postcode (one of which was from this forum).


Somebody on Autotrader ask me if I'd accept 150 quid an a Fiesta MK2 with no MOT.


Somebody else on Autotrader offer me sexual favors in return for the V70 (I'm not joking).


If this is anywhere near as teeth-grinding as my last experience of selling a car, this may end up like my Laguna and get baled before the end of the month.

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