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Mostly FREE, ultimate shiter clearance, mostly parts, some full cars!!!

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Yo Shiters,


My mate Max of Maximise Mini's in Leeds, is moving units, so he is having a massive clearout of shite - too much to list really, but hopefully I can give you a flavour of what nuggets are to be had!


His business involves the restoration of mainly Mini's, but all BL and interesting chod from that era he is keen on, and he runs a club whereby members get to restore their own motors whilst he supports with stuff such as welding they are less confident with and so on.


he is 64, and has over the years collected a mountain of spares, and due to the sale of his unit, he has to move to smaller, cheaper premises, which means he has decide that some of his projects are realistically not going to get finished, unless someone buys them off him and pays him to do it - this is a possibility with some vehicles, others not really economical, therefore I have been tasked with finding new homes for much of his shite :)


There is much more that I do not even know about yet, but as a starter -


My old Allegro Van Den Plas - good 1500 engine, buggered autobox, big dent in passenger side door, rough paintwork - fit for spares or brave ratlooker! - taken!


Nissan Prairie, he claims it won't take much to get it started and tested (not for the amateur) - taken!


Toyota tercel 4x4 estate - body is fucked with rot, mechanicals alledgedly sound. PROVISIONALLY TAKEN BY CRAIG'S MATE STEVE!!


Volvo 265 estate - only fit for spares I think, or brave resto. No engine although one can be purchased very cheapo.


LOTS of Volvo 240 spares, inc interiors, full suspension legs, wheels, 2 good engines, towbars, light units, glass etc.


LOTS of Metro spares inc bonnets, bumpers, MG boot hatch, glass, interiors, doors, couple of shells which may already be spoken for, rear subframes etc..


Some Pug 205 spares, inc rear hatch, mainly interior stuff.


Ford escort XR2 engine 1.6 CVH working alledgedly, been sat a few years 'tho.


A drill press and a pallet truck - old but useable. - taken!


The bad news is he has to be out of the unit by the end of the month, and whatever is left is getting bridged, so basically all of the above is free, I might have a crack at listing the Vanden plas and the Prairie on ebay if no immediate interest, but I'd rather not frankly - I'm sure if you felt like donating good condition Mini spares he'd be up for a swap - otherwise he is a true shiter even 'tho he isn't on here and never will be due to computer fear, and he would much rather someone saved these parts than make any dosh - same here to be honest :)


I have some photos I took with my phone, and saved to my PC - I think Eddy Ramrod said there was a way of posting them on here without needing a host like photobucket? Any advice gratefully received chaps and chapesses!!


I will take more as he moves his stock out to the new unit, and I'm happy to meet up at his unit to show folk around as they cherry pick goodies to take away - the optimum time seems to be around 1-2pm as he moves between units.


I realise this is currently all a bit vague, but if you treat it like a visit to the scrapyard of dreams with an empty van/trailer/estate car/whatever, with everything being actually nowt, then you may feel the risk of a couple of hours and fuel is probably well worth it, even if you just want to flog some bits off on ebay to cover your costs :)


PM me please and I'll get the ball rolling, sorry I have no inclination to arrange couriers and the like, I will keep updating this thread with more details as the move progresses :)

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"Like" applied for his generosity and realism rather than his circumstances, and well done for bringing it all to our attention.


Adding photos.

If you've saved them to your PC that's a big head start.  At the end of each page of a thread is a reply box, and below it a button marked "more reply options."  Click that and you get a new, bigger reply box, with editing features added.  Below the box is a button marked "browse."  Click that and it should give you a file menu, these are your computer files.  Double-click through them until you get to "my pictures" or whatever you've called the pic files, then double-click on whichever pic you want to use.  The filename will appear where the Browse button was, with another button that allows you to add it (can't immediately remember what this one is called).  Click that.  Once the pic has loaded a bar will appear between the reply box and the Browse button, with filename, a thumbnail, and crucially, "Add to post."  Click those words and the link will appear in the reply box.  Click Return before you add the next one so that each appears on a new line.

That may seem like a bit of a faff but trust me, it's much easier and smoother than it looks in words.

Good luck!

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anyone know what this is?




tercel, hard to access at moment, like lots of the stuff on offer at moment!








ok, many thanks to Eddy, going to post on another reply just to let this one sink in, appreciate all input as to what we're looking at!

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Whatever this lot is :)




Metro glass I think




Metro stuff?




Metro bumpers




trailer axle




volvo 240 engine (Max knows what all this stuff is, I forgot most of what he said!)




240 doors




240 glass




mg metro rear hatch and stuff




205 hatch


Really had enough now, there is a lot more to document as I said, if you good shiters could put the word out to any owner's clubs/individuals who might be into a job lot of these spares please feel free to let them/me know and hopefully between us the scrapper will be denied much of this ;)


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I've just spent ages looking through some old photos to see if I could find the reg of my mates old Prarie but this is the best photo I could find which is absolutely fook all help. 




Not that he would want it back, its just out of curiosity as its a local Prarie and there weren't many left when he had it about 10yrs ago and that one is identical. Will message him

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How rotten underneath is the Allegro?


Possibly not too bad, it was welded up in my ownership by Max, MOT'ed, sold it to another club member who blew the gearbox up shortly after, and it's been parked up ever since - maybe three, four years?? MOT history should show something up ;)

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If that Volvo has the V6, it's engine is quite valuable, I had a lad who paid £250 for any complete PRV V6 engine and that was 15 years ago!


It might well be kicking around somewhere :)

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That Prairie looks good on Rostyles.


Ah, yes, forgot to mention it will be going back on it's original wheels, sorry about that, so many details, so much shite - this is just the stuff he isn't keeping anymore, you should see the amount he's taking to the new unit!!

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Any photo of the Ford CVH engine? Some variants are reasonably sought-after, depending on cylinder head/carb.


Not yet, I didn't get into the engine storage area, he just mentioned it, hopefully in the next week or so :)

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The Tercel Estate 4x4... does he have any glass from it perchance?


We have an identical one, (blue on blue too!) but vandals smashed a rear side window :(


There could well be, I shall check next week, he's generally very careful with his stuff, aside from the rampant tin worm :)

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Apart from the XR2 engine that I've no room for what's the chance of any other Fiesta bits?


Unlikely, due to the nature of his business being mostly BL chod, and his penchant for Volvo 240's and Pug 205's for personal use, and those Jap anomalies - he would love Junkman, hates modernz etc, and only deals with them if totally skint ;)

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240 glovebox locks are the same as 740 ones I think, do you happen to have one?


240 engine will be a B200 or B230 of some sort.


He may have, there is interior stuff he tells me kicking around, and he NEVER chucks stuff away unecessarily  - the unit is proper old skool, a shiter's dream, which basically only he knows where everything is :) To be fair, glovebox locks will not help decrease the volume of potential scrap much, best to come and have a dig and grab some freebies to flog on ebay, we have less than a month to save it :(

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