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RR's stupid diesel gamble, I give you... the Signum!


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That’s not the service light - it’s the engine management light

It's more like a glowplug light and does come on when a service is due. At least that's the case in SnrYoof's 3.0CDTi. The EML light is on the right-hand side of the dash and is usually accompanied by restricted performance.


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Good luck!


It's got the same engine as the 2004 Saab 9-5 diesel estate I had last year, which I owned for six months before the fuel pump went in a terminal way. I now kind of wish that I'd got it fixed, but it was a 'Linear' base model with fabric seats and lots of spec omissions, and if I had it would have cost me at least £2000 and I wouldn't now be driving an 9-5 Aero...


Pawnote: I sat in the back of one of these at the Opel factory in Germany not long after they came out. I was most impressed by the size of the rear seat area :)

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I didn't know about the rear seats in these.


Could be the Signum is the only car since the CX Prestige where any consideration at all was given to the poor sods sat in the back.


Well, there's the Rolls Royce Phantom... but it'll be a cold day in Hades before they're common in this here electronic parish!

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For those of you unfamiliar with the Signum, I shall explain.  It's basically a Vectra-C, with the estate floorpan and thus, quite long.  However, there are only four (usable) seats.  The rear seats are fully adjustable (like a front seat) and comfortable.  The whole idea of the car was to transport early Y2K BUSINESS PEOPLE in comfort to their Powerpoint presentations.  15 years on, all I can see is an overly long hatchback (it's not technically an estate car) that's a bugger to park and not as useful as a proper estate car.


It's on all the time.  It's (ironically) very bright and distracting.  However, all the bulbs are fine and work as they should.  The fault, I think, is the towbar.  Someone's been snappy-happy with the scotchlocks!  No good on a car like this.


There's a decent rattle coming from underneath.  Might be exhaust.  Might be the flywheel.  It's too cold/ wet to investigate.  The engine temp never gets up.

Anyone at Shitefest 2017 could have checked mine out, and a well known* international* motoring journalist did have a quick sit in it.

I always call it a 4 1/4 seater. Mine is the Elite spec so has the built in coolbox in the rear centre as an option to the seat.

The electrics are a canbus set up so adding the towbar electrics probably upset something.

There is a big heatshield in the centre of the car so that might be the rattle.

The temp gauge always takes ages to show that it has heated up. It barely moves for several minutes then next time you look it is dead centre. I was told Vectras do that too.

Replace any perished vacuum tubes, they are a known issue and some have more damaging effects than others, the fuel return comes to mind, something about oil showing up - can't recall it properly.

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Good winter kicker there


Lots of FIAT bits in there too, to keep you happy, if I'm not mistaken. Does it have that famous* electric PAS as well


Early one with that engine too, does the 2.2 have the chocolate Getrag M32 gearbox? If not, you've won twice.

Really? Where?



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They have two emls- the other one is if it gets bad enough to affect the the emissions.


Well that may explain why there's no bites on SnrYoof's one yet...it's got the spanner on but has no issues starting and has gone through MOTs like that (yeah, yeah, sorry).


The other one came on recently as a result of the EGR valve being blanked completely. It's now had a hole drilled in the plate and it's gone away.


I've not tried a roffle yet for it because, well, Christmas and 'modern' 3.0 diesel, but the Signum love and interest in this thread is encouraging.

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Fiat connection is because Epsilon platform, some engines, boxes and other sharing.  Because Fiat Croma was (one of a few) sister models when Fiat and GM were in bed


Revision Signums got CDTi, a JTD multijet joint effort





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