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The new news 24 thread

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On 5/14/2019 at 6:17 PM, dozeydustman said:


The little blue one we saw at Arundel/Whiteways last august?

Yeah thats the one!

Its been a bit random really, I was in the garage over the bank holiday and a older gent (probably in his mid 80's) put his head round the door and said he was interested in Reliants having owned a couple in the past and did I know of any for sale. I said i was thinking of selling the Rebel van and that he was welcome to take it for a drive if he wanted to. I then promptly forgot all about it until thursday when I got home from work and found him sat in the car outside the house!

He had a look round it. Then I took him for a spin round the block, he had a bit of trouble getting into the passenger seat, he was a fair bit taller than me and appeared to have arthritc knees.  We went on mix of slower and faster roads as I showed off all the Rebels knocks and rattles! After that I pulled into a local industrial estate and let him have a drive, He had a bit of trouble with the gear change having not driven a manual in a while. I can't imagine a Rebel Van compared favorably with his Skoda Yeti but there you go. He drove it back just about getting to 25mph in the busy school traffic!

I was fully expecting that having driven it, he'd decide it wasn't for him; that it was too hard to drive or that it needs too much work to make it mint. But he was keen to know how much I wanted for it! I said I needed £2500 for it and that was the take it or leave it point really. Any less and I know I'd probably reget letting it go.  I was still slightly suprised when we shook hands on that though!

He went away promising to drop in a cheque for it this week, which he did today.

I'm not totally sure what his intentions are with it, he's mentioned getting it resprayed and he's making room for it in the garage and has expressed a desire for me to drive it over to him at some point next week...

Meanwhile I've been guilted into sorting some of the issues on it, Like the fact that the front right tyre deflates and the strange rattle emminating form within the drivers door!...

IMG_7226 2.JPG

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12 hours ago, HillmanImp said:

Good idea. It will be due a proper service soon anyhow if I can ever find a spare few minutes. 

Good to know it might just be normal. Obviously my one won't be, it'll be something expensive but good to know nonetheless ;)

What about a dodgy earth strap/ corroded ground connection?

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13 hours ago, HillmanImp said:

Without wanting to tempt fate, the 944 has been doing fine as my daily. 

Its a bit slow to start sometimes though. What's the most likely culprit? Starter? Fuel pump? Battery? 

I don't think it's the battery TBH. Maybe I should check it first eh? 

Have a photo I took the other night. IMG_20190512_205452.thumb.jpg.bd35981de04322ba62f375def8c5306d.jpg

I remember mine being a bit like that too. Worth checking the earths, especially if your battery is in the boot? I think it is just a feature though


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Well, the Thrash Wagon went for it's MOT today and predictably enough - it failed.  Suspension bits and bobs/bushes, and an advisory for front brake pads.  So it's living at the tame garage until Monday - and then it's back on the road and feeling like a new* car again.

Which means I'm gonna have to tackle the rust.  Tops of arches and bottom (open) quarter of front doors - ie, the usual suspects.  Which rust-eating liquids are currently endorsed by AS?  Or are they all of a muchness?  Will Iron Oxide Red be ok as a primer? Am gonna invest in a flap wheel as well I guess.  I have a good bit of Titanite Red left too, so with some primer and paper, I should be good to go for the full bodge.  Am not too worried about how it looks - will tape it off and go for straight lines rather than fade ins I reckon.

And all of this because I recently grew a pair and took the engine cover off - to reveal......NO BLACK DEATH.  Bit of a weep on injector no.1, but that's it.  REALLY not bad for a 16 yr old CDi I reckon.

No picture of it at hand here (am at work) so have this instead:




I have purchased my week of bus tickets already and am gonna enjoy the driving break by going to pubs as often as possible.

Any proper BODGEY yet successful rust/paint touch up stories will be great to read!!

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11 hours ago, dieselnutjob said:

The same burgundy one that you had before? You bought it back? 

No. That post was from 2011. 

My old 604 was for sale again not long ago. 

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New ticket for the Metro today.


I noticed this morning my exhaust bodge from two years ago was leaking, so a quick bit of paste got it through the test.  That'll explain why I stank of fumes on Sunday after the drive back from the microcars.

Then a switchover occurred at my other lockup, as someone else is due some attention now.


The bearing I'll farm out, but the lower ball joints I'll do on Saturday as I think atleast one is grumbling.

Also, I've given up wiping down the fine mist of 33 year old French seat foam that seems to cover everything...


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