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How much shite is too much shite? Been a while - Time for a Kolleckshun


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  • Saabnut changed the title to How much shite is too much shite? Making a Volvo Heavier

I was not surprised there was more rust than could be seen, but the amount found hiding was more of a shock than a surprise. It is only the skill and determination of @GingerNuttz that has saved this from the bridge! Fantastic work again from our resident metal wizard!

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When I visited earlier in the week to drop off a replacement tailgate and new headlights, I burst out laughing when I saw that pile! Fortunately @GingerNuttz has managed to keep his sense of humour as well! Once finished, this will be one of the soundest 240 estates left.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Some on here may not realise but my red estate being so well fettled by @GingerNuttz was purchased from the same deceased owner estate as @juular blue saloon which he so magnificently sorted. When I bought the estate, I was told that there was a spare tailgate for it and as above this was tracked down and delivered. When I collected it I was told there was a full set of doors for it as well, so I went down for them the other day. These have been filed away for posterity as amazingly the doors on the estate are fine.

However, whilst collecting them, the gentlemen who had been storing them for the deceased owner asked if I knew where the blue saloon went. When I told him I did and I was still in touch with the owner, he promptly gave me a 5 speed manual gearbox for it. The box was bought as a good spare, not used, donated to the owner of the blue car, again not used and has been stored outside but under a CX roof panel (long story) and all appears to still be free.

As my estate is an auto, and it was destined for the blue saloon spares pile, would you like it juular? You can either collect or I will drop it in when passing, there is no rush, it can live in the barn for now.

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10 hours ago, Saabnut said:

would you like it juular?

Yes please! I can see this coming in handy on any future Amazon endeavours.

Loving the work on the red estate. I'm very happy to see this get saved. We should do a reunion of both cars - although this time yours might be back on the road quicker than mine! I have to take the head off to see what's happening with a dodgy valve.

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  • Saabnut changed the title to How much shite is too much shite? Old Habits Die Hard

After a few days of catching up with paperwork, attending teams meetings and sorting flights and hotels for the next trip, I headed outside to do some car stuff. After 3 FTS (Failed to Start) I started to question some of my life choices :-) . First the Disco decided it did not want to start. Since the rebuild, I screwed up something in the ignition wiring so the key in the ignition beep works wrong and the heater plugs fail to work. Being a TDi this has not really been a problem until the -3C temperature this morning. A set of jump leads, some ether and my 9-3 on the other end of the jump leads soon had it running.

Next was the ever dependable AX with the 1.5D lump. Today, the glowplug relay died so again no start with minus temps. Decided this one could wait so left it for now (anyone know where the relay lives on these?).

So, into the shed where the red Royce decided it did not want to start either. First, I suspected the fuel supply, as the gauge does not work, the seal on the tank filler is rubbish and as a result evaporation can be a problem. Off to the local* filling station for 20 litres and put it in the tank. Still no start. Took off the dizzy cap and removed the rotor arm, no sign of sparks. Found some wet and dry, cleaned the points and checked by flicking the points open with a screwdriver and good spark so put the rotor arm back in and the cap on. Still no start!

Suspecting the Autovac unit (vacuum operated fuel pump) I stripped that and found all OK and fuel in it. Suspecting a blockage in the fuel line, I removed the pipe into the carb, plenty of fuel but the pipe developed a pinhole so had to trim that back. Tried again, still no start. Back off with the cap and rotor arm, flick the points, good spark. Decided to turn it over whilst watching and only one spark. WTF?  I could see nothing wrong, but set the points on the distributor cam lobe to check the gap, though I knew it would be fine as it was running fine when put away a few weeks ago. Except it wasn't. The gap should be 15 thou (0.015 inch) but was nearly 0.25 inch. Aaah. Of course, by now it was dark, and my BA spanners I need to reset the points are in the little used toolbox in the dark corner. Choice was to go in to the house for the torch I forgot to take with me as it was charging, or turn everything off and open a bottle of red.

Settling down with a glass of red (easy choice was made!) I started looking at cheap shite for sale, confident that I would not buy anything, not least due to a lack of time before going away, especially as I am going to the classic auction at Errol for a day out Saturday. We all know what is coming next, don't we! Yep, a collection mission is now on for Sunday, so good job it is a non driving project so Disco and trailer required.

If it stopped there, it would be bad enough, but........ Just after I had done the deed, my mate and fellow shite fettler Malc called. The upshot of a coversation mixed with red (turns out Malc was finishing a bottle of red as well, he has good taste) is we have agreed a deal. He is going to have one of my Saabs that is sitting in the one day queue, and I am getting one of his projects renowned for rust and electrical problems. WCPGW? At least he lives locally so will pop in by and have a look tomorrow.

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  • Saabnut changed the title to How much shite is too much shite? Been a while - Time for a Kolleckshun

Pleasant day spent at the auction, bought nowt, bid on a few and the shite selection was better than for a while.

So, two days left at home before heading back to Norway, so what better way to spend one of them than a kolleckshun. The target vehicle is 250 miles away and of course is not driveable, no point in making these things easy! So got back from the auction, hitched the trailer to the Disco and swapped the trailer number plate. Lights were checked, tie down straps thrown in, then a charged battery put in the back for the winch. Finally, the remore control for the winch, and to be on the safe side, I have also put in the winch wander lead as a back up. Alarm set and tomorrow the fun starts......

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Well, that didn't go to plan - the perils of kolleckshunning on your todd. Left home with a full tank of diesel so the next stop was at the destination. Access was very tight, so I had to block two roads with the Disco and trailer, so loading and strapping was done in a rush, not even time for tea! As a result, the next (potatocam) pic was on the way home


So what fine* piece of chod is it? These pictures were at Coldstream where on the way down I spotted the cheapest fuel I have seen for ages at 141 for petrol and 151 for diesel. Bonus AS points as the signs say it is a Great Wall dealership




Will have a proper look tomorrow, but I will drop it with my Citroen fondler for the new clutch cable to be fitted!

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It blows my mind that this car has travelled the length of the country since being pulled out of its slumber in that carpark in brighton.

Well bought, I’m pleased to see that the car has gone to another good home on the forum.

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