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Best estate shite ever made?

Uncle Jimmy

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The old 505 was unusual in that the second set of seats were a bit higher up (I don't know if any other cars are like that), any rate I remember travelling in the back of a 505 wagon aged 13ish and being able to see over the front passengers' heads.



Likewise, Nibblet.

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For pure space it’s gotta be a 900 series ovlov or an omega I reckon . Saab 9-5 pretty close tho .

I rate the vectra b estate tho

If you happen to be around Plymouth there is a Mitsi Sigma Estate if you can spot it have a good look at its loadspace , over 1200mm between the arches and 1800mm flat length . also if you spot it try and speak to the driver and put him in touch with me . 500tops spotted it about a year ago and not seen it since .post-19706-0-17795100-1515615365_thumb.jpgpost-19706-0-73875800-1515615390_thumb.jpg

Apparently near Lidl's so possible giffer owned !

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Well if nobody else is going for this I'll bag it for myself thanks.



They might not be up there with the Volvo on loadspace but they have a neat seat folding system with a completely flat floor.


This was the best pic I could find. Note also the rubbing strips to protect the fully carpeted interior.


How many other estates have walnut cappings right to the back of the car? Quality.

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Pipped to the post by 7 mins


Yup Triumph 2000, one of many estates my parents owned during the 80s but definitely a class above the Cortina Mk2 and 3 which went before


Bottle green, like this one, automatic.




On the Cortinas, I know the Mk 2 estate (light blue, ULA ----F) got pinched, and the orange with vinyl roof Mk 3 estate just fell apart because 70s Ford.


I'm racking my brains to remember what other estates they had, but seem to recall a Peugeot at some stage

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I would like to nominate the original Volvo V40 on the basis of its "mongrel-ness".  Take a Mitsubishi hatchback, turn it into an estate, add some Renault engines, or perhaps Mitsubishi ones, make sure that Ford has a go at redesigning it during its life, sell it as a Volvo, ensure that although it is an estate there isn't that much space in the boot and voila, the perfect product.  I had two, a petrol and a diesel, and they were both surprisingly good, given their mixed up parentage.

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The Squire Wagon.....


Not necessarily a Ford with battens.   I mean this. 




B Series Powah and Nuclear Survival. 


Proper tailgate AND  a wheel locker.  


TWO filler caps.  


Politically correct too....Traveller.   Not like Austin Gipsy.



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