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The new adventures of brownnova! New roof day yesterday, new MoT today!


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Fleet update time!

Well, no further update on the 2CV. I’ve had other priorities and this has retaken a back seat, in no small part due to the fact that it’s back in the garage with 2 other cars meaning I have to move things to work on it. Which is frustrating, as we’re really not far off. My plan is to book some time in next weekend to try and finish it off. Then book it a test.

 The Nova made some progress a few weeks back as seen in my other Nova devoted thread


Main progress since last update has been Saab related: 


After several months off the road the shorter drive belt has solved the issue. Meant taking to to the Saab specialist in Wrexham as a special tool was required. Since then I’ve been using it most of all my cars. Mainly to shake it down before any big usage. But tbh I’d forgotten just how much I love it. And it will be taking the place of main daily for now. 

That’s today, on my way to  conference in Llandudno. 

Also found an R-Reg friend in Tesco! 
Not all is perfect in Saab world though, there is a little tin worm… this is just under the boot lid. It’s not structural, but I may need to do something soon. 
A few little areas underneath are looking tired too. I’d love to have the money to have this restored properly. Keep trying the lottery! 


2CV continues to perform occasional use vehicle very well. A7E3BD3F-0DA3-451D-8979-560831596020.jpeg

The Pontiac has developed a misfire, I’ve not driven it since. I suspect the coil. Decisions on whether it’s a long term keeper need to be made.  
Here’s my favourite pic of it recently: 


940 has Been a little out of favour since the return of the Saab. But it is so nice it’s hard to ignore it for long. That said I’ve not washed it since it died randomly in the car wash in the summer, so I should probably do that.

MoT soon, then decide again it’s long term future, as I have other things I want to try. It is great at tip runs! 

TF: It’s fun, but I mainly use it for commuting, which is no way to use It. It needs to go, but no one wants to buy it. I may be forced into Facebook marketplace. 


Yugo: No change. It’s very much a stalled project now. 


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  • brownnova changed the title to The new adventures of brownnova! XC90 1 month update: an alarming time!

Had the XC90 just over a month… so how’s it been going? 

Firstly, I honestly think this is the first time I’ve had a car which does everything I need quite so well. It swallows all the family gear with ease, rides well, is comfy and has great road presence. 

Main duties have been my 8 mile commute (which is too short for a big diesel really) and family ferrying.

Of course one big advantage would be In OMGSNOKAOS… 


But it decided to blot its copybook that week, when having used it every day I left it at home to give the Saab a run out one day. The following day I came to the XC and it wouldn’t go, battery was dead. Odd… then when I powered the battery it said alarm triggered. from there every time I locked it using the fob the alarm would go off… and flatten the battery in the process. So as the battery says Volvo on it (could it be original?!?!) I decided to replace the battery, and the alarm module also had to be replaced (TADTS) and then it worked perfectly. 

So first big trip this week, and all the family gubbins for Christmas easily goes in, comfy ride all the way there… 

Not quite a tale of a perfect run however, these two made an appearance on the way home. 

And of course you require a Volvo reader to knock them off again! Arse. 

Something to investigate! Normally if a car goes wrong in the first couple of months it loses its shine and its place on my fleet very quickly. However with this, it’s so ideal for our family needs it’s worth keeping in good shape… 

Who am I and what have I done with the real Brownnova… 

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Had to move the Nova yesterday as it was blocking the trailer in. But no matter how hard I shoved, it just wouldn’t move, and it was pointing downhill! Enlisting the help of the wife we got a little movement, but still really difficult. Looks like that front wheel has seized on again. Trying to get it back up the slope to its place… impossible. So had to bump it on its starter motor (starting not an option due to stale fuel making it a faff!). I really need to get this moving properly. It’s sat for far too long now. First stop to that plan is getting it inside the garage. So need to buy one of those big tent garage things to store other cars in so I actually have room to work in it, as three cars in a double garage doesn’t leave much room! 

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2CV progress… I’ve managed to get an MoT slot with my favoured tester tomorrow, so I better do something to prepare for it…. Oh I know. I’ll fit that roof.

Old one is old, split and rather past it’s best. 


New one is a Matt’s soft tops one which @Mrsbrownnovabought for the birthday before last! I’d almost forgotten I had it, until I needed to see fuzz the interior following some water ingress.

Thankfully there are a few good videos online to follow for you first time taking a top off, it’s slightly more complicated than the first time you take her bra off. I used the Mehari Club Cassis one as my guide, it was mostly very helpful. 

Removal was very easy. Everything undid with ease.

Refitting… we’ll one edge of the back brackets appears to have been bent slightly, but even  having bent it back it still wouldn’t quite fit following the video instructions. In the end I took it all off again, ignored the bit on the instructions where it says not to tighten the bolts until it’s all in place, and got it to fit very easily. 

And then the important job… AS Sticker. 

Looking over for the test, one tyre doesn’t look the treadiest… hopefully it’s ok, as I do plan to put 4 new tyres on soon as these are somewhat old… 

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  • brownnova changed the title to The new adventures of brownnova! New roof day!
  • brownnova changed the title to The new adventures of brownnova! New roof day yesterday, new MoT today!

Beautiful 2cv, seeing one always makes me sad. When I was at uni there was an ex racing one sitting outside one of the labs. I asked around and was told it has been there for a few years. I enquired with the building services people if I could have it, they about bit my hand off as they had wanted rid of it for a while. However as I was a filthy electrical student and it was the mechanical facility that owned it they instead sent it to be scrapped rather than let me have it. Stupid department politics. 

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