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How much shite is too much shite? Plant Season

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8 hours ago, The_Equalizer said:

"Of course, a 6.75 litre turbocharged V8"

Have you shoehorned a Turbo R lump in it, or have I got completely the wrong end of the stick? 

Yes, Turbo R running gear. Done back in the 90s, it was the first such conversion and was done for racing! I have a picture in a very expensive book showing it on track back in the day.

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  • Saabnut changed the title to How much shite is too much shite? Plant Season

Two days later and I have still not moved the Bentley! Maybe tomorrow....

This morning I spent on the phone, adding to the fleet! Not motorised this time, just another trailer, after all 8 is not enough! OK, I accept 3 car transporters may be a bit excessive, but they are all different sizes. The Ifor Williams is for the big stuff, the medium one is for towing behind a car rather than the Disco if the car to be moved is not too heavy and the third one is a custom build for the Sonett and is narrow enough to fit in a standard garage. Three are boat trailers complete with boats, one is a chassis awaiting conversion and one is a small box trailer awaiting work. So today I have agreed to buy a 3.5 tonne plant trailer for moving my plant around.

Today I had another little play with the digger, and I managed to not break anything so counting that as a win. Getting a bit better with it but it is going to take a while! I did work out how to operate the quick hitch though and managed to change the bucket. Progress. As the sun was shining I grabbed a few photos of the plant fleet:






The new trailer is down in the borders and as I still need to get the Disco up to full power for towing, I have booked it into a specialist next Monday in Sheffield (before anyone complains about travel rules, the Disco is essential to my business, I have tried local so called specialists and I have arranged socially distant accommodation whilst down there, an empty house) so will pick up the trailer on the way back.

So, I can offer shitely services for anything that will fit in a Disco between Aberdeen/Sheffield and Sheffield/Borders or anything that will fit in a Disco or trailer between the Border/Aberdeen. Southward journey will be Sunday or early hours Monday, return trip later in the week.

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