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Weird 1980's Land Rover alternative - name?

Dick Longbridge

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We were having a family chat this evening, all about cars we remembered from the 80's and 90's. My father worked in the office next to a local China clay pit, and I used to clean windows there as a young teen. There were a couple of Landies used as pit vehicles, along with an E plate white thing, which had similar proportions to a Landie, looked vaguely similar, was pretty good off-road, and was much cheaper than the British alternative.

Can we remember what it was? Can we bollocks! I thought it may have been an Umm, but my father is confident it wasn't. He thought it may have been French engined, but don't quote him on that. It wasn't a Dacia either.

Any ideas? It bugged us for most of the evening, and it still is. It looked a bit like a distant, uglier cousin to a LR.

Answers on a postcard please...

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You beat me to it (by about 8 hours)

These things were thrown together in a unit not far from me by an enterprising local garage owner.

There was a rumor that he sold a few to the Russian army and they were after him because the bonnets flew off and killed some of the troops.

Probably pub bullshit though.

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