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Stony Stratford - New Year's Day meet


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Some more from me, moving into what's normally one of the public car parks but was mostly full of classics too.


3-litre Cavalier anyone?


1978 Vauxhall Cavalier 1600 L by Adam Floyd, on Flickr


Coarse Hair. There were two of these but oddly I don't remember seeing any Cortinas.


1964 Ford Consul Corsair 1500 by Adam Floyd, on Flickr


Stupidly massive station wagon won't fit in British parking spaces


1975 Buick Estate Wagon by Adam Floyd, on Flickr


Big red Saab...


1990 Saab 9000 Carlsson Turbo by Adam Floyd, on Flickr


...and opposite, a slightly smaller red Saab


1990 Saab 900 Carlsson Turbo by Adam Floyd, on Flickr


All the fours


1954 Wolseley 4/44 by Adam Floyd, on Flickr


I'm sure this firm had a fleet of HAs still working


BDP 185K - Jon Myrtle by Adam Floyd, on Flickr


Another huge blue import


1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V by Adam Floyd, on Flickr


And a much smaller blue import alongside


1980 Citroen Acadiane by Adam Floyd, on Flickr

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.....The Auto Union 1000 wafted past in a blue haze when I returned, near home. It lives out towards Southam and is usually parked next to a green Wartburg Knight Estate which is in regular use. Clearly a man of taste.


Someone clearly likes his two-strokes. The smokey haze when he parked in the service lane was quite acrid. Easy to forget that once upon a time, two-stroke cars were more commonplace.....and pollution more visible.



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Did you get a photo of the back of this one? IIRC it has the amazing wraparound rear side windows... and the clamshell tailgate that glides away into the bodywork...

Couldn't get near the back of it I'm afraid. It was jammed right up against the hedge in a vain attempt to stop the front sticking out into the road. Wikipedia says it does indeed have such a tailgate so I'd love to have seen it in action.

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Have some more.


One of my favourite BMWs


1973 BMW 2002 Baur Cabriolet by Adam Floyd, on Flickr


See previous comments re Dubbers. Why leave the manky paint alone and fit expensive Audi alloys?


1989 Volkswagen Passat 1.8 GL estate by Adam Floyd, on Flickr


One-owner Herald


1966 Triumph Herald 1200 estate by Adam Floyd, on Flickr


Always something of interest among the public parking. I'd forgotten these were a thing.


2002 Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin 1.8 Equippe by Adam Floyd, on Flickr


Just lovely in every way. This is the one I would have taken home.


1973 Volvo P1800ES by Adam Floyd, on Flickr


Remember the Escort Combi? Sort of not a proper van


1990 Ford Escort Combi 1.3 Popular by Adam Floyd, on Flickr


OMG Swallowtail


1975 Volkswagen Golf 1.1 N by Adam Floyd, on Flickr


Where are the chrome arches?


1984 Ford Granada 2.8i Ghia X by Adam Floyd, on Flickr


Some hero uses this as a daily. It even has winter tyres!


c1985 Vincent Hurricane by Adam Floyd, on Flickr


Then the rain came. Saab floppytop vainly tries to find a parking spot.


1990 Saab 900 16v convertible by Adam Floyd, on Flickr


Not Citroen H hipster coffee van shocker


1966 Ford Transit by Adam Floyd, on Flickr


Beige Goddess


PGW 362 - Army Fire Service by Adam Floyd, on Flickr


OLLI from Down Under


Australian Land Rover Series I 107" by Adam Floyd, on Flickr


By now I was soaked and the mass exodus was in progress so that's all folks. Full album is on Flickr - just a small selection of things that caught my eye.

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