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The new adventures of brownnova: Midweek tinkerage

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Opted against the aluminium tape and booked the retest for Thursday... reason being that I’m trying to develop a good understanding with this tester and he was accommodating about a couple of items such as the state of my rear wings (could’ve been a fail if someone was being picky) as he understands it’s a work in progress and will be done, so to present for a retest with a bodge might make him less inclined to be accommodating next time... he passed the C5 today too.

So I decided to do the removal ready for when the pipe arrives so I can quickly pop it on


 Got the time right down for wing removal, reckon it was off in about 5 mins this time, and the delay was only because the heat tube was held on differently to the other one, and being cardboard I didn’t want to tear it! 

From the top the exhaust had looked fine... on the hidden side... 😳

Yeah that’s fail!

DHL say part arriving Monday, my tester only does Thursday & Saturday so Thursday it is! 

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  • brownnova changed the title to The new adventures of brownnova: Midweek tinkerage

Exhaust bits arrived yesterday, but yesterday’s task was chasing the creak on the Saab... 

Today however! 

Car was like this for easy access


One of the real joys is that working on anDeux Chevaux can be so simple. 

Mere minutes later: 


Small blow in the middle where the clamp had seized and wasn’t pushing the pipes together properly, so it was lucky I’d bought the full set of clamps.

And refitting the wings seems fiddlier than removal, but car all back together and ready for its retest! 

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