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Peugeot 106 Independance shed.


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Number 1 son has just buggered off to that there China to live and has left this on my drive, its not much to look at but drives really nice and sip fuel, its the 998cc but is really nippy, has about 9 months MOT and a complete new exhaust & cat which cost over £200. had a water leak but sealed now and the silly sod used cat litter to absorb the damp so is a bit grubby inside, stereo is probably worth more than the car but hey ho.

Air bag light is on but for a cheap runaround for the remaining mot its cheaper than the bus.

He man stearing and wind up windows. too good to scrap.

1 headlight bulb is out and spare tyre need repair.

Say £200 or offers.

Car in South Manchester








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