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The new adventures of brownnova!


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14 hours ago, gm said:



Looks like he's done the bare minimum to get your old mk1 through an mot - I do like the red roof though, really suits the white car 



Yeah, I’m a little peeved really. If he’d said he was going to do that I wouldn’t have sold it him. I know he’s got to make his money and that he has spent a fair bit getting to through the test but still, that wasn’t the reason I sold it to him. He had said he would either break it for spares or do it properly... 

But it’s not my car any more I guess! 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

Unless I buy it back... 🤔🤔

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6 hours ago, brownnova said:

Unless I buy it back... 🤔🤔

Nah, stick with the new one, you'd still have to spend a good few ££ getting the white one presentable. 

3 hours ago, brownnova said:

Looks as if it’s sold according to the listing! 

let's hope it has found a caring new owner who will put in the effort and make it nice again - I felt similarly sad when the moog had to scrap my red one but it was old and knackered :( 


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On 4/8/2021 at 10:59 PM, brownnova said:

And yeah, I’ll be honest I wasn’t much of a fan of being under the car in the pit angle grinding... but I’ve done it once and still have all my fingers, so I’ll probably do it again. 

One more safety thing - if you are working in a pit, make sure you aren't sharing it with flammable material or heavier-than-air gases.

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  • brownnova changed the title to The new adventures of brownnova! - Race Car!

Today I have mostly been.... 


A group outing was organised for our local 2CV club. So Mrs_b and baby_nova and I took to the Oulton park, for what would be my very first track experience! 

Much fun was had, although the car in front of me was somewhat slower than I wanted to go (no overtaking was permitted), and the video I took of the lap looked a lot slower than it felt! 

In other fleet news: 

I have decided that too much of my tinkering time is being spent fixing faults on the daily drivers, so the 9000 has gone to the local Indy for back brake pads.

Bonk the magic wagon is also off for a fettle this week to hopefully solve the rear wheel squeak which I think is also rear brake related as it disappears if you drove with the handbrake slightly applied.

The C5 needs front pads and then goes up for sale, and the 900 needs waking up and then selling too. But I can’t seem to coordinate a dry day and the time to do that! 

Meanwhile I used what limited tinkering time I had this week to repair the slightly collapsing drivers seat in the 2CV. I have a whole set of new rubbers (fnarr fnarr) for it, but today I just restrung some of the ones which had come off. 

Oh and my old MX5 has resurfaced for sale again! This time at an exorbitant price! Madness! 

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  • 4 weeks later...

This week I’ve been using the 2CV as my main commuting tool. No reason other than choice…


Only gripe is the fact that the windscreen washer has ceased to function.

The Pontiac got a use as a van when we collected a wardrobe, and the C5 has found favour again with Mrs_BN so has had a late reprieve from sale.

Main one I need to fix this weekend is the 9000 which seems to have lost an exhaust mount on the front half. I’ve had my second jab though, so let’s see if I feel up to it! 

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  • 1 month later...

This week in the brownnova fleet…

The 900 is gone, it needed to go. But it took a couple of hours faffing about in the blazing sun to get it mobile enough so it could go onto the trailer under its own steam (rather than its own smoke) as the power steering leak was now onto the exhaust, and liberating it from its spot in the corner.

Next on the to do list is sorting the 9000’s exhaust. Typically (in a heatwave) the 9000 is the only car with working aircon, and the exhaust mount has snapped or something so it’s making a hideous noise. At least I hope it’s that, or the noise could be something far more serious… and that doesn’t bear thinking about.

Then the Camper is in for MoT Wednesday before likely being sold. Getting additional seatbelts fitted is not as easy as hoped… so it’ll have to go.

And the 2CV Dolly is going to see a welding wizard for a price on sorting the holes in the inner wings.

Oh, and the Nova might even get a look in this week! 

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On 18/06/2021 at 20:38, brownnova said:

the C5 has found favour again with Mrs_BN so has had a late reprieve from sale.

Oh and this decision looks to have been reversed too! 

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  • brownnova changed the title to The new adventures of brownnova!

9000 exhaust mount fixed… took about 20 mins and completed using 2CV exhaust rubbers- just use what you have lying around right? It now drives sans horrendous noises! Win! 

The bad news? 
The battery is goosed. Won’t even charge or be jump started of my jump pack. Had to use the one off the Nova. 
The aircon doesn’t seem to be cold any more 😢😢
The boot was full of water.

Currently drying out in the sun. 

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